Monday, June 28, 2010

True Colours...

Today someone I trusted and loved and invited into my family showed their true colours.

This person I supported through hard times, through happy times.

We were together for a short time in the scheme of things.. but I thought I had a true friend.

I was wrong.

I guess if you live with trash long enough you can't help but become trash yourself.

I could only ignore the smell that started to invade the friendship for so long...

She made her choice - to return to the trash heap... I made my choice a little while ago not to delve any further into the dump for any friendships - they just aren't worth the pain of trying to wash off the vermin and scum that they bring with them...

Goodbye "friend". I'm don't regret that I was there to save your life several times, that I didn't do what you asked me to do as it means your children will have a mother with them at least for the moment. I hope you can get things together and sorted - You have beautiful children.. I hope they have a happy and healthy life - emotionally as well as physically. Sometimes I guess growing up and taking responsibility for your decisions, actions and words is one of the hardest things to learn - I hope you get there in time.

Me, I'm going onwards and upwards - Life doesn't revolve around you - someday you will learn that - I hope that day is soon for your sake.

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