Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scrappy Share :)

I've finished the Cyber Crop challenges for Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia!!! I'm not convinced on a couple of them, but they're completed and as much as I question them I'm also happy with them - that probably makes no sense , but hey, that's me ROFL

Well I've already shared the mini and first challenge I've completed so here's the final 3 :)

Mr Independent


Challenge 2 set by Anthea. We had to do LO on someone who represents independence. Domenik is my example of someone who represents independence to me. He's growing up so quickly and just entering the stage of toddler-hood where he is discovering he is an independent soul, he isn't a part of his mummy and can do things for himself Smile

We're also to include only 1 photo and it must be larger than 4x6, a quote used by the subject and at least 1 heart.

Journalling reads: Domenik, you are such an independent little boy. As you grow your spirit grows and that little light inside you burns brighter. You want to grow up so quickly and do everything yourself. You've started saying "me" or "mine" when you want to do something. It's a rare day when you aren't there trying to help saying "me, me, me!"

We've Come So Far


The achievement is us moving to Mount Gambier. The photo's are our last glimpse of Tassie (also my avatar) and the first pic taken in Mount Gambier - on the tarmac!!! It was an achievement in so many ways - the fact we up and moved with 3 weeks notice, the fact they got this 100% Taswegian to live outside of the state, the fact we are now fully independent - I think this is the biggest one for us... We've always had my parents around and now we're all y ourselves... It's a major hurdle that we have facing us and that we're facing as a family Smile I always thought we'd be the last people to leave the sanctuary of Tassie... things changed so quickly and dramatically!!!

Anyhoos, as for the challenge requirements....
* Stars and Stripes (star brads and striped handmade diecut)
* Photo/Journal about an achievement (read above)
* Paint Somewhere (the large alpha's are painted chipboard) and
* a Tab (I've got 2)

And Finally...

Whatever You May Do

Challenge requirements:
* Based on/journalling about a career choice
* Distressing (tearing, painting and some sanding)
* Stitching
* Mixed Alpha Title
* Strip Journalling

So this is the fun I've been up to the last few days.. I might still do some tweaking, not sure... But then I also have 4 monthly challenges to complete before the end of the month too!!!!
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