Saturday, July 31, 2010

Changing Tact...

I've made a decision... I think I need to separate my crafty posts here from my regular blog life.

My reasonings are simple, I use my blog to air things out, get things off my chest... it's not always a positive place to be - it can be downright depressing at times reading back myself so I get it that not everyone wants to read my whines and dribble... and if I ever want to take my crafty passions further I think this possible negative side of me needs to be separate from my other passions...

Some people followed my blog to be there in the good and bad times for me, others for the crafty side - SO I figure I'll have a separate blog for crafty stuff (including all the giveaway posts) and keep this one where I can dribble till my hearts content and not worry about the further impact so much if I do decide to take my craft etc further...

Hope that makes sense to you all, it does in my head so as this is my blog I guess that is the most important thing hey ;) LOL

so... the link for my crafty side is...

It's very much a work in progress at the moment but I hope it'll be full of positive posts, lots of giveaways and hopefully sketches and inspiration for more crafty goodness :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Warm Welcome...

is something that you just can't go past. I'm talking about the really warm ones, where after you've been introduced you're still spoken to and welcomed into the fold as such. Not just the "oh you're new, hello" and wander off to speak to someone else not to ever talk to you again kind of thing...

Since entering back into the scrapbooking world I've had three wonderful places welcome me and the welcome hasn't worn off. These places are online (although one has and another will soon branch off into real life adventures and friendships) and I can't thank them enough!!! No matter how much or little I write or communicate with me I've found them all accepting and willing to listen and converse back - something that I've found missing in some other online communities - and I want to acknowledge them here :)

the first one is a place I've linked to and mentioned many MANY times here - Scrapbooking top 50 Australia. OMG, I'm so pleased I found the girls here - they have been my rock since moving. I can't thank them enough for all they have offered me! I kinda forced myself onto them I think - but it didn't seem unwelcome so they're stuck with me mwahahaha And from this forum I'm forging new real life friendships and acquaintances in Mount Gambier!! Something I never ever expected!!! They always bring a smile to my face, make me laugh and challenge me to go further with the hobby I'm loving at the moment - Scrapbooking :) I'm truly blessed for finding them and for their friendship and camaraderie in return xxxx

Second one is Scraphappy Kat's blog!! I discovered Kathie's blog via Scrapbooking top 50 Australia. It's a great little place of close friendships and a mutual love for our scrapping :) It's another place where no matter what someone says or writes you will always have a kind word in response. Lots of laughs and smiles too :) Oh and I get to meet most of the contributors there at the end of August when they have their scrapbooking retreat!!! Lots of giveaways form the lovely Kathie and encouragement galore - love you girls!!!

and last but not least is an American forum that I found via a blog link from one of their DT's - the enormously talented Tanya Tahir. It's The Scrapbook Nook! I'm not an avid contributor there, but do subscribe to their monthly kits (which incidently are brilliant!! Sooooo worth every $$ spent!!! - and no affiliation to get rewarded to send you there, I just love them!!!) This is a unique forum that has been built over time and isn't just full of girls from the USA, it's an international forum and a great place to be getting inspiration from all over the world!! The gallery for this forum is really something to see - it's GORGEOUS!! Even though I'm just a lowly newbie, and not a well known member (I think most of the members there wouldn't even recognise my user name!!!) I can comment, post, upload etc etc and get awesome feedback, lovely responses and HUGE encouragement!!! A great place to be a member of and so much to learn with a lot of girls there being DT's for the big name scrapbooking companies - a LOT of inspiration and love going around there :)

So there you have it. I've tried to get in on other forums and groups... the initial 'welcome' post seems to go down well but breaking into them from there hasn't really worked - To the point on some I can post and be ignored completely!!! I can't thank or recommend the above groups enough. If it wasn't for them I'd be feeling mighty lonely here in the Mount, I'd not know half of what I've already learned and experienced already with my new scrapbooking adventures. I'm surely blessed to have these people in my life.

from the bottom of my heart



I've woken up not feeling the best... Green around the gills is a bit of an understatement :( Gastro's going around so I'm hoping it's not that, whatever it is I hope it passes soon... I've soooo much to do around here (not to mention am way behind in getting my monthly scrapping challenges completed!!!)

Just having a ho-hum day, will be sticking close to home, hugging my hot water bottle and having a day for me...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thing I Want....

I don't usually have an answer for when people ask me what I want for gifts etc, but since I've started scrapping again... sheesh!! Oh there's so many things!!! I know, I know, birthday and Christmas are soooo far away (well we're on the downward run now, over half the year has officially passed!!!) but there's no harm in getting my wish list out there early is there??? **evil grin**

Ok, first thing is a Cricut Expression


My justification for this is that I can do my own Alpha's and it'll save me money in the long run!!! And really, the pink one is sooo cute - and what girl wouldn't like a nice expensive, electric pink plastic toy to keep her company during a long night of scrapping :)

Secondly would be an I-Top...


What is an i-top I hear you ask?? Well it's a cute little tool that allows you to make your own brads!!! I love brads, but sometimes get frustrated that what I'm picturing in my head isn't available in my stash of brads - and they're so expensive to purchase (talking fabric or epoxy brads here) so yep, a tool that will allow me to make my own with fabric, paper or what ever I want will be just great ;) Another pink toy, but this one is manual ;)

Thirdly would be the cousin to i-top, the I-Rock tool!!!

Ahhh bling, thou art sooo beautiful!!! and the i-rock would make life easier if I can make my own flourishes, make bling actually attach to what I'm doing without having to worry that the adhesive might not work (and have to pritt it down at a later date) Oh and it's pink and electric too, just a bit hotter (literally) than the other two ;)

And fourthly... hmmm... fourthly.... Not sure at the moment, but I leave my list open to add to or subtract from as I please ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Happy, Scrappy day!!!!

Wow is all I can say!!!

Well to start with, the inspirational and lovely Sue from Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia suprised me by asking me to be the forums "scrapper in the Spotlight" for the week :) It's such an honour to be asked out of all the members to be featured - how could I decline!! So it's all done and up on the forum to see here :) all live from today.... I'm not one for being on display like this (although this month I feel my life has been laid open for all to come look, poke and comment on haha) so it's kinda awkward for me - so long as it's all good though I'm happy hehehe

And then today I get an email from the editor of Scrapbooking Creations - a scrapping magazine here in Aust. She loves my Happy Bee layout and would like to publish it!!! Again, how could I say no LOL so I'm to hear from the editorial assistant later this week with what to do next!!!

WOW!!! what a great day!!! I'm soooo over the moon and excited and surprised and, well speechless!!! (wouldn't know it from this entry but you know what I mean - I hope!!)

maybe I need to start having more faith in myself.... :)

Australia Post...

Can you please tell me where the parcel is that I posted almost 3 weeks ago back to Tassie? I even sent it express post to try and get it there a little quicker - only to be advised (once I had purchased it) that Mount Gambier is not a part of the guaranteed next day delivery network.

I've been told that mail from here likes to do a little tour of the country - which is really great for the mail itself to go via the scenic route, but I have people back on that little island who really need re-uniting with their belongings that they left over here and a few that really want the photo's I sent over too.

Is there any ways Mr/Mrs/Ms Australia Post that you can please locate my mail and deliver it - SOON???

pretty please!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Wont be Following in my Parents Footsteps....

...into the world of fostering. No way will I be doing any fostering of any sort unless things change dramatically.

It's no secret that some of my teenage years was spent with my parents in a children's home that they were running at the time. I was the big sister (or in a couple of situations the little sister). We had over 250 children come in to our homes and hearts for a little over 2 years. These kids came to us from various situations, differing reasons and in a range of different conditions.

My parents also did fostering and temcare in our home before moving to the childrens home, so opening our doors to others was really nothing all that new for us.

It was not unusual to be in this situation. We were there to help. And more often than not us being there and our help was appreciated. In a lot of cases the children didn't want to be there... we dealt with their heartbreak, their depressions, their wounds (physical or emotional) and in some cases their pure hatred. We had short term family members, and long term - an a mixture of ages from birth to 16 years of age.

No, why wouldn't I walk in my parents footsteps?

Simple. As much as I don't regret this life for me - after all it has been one of the big experiences that has educated me in the world, and the workings of society - it's also what has helped make me who I am today - both in positive and negative ways. I don't regret, but I would never ever put my children through it.

We didn't know who was going to be in our lives from one day to the next. We shared rooms with these children and welcomed them to be part of our family. We had no idea if they were going to be coming under simple relief situations or is we were the halfway house inbetween the childrens detentions centre.. or even if we were the last chance for the child before they entered the justice system. I lived half in fear of these kids that came into our homes. There were reasons most of them were with us and not their own families, usually these reasons were negative reasons and even though they didn't show much negativity to the adults in the house, to be another child around them wasn't always the safest.

What harm can a child be?? Well, probably not much on the surface... However I grew up not being able to trust. I had things stolen from my own cupboards and drawers. I couldn't have anything I held as a treasure because as soon as they knew I had a treasure it became a bargaining chip... I had to hide my emotions. We couldn't get attached to these individuals as we had no idea when they would be leaving - it hurt to grow attached, so better to be at an arms length - this has really effected me with my relationships even as an adult.

Some of the things I witnessed were so distressing - even for an adult to experience, there is no way I would want my kids to be subjected to these things!!! What, I hear you say could be so bad... seeing 6 week old babies come into the home abused and neglected, older children abused and terrified, children/teenagers self mutilating and cutting, drug abuse and attempted suicides. This all part of these peoples lives - and remember they are all aged under 16 years...

But this is all things that can be healed in time (and a lot of therapy!!!)

The one big thing that I wont allow to happen to my family is something my parents are going through now... The remnants of these children in their lives is not always positive.

This particular person who is trying to bring their lives to a standstill at the moment was a long term resident in the home. She was quite mentally unwell - having frequent visits to professionals for help. She spent a lot of her time what I would call depressed and delusional. She frequently would tell us older children how she had got hold of alcohol and hint towards other substances, and would often be off her face with overdosing on common meds and the likes...

Her behaviour in general was disturbing. She would climb all over any adults in the vicinity (she was 15 years old) and was very over the top in her presentation and advances towards men and boys and her attachment to adults in general - children she was very offhand with. She would lie all the time, and lash out physically to anyone she didn't like. There was at least 3 times she attempted suicide, I remember ambulances being called to our home and also to our school, also one time sitting on the floor in the hallway of the hospital waiting to visit her while she was being seen to by the psychologist. the floor was cold and hard on out butts - it was the typical tiled hospital floor - no match to the winter school uniforms we were wearing.

She was very pushy and over emotional, at one stage she tried to push into our family and take my parents on in the place of her own - something that was not acceptable or wanted. My parents had a lot of help with professionals on how to deal with this girl and her wants in this situation - she did not take their rebuttal with insisting that they would be her parents very well...

This girl's response to everything that my family did over a long period of time to help her was to accuse my dad of acting inappropriately over a period of time. This is what I will not subject my family to - having someone be so vengeful to make something up like this!!! The situation was dealt with all those years ago and my parents couldn't go on in the childrens home. To be putting yourself and your family out there to help and then have everything thrown back in your face like this would be breaking point for most people!

So dealt with right?? Wrong - this can be the long term legacy that some people live with taht try to help others... This person has now sought my parents out on facebook and causing merry hell there for them, also abusing myself and my siblings to boot now.... She is accusing us of now abusing her!!! We've reported and have involved the authorities and are awaiting advice on where to go now. She is so sick that she has also sent emails stating everything she has said was made up, but then she'll change again - and blame a mental condition - which is all ok, but then she'll start up another username and start all over again!

Anyways I digress... There is no way on earth that I could even contemplate putting my family through this experience. Nothing is worth the pain that my parents are now going through - nor what they experienced all those years ago. I know not all children in the foster system are like this, I know there are more positive experiences than bad... But I wont take the risk, I wont and don't think it is fair of me to gamble my family in this way knowing how it can turn out - I take my hat off to those who do foster, who are making a success at it... Maybe it was the sheer size of number that threw us under the bus, I don't know.. I know a childrens home is a far way removed from regular fostering - but I just can't take the gamble.. I've been burned and my family are still paying the price from this long term foster child...

A few years spent helping out those who needed helping, and so many scars and hurts that remain with us and follow us now through our everyday lives...

No, I will not be following in my parents footsteps.. and good luck (in all sincerity) to those who do...

Why write about this now? She's started it all over again - yes this week she started using what appears to be her pre-teen sons facebook account to lash out at my family again. I'm so frustrated that my dad has just got through a major health issue and has been fighting off cancer, mum is dealing with managing her diabetes... and this little piece of trash is trying to make their lives and our lives hell all over again!!! All we ever did was put ourselves in a position to help her, we didn't ask to have her come to our lives - she was placed with us as a long term foster, we opened our hearts, our arms and our lives...

Everytime we try to bury the memories, the hurt and get on with our lives this demon seems to rise from the dead with even more allegations, lies and twisted stories...

It's Beautiful at the Mount :)

Well it has been for the past couple of days - so much so that we ventured to the Lakes park yesterday for a BBQ lunch and to let the kids off the leash. We met up with Vicki and her littlies and Charm with her partner and children - they all had a blast!!! It was nice to be out in the warm sunshine and hear the kids laughing and being... well... kids :)

I've got some piccies, but will get permission from the other mums before adding here, and have yet to edit my kids pics (slaaack I know LOL)

And today was another BEAUTIFUL day :) the sun here has a real warmth to it that was somewhat hollow back in Tassie - I can tell we're going to really suffer come summer - it's going to be something new to us to experience consistant temps over 30*C, let alone 40*C!!!

Today I did some editing of yesterdays images for Charm and Vicki - I'll get onto mine probably later on tonight... Then after dropping off some happy parcels we went to Target to check out the toy sale. Either I'm getting jaded by toys (I highly doubt this!), we're getting picky or the toy sales this year (Kmart, Target etc...) are really poor!!!! Nothing jumped out at us at all!!! I think we know what we want to spoil our brats with come Christmas, but we also use the toy sales for birthdays that are between now and Christmas, and to be honest... even for them nothing really said "buy me now!!!" I guess I'm lucky our kids love the great outdoors and crafts - looks liek it'll be that kind of theme when they unwrap birthday suprises this year!!!

Anyhoos, I can smell dinner burning *ack!* (spag bol) so better go rescue it or my brats will be going hungry!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Fabulous Giveaway!!!

this time from someone I've "met" online who is a marvelous person :) It's Becci on her scrap journal, and she has started making the most wonderful crochet flowers and is slowly building up a small business :)

So pop over to her blog and have a look see at her scrapping and what's on offer with her giveaway and maybe drop her a little comment :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So-So Saturday

Well it's been a full on day today. I'm not going into details but for my own records and memories if I need to come back to search out dates etc I just want to log the day... Hmm that probably doesn't make sense LOL

So for my own records - Miss Piggy Returned!!!


Ok, I know that makes no sense to anyone, but it could be vitally important in the future ;)

I'm off to bed, this day has left me with a raging headache and I know my blood pressure is elevates by the thumping in my veins... Sleep is the only thing that can stop this one turning into a migraine...

night night, sweet dreams


Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Stampin' Giveaway...

From the wonderful craftswoman Kellie Winnell!!!!

To celebrate her birthday she has another 'blog candy' to giveaway to a lucky blog follower!!!

It's the whole Summer Kit from Magnolia! Woohoo!!!!

Hmmm Apparently I can link these giveaways in my sidebar... I might need to spend a bit more time on blogspot and work it out so the links are there all the time for everyone!!!

Dommy's Tootsies...

I haven't mentioned much about the progress on Dom's feet of late, but to be quite honest I'm really concerned.

His physio here in The Mount is not familiar with the Ponsetti method and admits that she's had to do a lot of online searching and research. I'm quite confused about how in Burnie we were told he'd be in his foot bar until around 4 years of age, but then when we come over here the physio said that Burnie told her we could do away with the bar now... Total opposites... Anyways she adjusted his bar (not measuring, just using 'visual' guess that it was the right adjustment) and Dom hated it after that, he was not happy with the bar... so we have put it aside believing that we were doing as advised... I so wish we hadn't!!!!

His feet are now starting to splay quite obviously again. He is pulling his toes in really strongly and when walking I can see his toes from around his heel again :( Also his left ankle has become incredibly rigid!! I can push it to a 90* angle - just... it wont flex towards his shin any further - it's just like pushing into a cement wall, the joint will not move any more!!! It's really concerning me because this is also the foot he drags and trips on the most.

It appears he has also grown out of his UCBL's (orthotics) He has developed a calous on his left foot where it is rubbing. Dommy doesn't like having to wear his shoes, over time the foot seems to settle into position, but he hates getting his shoes put on... We've padded it up with moleskin (padded bandage type material) but he's still very red when the shoe comes off and still sore.... He quite literally is growing, it's been 7 months since we started treatment and just over 6 months since his UCBL's were cast - he was a baby and is now a toddler, his feet has grown jsut as he has so it's kinda natural that they don't fit him anymore... I hate having to force these shoes on him, but at the moment they are the only things restraining his feet and helping keep them in a decent condition.

We're waiting on a call from the Royal Women and Children's hospital in Adelaide to set up an appointment with the club foot team there. I can't wait in one way for the appointment, but in another I'm dreading it - I'm dreading that we've now had it mentioned 3 times that we're more than likely looking at another series of casting... It'll mean weekly trips to Adelaide for the casts to be put on and removed until they're happy with the foot to move then into AFO's (different version of boots and bar - they also support the ankle a bit more) So it could be a bit rough again for us with Dommy's feet, it'll be a wait and see game at the moment though...

On a positive we can still push his feet into a 'neutral' position, the rigidity that was in his foot hasn't returned...

So, more waiting and seeing... I hope that we get in soon to combat the rigidity in his feet adn for him to have some new UCBL's cast so he can wear shoes in comfort again!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scrappy Share :)

I've finished the Cyber Crop challenges for Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia!!! I'm not convinced on a couple of them, but they're completed and as much as I question them I'm also happy with them - that probably makes no sense , but hey, that's me ROFL

Well I've already shared the mini and first challenge I've completed so here's the final 3 :)

Mr Independent


Challenge 2 set by Anthea. We had to do LO on someone who represents independence. Domenik is my example of someone who represents independence to me. He's growing up so quickly and just entering the stage of toddler-hood where he is discovering he is an independent soul, he isn't a part of his mummy and can do things for himself Smile

We're also to include only 1 photo and it must be larger than 4x6, a quote used by the subject and at least 1 heart.

Journalling reads: Domenik, you are such an independent little boy. As you grow your spirit grows and that little light inside you burns brighter. You want to grow up so quickly and do everything yourself. You've started saying "me" or "mine" when you want to do something. It's a rare day when you aren't there trying to help saying "me, me, me!"

We've Come So Far


The achievement is us moving to Mount Gambier. The photo's are our last glimpse of Tassie (also my avatar) and the first pic taken in Mount Gambier - on the tarmac!!! It was an achievement in so many ways - the fact we up and moved with 3 weeks notice, the fact they got this 100% Taswegian to live outside of the state, the fact we are now fully independent - I think this is the biggest one for us... We've always had my parents around and now we're all y ourselves... It's a major hurdle that we have facing us and that we're facing as a family Smile I always thought we'd be the last people to leave the sanctuary of Tassie... things changed so quickly and dramatically!!!

Anyhoos, as for the challenge requirements....
* Stars and Stripes (star brads and striped handmade diecut)
* Photo/Journal about an achievement (read above)
* Paint Somewhere (the large alpha's are painted chipboard) and
* a Tab (I've got 2)

And Finally...

Whatever You May Do

Challenge requirements:
* Based on/journalling about a career choice
* Distressing (tearing, painting and some sanding)
* Stitching
* Mixed Alpha Title
* Strip Journalling

So this is the fun I've been up to the last few days.. I might still do some tweaking, not sure... But then I also have 4 monthly challenges to complete before the end of the month too!!!!

Oh Dear

last nights post was such a garbled mess hahaha - sorry!!! I was trying to get out a few different thoughts that have been going through my head, I didn't realise it was so dis-jointed!!!

Well I didn't get that good a night sleep last night, Domenik was really unsettles at around 3.20 and wouldn't calm down, I think it was a night terror or bad dream because when he woke at 8am (in my bed beside me after keeping me awake until 5am trying to settle and soothe him) he woke up with a start and crying again, not normal for my little Dommy....

I guess it's a wait and see thing to see if it'll happen again, right now he's exhausted and already down for a nap **fingers crossed** he had a great sleep and wakes in a good mood, and has another good sleep tonight!!!!

For me, I'm going to try to finish the Cyber Challenges for Scrapbooking top 50 australia today and get them uploaded. I've done 3, not overly happy with them, but they're done ;) and am about to start the final one - I'll upload them here once completed :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Slowly Getting There....

In sooo many ways :) My head is slowly getting itself around the face we're now in South Australia and this is home - we're not in Tassie anymore... It's going to be a bit longer before I really get a grip on this fact, I think because everything happened so quickly.. I mean even going on holiday you have a plan and run up to get ready for it - to have 3 weeks to get packed up, say our farewells and move - well that's just not enough time to prepare mentally for such a change... If I'm struggling with it I'd hate to think about how the kids are getting their little heads around the changes - no wonder they have such naughty periods at the moment, we've all had such a BIG change with little to no preparation, it's been a HUGE shock to us all!! not necessarily a culture shock, but a physical shock I guess of being uprooted and moving so far away from everyone and everything we know... Thank goodness for modern technology!!!

Now that all preparation, inspections, visitors etc are over for the near future we now get on with setting our routines and finding our place in the scheme of things her in 'The Mount" To be honest I don't really know where my place is at the moment other than to be here for the kids and Nathan... Trying to make things comfortable and running smoothly - I guess it's pretty much the same as most home makers - but the thing is I'm so used to working, that my head is somewhat struggling with the fact I don't have a job at the moment - even though I was on maternity leave back in Tas, I still had a job waiting for me... here I don't have that - I had to turn my back on the tax office to move over here, so I guess I'm struggling with the fact I'm no longer a working professional... It's something that is probably hard for a lot of people to understand, but I loved to work... I know I was venturing out to start my own business even in Tas, but that still meant I was working... I'm no where up to starting a business venture over here yet - For goodness sake I don't even know enough here to approach to even look at starting a business!!!

Anyways, I think our first task here is to start to relax... The last 13 weeks have been nothing short of chaotic, bedlam, stress, tension, friction, busy busy busy!!! I'm finding it hard to wind down from it all. I've been catching myself curling up into a big ball of stress of late, I can't shake the tension - I think being in a constant state of 'fight or flight' the last few months is really starting to play havoc with my ability to relax... It's not that easy when you've had so much thrown at you in such a short amount of time. And the sad thing with that is if I'm stressed and tense it is only natural everyone one else in the household will feel it and the stress and tension will find it's way into them as well... it's insidious little fingers will creep from me to everyone else so I really REALLY REALLY need to work hard on relaxing and getting over this first hurdle...

So how do I relax??? Where do I start??? Honest answer - I've got no idea!!!

Really, I don't know where to start. I've been trying to forcibly relax my muscles... I can feel them being very tight, I feel the tension headaches etc... I try to forcibly relax, but then forcibly relaxing feels so unnatural that I tense back up again LOL I wish we had a beach here.... The sound of the waves and feel of the sand on under my feet always helped relax me... I remember going down to the beach when we were at the childrens home - it was all rocks, but the waves crashing down was so soothing.... You could even hear the water suck back towards the ocean just before the waves would crash again - I can still hear that soft gurgling sound in my head, feel the hard rocks under my butt and feel the wind and spray on my face....

Oh to go back there, back in time and change a few things.... but if I changed anything we probably wouldn't be over here in SA having this adventure - and you know what... For everything that's happened, every tear we've shed, every tussle we've had I wouldn't change this for the world. I've so proud that we've come this far... So proud of Nathan getting this opportunity and move over here and really pleased that we've had this chance to grow together as a family as well as individuals... This is a challenge for us all... Sop no, I don;t think I really do want to go back and change anything... Go back and feel that salt spray on my face and the wind in my hair for sure.. but no, not to change anything... everything that's happened in our lives no matter how painful or joyful has sculpted the people we are today, and that is making us stronger and a more rounded person....

So I'm back where I started... we're slowly getting there. We are becoming accustomed to things here in SA, accustomed to relying on ourselves and accustomed to our new routines. We're making new friends (slowly but I know we'll get there ;)) and moving forward with our life :) It's all positive!! I know we will get 'there' wherever 'there' is - but we're heading in the right direction :) Now if I can just relax again and stop this tension building up that isn't necessary!!!

Again I don't know how to get this relaxation thing started... I really really don't... It makes it hard that I've no idea on where a lot of things like parks and walks are - privatish ones that is LOL And I don't cope too well with the unknown... I like things to be well planned and thought out (sheesh, this move was anything but that hahaha) so not knowing things like when Aleks will have his assessment, when Kahli will get her hearing tests, when William and Domenik will get their call ups to go to the specialists in Adelaide are all kinda playing havoc with my plans... I know it will all come in time - and then follow ups will be scheduled... But for now, not knowing isn't helping me either... golly gosh I'm sounding like a control freak ROFL I'm far from it, but I do like to have a little bit of order ;)

So where to start relaxing, I know I can't force these appointments, they're a 'go with the flow" situation, to it's back to me.. how do I relax!?!??! I love my scrapbooking at the moment, but I still feel tense completing LO's - to the point I find myself tapping my foot while working!!! How freaky is that - I've never done that before!!! Things might appear different the flip side of a good nights sleep - I guess that is as good a place to start as any... So to bed I go, maybe the relaxation fairies will come to me as I sleep ;) We live in hope!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a HUGE crafty giveaway!!!

No, not from me LOL It's from the FANTASTIC Kellie Winnel. You can find her blog/website here - I seriously recommend having a good look through her work - it's AMAZING!!!! Anyhoos, to celebrate reaching 550 followers of her blog she's got a HUGE giveaway, valued at over $200!!!! It's crafty bits and pieces, well not really bits and pieces, it's just gorgeous crafty goodness - here's some pics :)

And what exactly are in those pics I hear you ask... well she has also been kind enough to compile a list :) This is what you have the chance to win if you go to her blog, follow and put a post in your blog and then let her know via Mr Linky :)
  • Tim Holtz 2 Embossing Folders
  • Flourish with a Bling Pearls – Pearl
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  • Flourish with a Bling Pearls – Pink
  • Flourish with a Bling Rhinestones – Silver
  • Flourish with a Bling Rhinestones – Wine *NEW*
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  • Magnolia Doohickey – Tilda Lace
  • Magnolia Doohickey – Vintage Tag
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  • Simply Betty Stamp Rio
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  • Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamp – Babette
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  • C.C Designs – Heidi Amount The Flowers
  • C.C Designs – Sandbucket Tevor
  • C.C Designs – Bathing Beauty Emma
  • C.C Designs Beach Scene
  • C.C Designs – Coffee Kiki La Rue
  • Motivet – Rabbit with Dandelion
  • Baby Buds Designs – Owie
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  • Baby Buds Designs – Jack
  • Fairy Tales – Cupcake Belle
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  • Sweet November Stamps – Current Ebbtide & Anela
  • Sweet November Stamps – Ocean Wavedancer & Echo
  • Sweet November Stamps – Shimmer Redkelp & Otto
  • Sweet November Stamps – Bubbles Lostlagoon & Palu
  • Tickled Pink Stamp – Lil Lolita – 20’s Evie
  • Tickled Pink Stamps – Lil Lolita – 30’s Lylah
  • Tickled Pink Stamps – Lil Lolita – 50’s Lilith
  • Pink Cat Studio – Sick Billy
  • Pink Cat Studio – Sick Lily
  • The Greeting Farm – Thursday
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  • The Greeting Farm – OA – Happy Days
  • Magnolia Stamp – Wedding Collection – Tilda with Peony
  • Magnolia Stamp – Wedding Collection – Tilda with Veil
  • Magnolia Stamp – Wedding Collection – Flower Girl
That is 30+ stamps and over $200 worth of goodies.

So don't just read this, go and have a look around some amazing artwork and let Kellie know you're following her too :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Scrappy Share :)

I was able to get some scrapping finally done this morning - yay!!

I finished a layout for the scrapbooking top 50 Australia Cyber Crop - this is for challenge #3 where we had a colour theme of red white and blue including the following challenges:

* Neutral Background

*Raw Chipboard and

*use String, Twine, Thread or Cord

I've covered all of these requirements but am still not 100% certain if I'm happy with the LO - most times I think I am, then other times I start to doubt myself - ahhh the bane of a perfectionist!! LOL

100% Australian
Loud and Proud

Detail of the Embelishment Cluster

Foreground Detail

The blue foreground has the Australian national anthem (Advance Australia Fair) lyrics written on it :)

It's VSD!!!!

and what I hear you ask is VSD???




it's a day that an online miscarriage support group I chat to on Essential Baby made up :) Someone was talking about scones and sharing her recipe (which I couldn't use as I don't have baking powder - we're still re-building our pantry supplies from moving) and the idea was formed that we all bake some scones, sit down and have a cuppa and a chat - we're having a virtual scone day, a virtual meeting - but with real scones... hmmm did that all make sense???

Anyways, I baked my scones - and they were the best scones I've ever made!! So light, fluffy and yummo!!! I've a couple in the pantry for Nathan when he gets home, I don't think they'll be there when he gets here though hahaha The kids are eyeing them off as well LOL Seriously - these scones were sooo light, I'm really proud of them :)

So from me to you - Happy VSD :) Here is a piccie of my delights from this morning and the recipe if you wish to make them yourself :) - oh yes, I had to go tweak an ancient recipe for scones hahaha but the little 'tweak' makes them soooo light and fluffy (yes I'm really chuffed hey haha)

Old Fashioned Scones

3c SR Flour
1/4 tsp salt
125g Butter (use real butter, not marg - the result is worth ti!)
1 c Milk
1 tsp Baking Soda

* Pre-heat oven to 200*C

* Sift all dry ingredients together.

* Rub in butter, use the tips of your fingers rather than your palms to avoid the butter from melting. Rub until it appears to be super fine breadcrumbs

* Make well in mixture and pour in milk. Combine with a metal knife.

* When mostly combined gently place onto lightly floured surface and bring mixture together - DO NOT KNEAD TOO MUCH!! If you overwork the dough they will be come tough.

* Cut using scone cutter or if you don't have one a floured glass will suffice.

* Place on tray lined with baking paper. Place scones quite close together - not quite touching, this will help them grow tall rather than out during the cooking process.

* Bake 15-20 mins in a hot oven (200*C)

* Once cooked, place in a bowl lined with a tea towel to cool. While warm enjoy spread with butter, when cool these are delicious spread with jam and topped with a dollop of lightly whipped cream :)

Oh and as my family say - Never cut a cooked scone with a knife - it kills the scone :P

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Saturday to You :)

Yes a reasonably happy and settled day here.. well if you ignore a few arguments and fights between the older three brats it was LOL I'm hoping and praying and hoping (again) that things will really settle properly once they go back to school. At least this term the kids wont be upset with us moving, or having visitors cancel their trips with no warning (actually not even turn up when expected - that really upset them) Basically we're back to the business of settling in and existing - nothing more, nothing less... so here's for a happy and settled school term and children who find their place in the class and social groups and start to be more happier in themselves :)

We discovered that Aleks for some reason was thinking that we were going to be moving again in 12 months... this was our initial understanding of Nathan's position here in SA, but have been reassured that that will not be the case, they want him to be here at least 3-4 years initially and if we like Mount Gambier it can be a more permanent contract - so no moving for a while here - it took a LOT to get Aleks to understand this - I still am not certain that he really comprehends that we're not moving... But his fears about moving was one thing that he said made him not make friends... I hope and pray that he goes into the new school term on Monday with a different mindset and the knowledge he can make friends and not lose them...

So today was another day come and gone... Not much out of the ordinary happened, well nothing that concerned me too much LOL Apparently our family is out of the ordinary, but it's "normal" to me LOL

Dommy has been very sick the last few days, so lethargic and running a high temp, luckily he perked up a bit today otherwise it was going top be a trip to the hospital. I have no idea what made him so ill, he has cut all his teeth, there is no coughing, wheezing, rashes, tears or obvious pain - so no idea at all... but it looks like we're on the other side of any issue there - he was running around quite happy after dinner tonight so I'm confident we'll have our cheeky little boy back in the morning :) He's started to copy more words this evening too - he'll mimic what we say and try to make the words - just like our own Dommy parrot hehehe he really is too cute for words :) I'll have to charge the video camera and get more on film before he grows a bit more and corrects all the cute stuff - such as calling all animals "meows" and the way he mimics us all...

Well I'm sooo tired after having a couple of rough nights with the little Domster so heading off for an 'early' night - well before midnight and hopefully an uninterrupted sleep ;) Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some scrapping done - I'm being realistic and thinking some is probably 'minimal' but hey - it's a start on the CC challenges that are due next weekend ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some people are so astounding they are actually amusing....

You know the type of people I mean, They follow behind their "friends" and in their wake they are the ones who slip out the absurd comments - thinking they're cool or sound intelligent - when in reality they are totally the opposite...

Well I've had enough of these hanger-oners too... They can go jump as high as their 'leaders' as well....

I've just had one try to stir trouble in the photo group as well.. Got to love that - My so called "best friend" isn't woman enough to come and say anything to my face (oh yes she sent abusive text messages to myself and my mum) but now she's obviously been saying stuff behind my back to have these 'hanger-oners' come looking for me on facebook to try and have a dig...

My response - I laugh and then DELETE ;) ahh the power of delete... It's so funny that these people aren't even members of this page yet feel they can come on there (meaning they have to search it out as they're not on my friends list either) and try to get a sharp word from me... Nopes, jsut laughter - because I've left these people in their misery back in Tas and will never ever have anything to do with them ever again!!!

Apparently I was "poor me"-ing about what has happened this last few months and should "just get on with things" hmmm Sorry my dear, but GO JUMP!!! I'm not answerable to anyone but myself!! Not even my husband or family... that's what being an adult is all about :) So not answering to them either ;)

This is what these so called 'leaders' and 'hanger-oners' don't get.. they don't have to be answerable to each other... they can live without each other.. it's an unhealthy relationship when you can't live without someone telling you what to do or feel or think...

So yeps - deleted and laughing at you dear E - just in case you try and search me out here too - get over yourself!!!

So has anyone else witnessed the plague of "groupies" that seem to have sprouted in Tassie of late - I don't know if it's a state thing, kind of like bogans etc... It's like we're back in high school again, you know the popular girls or guys with the hanger-oners who will do anything almost to be a part of their 'group'... they will follow around and believe everything their 'leader' says as though it's gospel - no evidence required because the 'leader' said it so it must be true... You know what I mean...

Anyways, sometimes it feels good to hit 'delete' I just wish I could rewind the last 18 months and take back an offer to sit with a person I thought was a friend, because quite honestly she wasn't - and I ain't no one's groupie!!! I'm my own person and will always be my own person - I stand true to myself and remain true to the person I am!!! Sometimes it takes a little time and distance to see what a person really is like...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Dom's Growing Up!!!!

And sooo quickly!!!

Yesterday he went to bed with just a handful of words in his vocabulary. Things like "meow" for any animal be it 2 legged or 4, Hello (sooo clear!!!), mum, dad, uh-oh, car, bath, night, num num (dummy), no... and there's a few other odd words here and there... But this morning he woke up and his vocabulary seems to have EXPLODED!!!

He was helping Nathan unpack the dishwasher and Nathan said to him "that's your bowl isn't it" Dommy said "yes, mine" So clear!!! He was handing Nathan things out of the dishwasher and was saying "taa". I passed him something and he said "taa" He's using words he didn't use yesterday and in the right places!!! He's nodding "yes" saying "yes" Saying "me", 'mine' 'taa' and it's just amazing how he's started vocalising his words all of a sudden - it's happened overnight!!!

I know I shouldn't be astounded by how quickly they grow and learn, he is after all my 4th child - but you do forget between children the complexities and amazing speed at which they grow and mature.

There is no baby left in Dommy now, he's pure toddler - and absolutely gorgeous and adorable if I do say so myself ;) It's sad to acknowledge that there may be no more little babies in this house again, but I'm so proud of my baby boy, at how determined, intelligent and strong he is - even just within himself!! He is going to be a whirlwind of a little boy - I can see that coming!!! He's so busy, inquisitive and loves being dirty and right down into the nitty gritty of everything!!!

He's such a typical Aussie boy...

Nature vs Nurture?? I'll tell you it's nature each and every time!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happier Times :)

Forgetting my dumps and blues - I've actually had a bit of time to scrap!!! I didn't get as much done on Monday as I'd planned, but around kids, dinnertime and cleaning I got some swaps completed for the Scrapbooking top 50 Australia girls and did a mini layout for the opening night challenge for our cyber crop :)

So for swaps, I made some buttons to match some beautiful ribbons... Yes I MADE the buttons. It's simply a case of punching the desired shape out of the feature (top) cardstock, and then punching 4-5 more of the same shape in a cardstock to match, gluing the said layers (leaving the feature one for the top of course) and once all joined and sandwiched together using my eyelet cutting tool to create the holes in the centre of the buttons :) It's as simple as that!!! I've used some matte mod podge to seal some of the buttons, and others have been left 'naked' so the recipient can stamp over the top if they so desire :)

And I've made some little frog princes styled from Domeniks little toy frog for the green and blue swap....

it's the little green one in the bottom left hand corner...

and some ladybugs for a more recent swap there... The theme for this swap was "spots and stripes" I'm about to start making some stripey rockets this afternoon for this one too...

So lots of crafty goodness happening to try and keep me sane during the school holidays...

I have some challenges to work on now for their monthly challenges and the cyber crop - oh for the opening challenge here is my LO - The theme for the CC is "Celebrating Independence" For the mini challenge we concentrated on 'ones'

Our creations MUST include only ONE of each of the following list of items. You were allowed to add other materials to the creation besides the list provided, but these must be visible...
- ONE piece cardstock
- ONE patterned paper (and no, you couldn't use both sides of a double-sided sheet...LOL)
- ONE word title or sentiment
- ONE length ribbon, lace or fabric
- ONE button
- ONE pin

Mine is a 8 x 8 that I'm putting together for Domenik's first birthday - I wish I was with it enough to do the same for the older kids... I guess hindsight is a great thing though ;)

Sooo that's it for now :) I have a baby to rescue from his cot, 4 brats to ensure are fed then am taking the older 3 to the library for a school holiday program...

Warning - Vent ahead.....

I can't believe it!!! The person who started the witch hunt on my photography is trying to justify herself!!!! HERE

She's saying because some activity was on my facebook page and I had photo's of her children she was concerned that 'someone' had photo's of her children to use at their will...

OMG what does she think I am!?!?!?


how can one justify going behind someone's back and trying to start a flurry of anger and hatred towards someone because she apparently had no contact or warning that I would be offline - when she had access to my website, my email, my mobile number!?!?!?!? as well as 3 weeks of run up warnings etc etc....

Can't please some people - I'm sooooo glad I've moved and have so much to look forward to....

Bring on our new life, in a new state with new friends :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guess What I'm Doing Tomorrow!!!!

Taking an afternoon and evening for myself and SCRAPPING!!! Something I've not done that much of late, visitors, illness, school holidays and other matters that shall remain nameless have kinda diverted my attention - so tomorrow is a day for Me :) It also helps that Nathan has the day off hehehhee

And why scrapping tomorrow - especially when I could be doing other stuff more interesting (hmmm can;t think of anything off the top of my head - then again si there anything more interesting that ones passion of the time???) Well in the evening I'll be attending the Scrapbooking top 50 Australia's Cyber Crop!!!! This month we are celebrating independence - this is independence from anything!!! I've so much I can fit to this theme at the moment :) So am really keen to see what the challenges are so I can get my thoughts and feelings down in paper and images so I can look back in time and see just how far we have come :)

Anyhoos, details for the crop are here :

If you're the least bit scrappy it would be great to see you there - even just to say "hi" and get lost in the chatter of a very very friendly group of gals ;) If you come and register/sign up and participate then you also go in the draw to receive a fabulous RAK from the equally fabulous Vicki (who I just spent a wonderful afternoon with) So what is stopping you from joining us???? Come have a scrappy day or even just the evening with the girls and I :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thanking You....

Thank you for your continued support

Thank you for your understanding

but most of all THANK YOU for allowing me to vent and get things off my chest here that are eating me up inside.

I know a lot of people don't understand why blogs exist and why people pour their heart and souls into them, but it's such a healthy way to get things out in the open without feeling judged and condemned in most cases as in most situations the people reading these blogs are there for the same reason - we're all in this to learn, support and be there for our fellow human beings and friends.

Thank you all so much for allowing me to have this little blog, and even though I probably sound like a raving lunatic most of the time you still are here for me when I need a bit of understanding and support - even tough ,most of you haven't even met me before in real life!! You are amazing people!!!

Thank you!!!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Open Letter to all Katami Photography portfolio clients

Open Letter aimed mostly for the facebook group members of Katami Photography

It has been brought to my attention that someone has been going behind my back and emailing friends and clients on here about my portfolio shoots. I know who this person is, but will not be outing anyone here - this is not the place, just be aware I know who you are and what you have been doing and saying!

I come here to clear the muddied waters this person has been stirring up as I have had several concerned contacts about this situation.

I want to initially deal with some of this gossip I've been hearing....

Firstly - I have NOT been on facebook. I've not been anywhere near the facebook website or applications. I have approved a few groups and play some games on my iphone that link up to facebook, wether they put comments on facebook etc I've no idea... I've turned off all facebook notifications and do not receive anything other than what friends send me directly. Facebook is not a place I feel I need to be near at the moment as I work through things happening in my life at the moment.

Secondly - I've not been ignoring people etc at all. Everyone here has access to my personal email address, the Katami Photography website which has email and contact forms on it, and my personal mobile number is also listed on this page (and has voicemail attached if I don't get to the phone!) To say that I am ignoring people or difficult to contact is ludicrus!!! There have been periods where I've had no access to email, but there has always been my phone....

Thirdly - If I had any idea we would be moving interstate I would not have made steps to start up a business for myself! We had 3.5 weeks notice of moving. We had to pack up our lives and 4 children to make this move and if anyone else has had to do the same you'd understand the mammoth effort with this - let alone moving to a place where we knew no one!!! Photo's were processed prior to us moving, yet no one made any steps to come and collect photo's. Instead it seemed that I was meant to be running around you whilst trying to pack and move...

Fourthly - I have NOT commenced any business in Mount Gambier. I've too much at the moment with settling my family and dealing with my life to start a business here - in fact I've not even done any photo shoots of my own children!!!

Ok gossip that I've heard of has been dealt with.. time to get down to some home truths, this isn't going to be pretty but please bear with me....

No one knows what has been happening in my life. No one - Not one of you!!! I don't even share everything with my family, let alone like to spread my private life around the web, but it seems that unless you know what has been happening you wont let me try to get on my feet - so here you'll all have it...

Moving interstate with a family of 4 with 3.5 weeks notice is no easy feat in itself. On top of this we had only temporary accommodation when we moved here and had to find a house in a town we didn't know. Oh we used the 3 week run up to try and do as much research as possible but it's not the same as trying to find an unknown street in an area you're not familiar with in vehicles that weren't ours and with 4 upset kids in the back seats. Lump on top of this that we have one child who has aspergers syndrome (autism) another one on the spectrum and all 4 of these children have also left all their friends and family behind and we have no house to call our own... not a pretty picture at all.

Oh and then to make things even more super for us we had issue after issue after issue with the removalist company! the week before we actually left I was stressed to the hilt due to the hassels with removalists and them changing dates and conditions of moving!

Just remember too that we only moved 9 weeks ago... Of these 9 weeks 4 we were in temporary accommodation, we had no house at this stage. Whilst in temporary accommodation we had only what was in our suitcases as everything else was in storage waiting for us to find a house and move in. We had no reliable internet either - it was intermittent at best if it did work!

During these 4 weeks in temporary accommodation we found out that the baby I was pregnant with had died. No one knew we were pregnant. We have had previous losses so we've learnt not to tell anyone before a certain time. This time however we had been told all was ok, we were almost over the danger period. To see your baby move and wriggle around one day and then the next be told it is dead is heartbreaking and hard to deal with. Then to be told as we're in a different state that things were different I'd have to keep carrying him/her until my body started to miscarry (up to 8 weeks) was even more shocking!! Oh I could have surgery, but in a state where we knew no one and Nathan had to work that wasn't an option... We had to wait for things to happen naturally. So I do hope that you will all excuse me for mourning the loss of a child. This is one reason I can't bear to be on facebook at the moment sue to a lot of people we know just having babies or being pregnant... it's not easy to be me at the moment!!!

Yes we finally found a house. We moved in. We've been in this house for 5 weeks. we've had 5 weeks to try and settle our aspie children and regular children into a new house with a new school. Now anyone who has anything to do with aspie's knows they don't deal with change very well at all... We're still hitting our heads against this problem over and over again. I spend most of my day working with the kids to get things sorted, settled and refereed!!! 5 weeks might sound like a long time to be settled and try to get unpacked but the reality is that it's not that long in reality. Considering that these kids have been uprooted from their home, their school their family, their friends and everything familiar to them.. 5 weeks doesn't even scratch the surface!!! Please allow us time to get them and us settled is all I've ever, EVER asked!!!!!

Now to getting disks organised and posted out... That's another thing in itself. I don;t like to think about things coming down to money-but let's face it, that's why you all wanted photo's for free right - so you didn't have to part with money!!! You may think that one disk isn't much... well considering there was more than one that needed burning and posting it all adds up!!! Our 'fantastic' removalists packed all our boxes marked with "shed" We still have not located my original spindle of DVDR's to burn photo's onto. We've had to go purchase another spindle of disks, burning is nothing, everything's ready to go ;) But then there's packaging and posting! Not that much when doing one, but multiplied it'll add up to over $100!!! And that's all to come out of my pocket. A pocket that is a little threadbare due to the actions of a so called 'friend' making false allegations to centrelink and having all my family payments canceled/suspended, not sure of the term - I just deal with the crap and fill out all the forms etc that are required. Yeps - this is a VERY personal matter as to why I've not been in the situation to post out disk's to date and just another reason why to try and keep my life as private as possible - I bet you're glad someone stirred this pot so you know the ins and outs of my life hey!

Anyways Nathan gets paid monthly now we're over here in SA. If you sit down and work that out, he's been working here for 9 weeks - oh that's only 2 pay days since we've been interstate!!! Of those 2 paydays we've needed to purcahse all our childrens new school uniforms, all moving essentials, all food for our cupboards (quarantine issues) change license and registration details, replace all aerosols and gas cylinders that can't be transported by removalists - oh the list goes on and on... We've not been able to do everything yet that is on the list that needs to be done, but we'll get there... But doing this on only 2 pay days has rendered us financially stricken - so much so that the last week when my parents were here they were helping support us on their invalid pension!! I don't want charity etc or comments regarding this, we will get on our feet and we will do so soon - but don't just assume that all because your life hasn't changed ours is the same - our situation is unique... a little courtesy and less witch hunting would be appreciated!!!

And there's still more!!! Yes more... I ended up miscarrying our baby when he/she should have been 14 weeks in gestation. We had to mourn the death of our baby twice because of this. I've also spent time in hospital due to having a severe allergic reaction to a common over the counted medical treatment. All this in a short 9 weeks!!! I think fair's fair... Time to look outside of yourself and realise that you aren't always the highest priority in life!!! It's not been the best of starts to our life in Mount Gambier, but believe it or not it's all for the best, I can see positives in this move already!! It's not all negative!!

So I guess the moral of this is, not everything you see on the surface really is still water. I didn't make my life public because to be completely honest it is none of your business!!! I've sent this and made this an open letter to combat the negativity some nasty people have started to try and generate behind the scenes. This is my life. This is what I live and work with. This is the reason that posting disks of FREE photo's out has been impossible to date or not the highest of priorities for me.

There are other little things that have come up on the radar that is my life over the last few weeks but they also involve another person who likes to keep her life very private so I wont air that here, but be aware that one thing on top of another on top of another with added stress that was not asked for from external sources do take their toll!!!

With my parents over here this last week I have been able to get some disks over to Devonport with them. They have taken around 7 disks with them to be handed to fellow mutual friends for passing on to you all. And to the person who has started sending these emails and messages behind the scenes, I know you have been causing trouble and trying to start a witch hunt, but despite this I'm still a decent enough person to send on your disks... I just wish you had been a decent enough person to give me some common courtesy and not be the schoolyard gossip!!!

Finally, PLEASE allow me time to mourn the death of our baby, allow me time to settle our children, allow me time to get our finances ordered so I can pay to have your disks posted safely, give me the courtesy of contacting me and not bitching behind my back and allow me the dignity to have privacy in my life!!!!

To my friends who have and always will be by my side. I'm doing ok. Thankyou for everything xxxx

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to 'just us'

Mum and dad have been and gone. I'm absolutely exhausted and it looks like the flu has bitten me (grrr) but a good time was had on all accounts.

The weather sucked, have other external issues but everyone was happy and had a great time :) Mum and Dad didn;t get to do too much touristy things with the weather not playing her part - we did get down the Umpherstone Sinkhole and the sinkhole in town (no idea what that one's called) and through some shops. I think the size of Mount Gambier took them aback a little - it's a small city but a looooong main street with lots of shops!!!

We were all up at 4am this morning to see them off. It was hard to see your family drive down the drive and away from you, but we are standing on our own two feet and growing more and more with this challenge and adventure - no matter where we are family is jsut a phone call or a email away - this world of modern technology is a family's greatest friend when you live so far apart!!!

The kids are already missing nanny and poppy - they're asking when they'll be back for a visit. Kahli wants them over in October for her and Domenik's birthdays - I'm not sure about that one but we'll see what we can do.... It could be a nice birthday suprise for her ;)

We also had a rental inspection this afternoon - so despite the flu and total lack of sleep (because the night before last Domenik had a severe allergic reaction to egg so I was up most of the night with him, and 2 nights before that he was up cutting his two eye teeth!!!)I had to wait for our RE agent to come knock on the door. Passed with flying colours so all good :) and they're going to look into some little jobs around the house - it's nice to have a real estate who will do things for you and not hve you wait and wait and wait and wait... you get the picture ;)

Anyhoos, I really need to grab some rest whilst I can. Nathan's working late tonight so no chance of an early one- he's lost his house keys again so I need to let him in **sigh** Typical Bricknell male there!!! ROFL dim sim's for dinner - totally easy and unhealthy but it's food and the kids love them ;)

Take care all - I'll be back hopefully tomorrow!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Super Quick Post...

We've been netless for a few days whilst our internet was being upgraded - we're now NAKED!! LOL well Naked DSL at least ;) no more landlines for us!!!

This week is going to be busy. We're trying to maximise the time mum and dad have left here, then on Thursday they leave for Tassie and we also have a rental inspection... Friday will be my big "phew" releif day when we start to get back into a routine and start really living our life over here in SA... up until now it's been a look forward to this and that - kind of like a "hold our breath until *** is over/happened** kind of thing. From Friday onwards there is no reason for us to hold our breath. I've let go of toxic friendships and have a whole new future to be looking forward to and so much enjoy etc - it's time for me to be FREE!!! and I actually feel free and released ) It's great!!!

Anyhoos, this was a short post... Back to being a dutiful daughter and ignoring the puter on the desk ;) LOL

Oh oh oh - Dommy cut his top 2 eye teeth Friday!!! he had a tough time and I can pinpoint the hour they were breaking through (we were at the centro complex and he screamed the shops down!!!)

Ok signing off now ;)