Monday, February 14, 2011

So Much To Share!!!

It's been sooooo long since I've blogged here (over 2 weeks - shameful!!!) and SO much has happened!!!

Firstly and most excitedly - the kids are back at school - woohoo!!!

First Day at School 2011

They LOVE it, they have friends, they have teachers who REALLY care and are allready coming along in leaps and bounds!!! It's really a HUGE relief and so inspiring to see them wanting to go to school and thirsty for learning once again!!! It's what school should be for them at last :) And what is even more astounding for me... Aleks - yes my Aleks, aspie, shy, wall flower Aleks stood up in front of the school and gave a speech for school captain elections!!!! I can't believe that he had the courage to actually do it!!! He'd been working on his speech for a whole week prior to the elections and was so nervous - I really didn't think he would go through with it - but he did!!! 3 times over!!!! (once for each class group) But you know what is even more AMAZING - he got the role!!!!! yes you read that right


I never thought I would be typing (or even thinking) those words - EVER!!! Seriously, if anyone had told me that he would have got up in front of the class to voluntarily give a speech I would have scoffed at you... if you had told me that he would give a speech 3 times over to the whole school I would have told you to go check in at the laughed in your face (nicely of course)... If you had told me my boy would be school captain I would have signed you into the looney bin myself!!! I still struggle to believe it!!! It's just such a HUGE and amazing thing for him to have done - and for himself... he really has come such a long long way from the little boy we shed tears for after the psychiatrist told us his autism would worsen as he matured.... it's like he's deliberately gone out there to prove the opposite!!! To say I'm proud of him is an understatement... I don't know what the term is, but proud doesn't even cover it :)

What else has happened... Splodge is now 15 weeks along!!!! He/she has been squirming and kicking and I've been feeling a few nudges, flutters and bubbles :) I can't wait for our next scan to get an inkling if we're looking at a blue or a pink bundle - I had a really vivid dream that I was being passed a pink bundle and told her name was Aerynn a few days ago - just like the dream I had with Aleks so I'm starting to get a little hopeful of a pink bundle.. but trying not to at the same time!!!

And it was William's 10th birthday yesterday :) To think we were told by his paed that he shouldn't have made it and now look at him!!! Cheeky 10 year old!!! I've still got pics to upload (yes slack!!!) but will post some as soon as I get myself orgamanised ;)

So, yeah a LOT has been happening... Appointments (Kahli had her first session with her psych... jury is still open as to if we'll get anywhere but can only try!!!!) we're plannign for our trip to Adelaide in 2 weeks and had a rental inspection - all good ummm yeah a lot has happened..... oh I got stungded by a bee and came off worse for wear... oh what else.... I can't think at the moment so will leave it there - you'll just have to trust me, a LOT has happened, but we're all safe, we're all happy and things are REALLY looking up for us!!!! :)