Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guess What I'm Doing Tomorrow!!!!

Taking an afternoon and evening for myself and SCRAPPING!!! Something I've not done that much of late, visitors, illness, school holidays and other matters that shall remain nameless have kinda diverted my attention - so tomorrow is a day for Me :) It also helps that Nathan has the day off hehehhee

And why scrapping tomorrow - especially when I could be doing other stuff more interesting (hmmm can;t think of anything off the top of my head - then again si there anything more interesting that ones passion of the time???) Well in the evening I'll be attending the Scrapbooking top 50 Australia's Cyber Crop!!!! This month we are celebrating independence - this is independence from anything!!! I've so much I can fit to this theme at the moment :) So am really keen to see what the challenges are so I can get my thoughts and feelings down in paper and images so I can look back in time and see just how far we have come :)

Anyhoos, details for the crop are here :

If you're the least bit scrappy it would be great to see you there - even just to say "hi" and get lost in the chatter of a very very friendly group of gals ;) If you come and register/sign up and participate then you also go in the draw to receive a fabulous RAK from the equally fabulous Vicki (who I just spent a wonderful afternoon with) So what is stopping you from joining us???? Come have a scrappy day or even just the evening with the girls and I :)
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