Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Long Time Between Drinks....

And I have thought frequently that I should update here, but time gets away from me.. or is that simply procrastination winning out over productivity???

Anyhoos, a lot has happened - the biggest thing is my baby girl is growing up!!! How and where the time has gone to I really don't know... she's 6 months old next week!! Our little Aerynn is now crawling - yes CRAWLING!!! She started commando crawling around a month ago and it has evolved into "leave me on the floor and Im'a gonna chase you" on hands and knees!!! She's also sitting unaided, cut her first tooth and saying "dadadadadadadadada" So much growth and progression in pretty much 2 weeks!!!

Miss Aerynn
5 months old

There are a few little concerns with our little miss... We still have a struggle with her weight. She's currently making her own growth chart line under the 3%ile mark on the WHO charts and we have monthly check ins to keep it under control. It also appears she has allergies :( We have had a reaction to chicken and I assume shellfish (she came up in a few welts while I was eating some prawns and scallops and holding her - had to be via touch) and I suspect egg due to a reaction after I had an egg sandwich. This is making me EXTREMELY nervous about starting her on solids next week - so nervous I've not even purchased any feeding implements or a high chair. The thought of giving her food is leaving me feeling cold, dead cold.. I don't want to give her any but I know she is ready and needs it soon... The thought we may have to go through something similar to what we had with Williams FPIES is terrifying :( I know I have to face it and will be looking at highchairs this week **eeeek** I can't delay it much longer so guessing biting the bullet and just doing it is what I have to do...

Aerynn and Poppy
"I Love you THIS much poppy!!!"
mum and dad came to visit for 10 days over the new year

As per usual, I've sat down to surf the net, catch up on blogging (hahaha) etc and I've been summoned to Aerynn's bedside.. mummy duties come first ;) I'll try to get back more frequently, especially now the older kidlets are back at school - which reminds me... Updated photos!!!! (I can do that while feeding at least ;) LOL

First Day at School 2012
"Hurry Up Mum!!!!"

The Proper First Day Back at School 2012
William - year 5 Compton
Kahli - year 7 Compton
Aleks - year 8 Mount High

Dommy "Riding those {Imaginary} Waves"
Playground at Port McDonnell
**This photo has been entered into the Harvey Norman
Photo comp for "best baby/child moment"**