Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Dom's Growing Up!!!!

And sooo quickly!!!

Yesterday he went to bed with just a handful of words in his vocabulary. Things like "meow" for any animal be it 2 legged or 4, Hello (sooo clear!!!), mum, dad, uh-oh, car, bath, night, num num (dummy), no... and there's a few other odd words here and there... But this morning he woke up and his vocabulary seems to have EXPLODED!!!

He was helping Nathan unpack the dishwasher and Nathan said to him "that's your bowl isn't it" Dommy said "yes, mine" So clear!!! He was handing Nathan things out of the dishwasher and was saying "taa". I passed him something and he said "taa" He's using words he didn't use yesterday and in the right places!!! He's nodding "yes" saying "yes" Saying "me", 'mine' 'taa' and it's just amazing how he's started vocalising his words all of a sudden - it's happened overnight!!!

I know I shouldn't be astounded by how quickly they grow and learn, he is after all my 4th child - but you do forget between children the complexities and amazing speed at which they grow and mature.

There is no baby left in Dommy now, he's pure toddler - and absolutely gorgeous and adorable if I do say so myself ;) It's sad to acknowledge that there may be no more little babies in this house again, but I'm so proud of my baby boy, at how determined, intelligent and strong he is - even just within himself!! He is going to be a whirlwind of a little boy - I can see that coming!!! He's so busy, inquisitive and loves being dirty and right down into the nitty gritty of everything!!!

He's such a typical Aussie boy...

Nature vs Nurture?? I'll tell you it's nature each and every time!!!!
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