Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She's Here!!!

Yeah a long time between posts I know **blush** But we can now celebrate that our little baby girl is earthside!!!!

Aerynn Paige Nalani Bricknell was born on her due date at home, in water and with no complications at all. She is absolutely perfect in every way imaginable <3 yes we are totally besotted by our littlest princess :) As for stats, she was 48cm long and weighed in a HUGE (not) 2890g (6lb5oz) I've lots of photo's (that should come as no suprise!!!) but here's a few just to share...

12 hours old

14 hours old
with littlest big brother Domenik

13 Days Old
playing (un)dress-ups

13 days old

As soon as I can I will post up her birth story...