Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell to Summer

Today is officially the last day of summer. I'm feeling a bit sentimental about it for some reason - so much so I insisted on taking the kids to the beach, despite gale force wind and a tsunami marine warning LOL but at least the sun was out!! LOL

In case you didn't notice, I've finally worked out how to pretty up my blog LOL This could become quite addictive!!! Prior warning in case it changes suddenly hahaha - knowing my Saggitarian ways of needing change every now and the that's pretty likely too ;)

Anyways, it was a lazy day at home today. I needed time away from the computer and photo's today and the kids needed some mummy time so I turned the lappie off ;) Just to watch them play the PS3 hahahahah but we did have a good chat, play together and BBQ and swim at Cam River (Somerset). Twas a nice end to the month, weekend and to Summer :)

Sunset Storm

I just wanted to share a photo I took of the storm we had last night - it was beautiful and heavy at the same time LOL The sun was setting just as the heavy rain started... gorgeous colours!!!

Blog This - Challenge 34: If I met my younger self...

What would you tell yourself? Would you give advice? What advice would that be? Ask about your perception of the world? Give us an idea of who you think you were or who you think you'll be in the future...

To be honest I don't think there would be much I'd warn or tell myself about what would happen in the future. My life has lots of twists and turns and dark as well as light times but those are the times and the challenges that make me me.

I'd probably stop myself and ultimately say that you'll get through life ok.

But then there's more that I'd like to say... Mostly for support. My life hasn't been the easiest and if I had that little bit more support I think the depression that overshadowed me in my teens may have been lifted a little... so for that support I'd say:

~ Remember to smile, even if you don't feel much like it, it's amazing how much better wearing a smile can make you feel.

~ Talk to people about what you're experiencing, but find someone you can trust. Don't bottle things up.

~ There is a difference between family and relatives. Those that hurt you need to account for what they have and are doing. Don't be too scared because you're being told they are family... You deserve a chance to be happy and safe....

~ Study isn't everything. Life happens outside of books and figures and facts.

~ Trust yourself. Be true to you, don't live to someone else's life plan.

Ultimately one thing I'd really like to get across to myself would be this lesson that has taken a long time for me to learn and comprehend...

You don't always get answers for what happens - because sometimes the answers are not for you, they were lessons for someone else...

There is no reason to sit and stew on why, where, why fors? etc etc. Life happens. You only get one life. The things that happen can be good, bad indifferent, but whatever happens it isn't for you to always know why. Embrace your life, live it to the fullest and don't worry about the why's etc. Just live it, enjoy it and take things as they come. If something doesn't feel right then trust yourself and your instincts...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gelli Baff Blues...

I'm looking for help, support or advice.....

My Master 9 years got some gelli baff for Christmas and I've been able to put him off having a pool/bath of the stuff until yesterday he decided that he'd make one for himself (without reading instructions - they show it's easy to use on TV don't they grrrr).I'd already been pre-warned by my best friend that the stuff is messy so had been putting it off, and off, and off - well you get the picture.

Anyhoos - he tips the whole blooming pack into the sink, where it clumped up so he pulled the plug and tried to get rid of the evidence, only thing is the evidence is now stuck in the drainpipe and not moving!!!!

I've poured a whole 500g pack of salt down there already, as well as boiling water and really REALLY don't want to have to call the plumber out but running out of ideas how to move this stuff!!!

Can anyone help?!?!?!?

The rest of the gelli baff my other two received has been used under adult supervision today to get rid of the stuff - we're now a gelli baff free home *yay* grrrrrrrrrrr

Boring ol' Me...

I'm boring... I don't know how to break out of my rut. I've not many friends in real life (oh there's hundreds of acquaintances on facebook etc) and am pretty much a loner (well besides having a large family etc) I'm really boring and obviously socially inept at times from the lack of social invitations I have LOL (or is that my family scaring people off??)

Anyhoo... I've got to try and get out more... Not sure how, but I guess Domenik starting playgroup is one way - that's one day out of the house for well.. Dom LOL I suppose there is a little bit of social contact for me there too...

I returned to work to get out socially... but then I don't think the people I met at work would class me as something other than "boring" either. I'm great at my job but for going out with adter work seems to be another thing... Not many invites to go out - unless it was a blanket one for everyone and then I was the one standing at the back wishing the wall would open up and swallow me because no one would converse with me - besides the obligatory "how are you", "glad works finished for the day" kind of thing.

I did have one friend IRL with work and World of Warcraft as a common denominator. She fell pregnant not long after I found out I was expecting Domenik, but since she went back to work I've not heard from her. We went movie-ing with our newborns and did family BBQ's etc with her husband and my family - but literally since she went back to work I've heard nada - I've sent texts etc.. but nothing. I guess she outgrew me... It's that darn rut I'm in I'm sure!!!

Even my best friend now, her husband really hates me (jealous of our friendship) and he doesn't like my "lifestyle" (we're low income kind of thing he's not) so contact with her is limited to some degree. I wont allow my children with him so some of that is by my making, but there's legit reasons behind that. I guess I'm feeling restricted a little there too....

I feel kinda boxed in - is that the way to put it though??

Claustrophobic with myself???

So... I need to try and make myself less boring - how does one do that??? How do I make myself someone they want as a friend and to have around?? Is that even possible????

First thing first though, I've a couple of photo shoots I need to process and get back to clients, then I'll have a bit more time to explore being me and making me more "inviting" I guess the word is ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

True to Oneself....

Ok, I've come to a conclusion - it's probably totally off centre and incorrect but for now it's my conclusion and I'm going to be true to it (until it doesn't work or reality sinks in LOL) My conclusion is that I must stay true to me. In my photography that is...

I had professionals tell me that my work wasn't as good as theirs, it needed different structure etc etc... I'm dismissing that - My work is MY WORK!! My style I've concluded is just that - my style, it is different to the work these other people produce. Why was I expecting them to think that my work would be the same as theirs??? Ultimately I don't want it to be like theirs - because it's mine!! My style and why the heck should I change just to be another clone??

Ok not stating that these people that looked at my work are clones, but my feeling is that I'm not in for studio work at the moment or similar images, I love colour, I love art., I love antiquity, I love soft images as well as sharp images... Why shouldn't I have the luxury of photographing people and turning their images into art if that is what they want as well?? After all it is these art images that people have been asking about and apparently falling in love with.

This makes me unique, it makes my photography unique and it makes my business unique and different and in a league of it's own. I'm not the average professional who just takes crisp, clear accurate images, I make things with my work that makes me happy, it makes my clients happy (well so far at least) and gives me a different angle, a different approach and hopefully my little niche in the over saturated world of photographers here in Tassie at the moment....

Soooo - I'm going to stay true to myself, embrace my individuality and use it - I offer something I've not seen anyone else offer locally (actually not offered before - am I really that unique?? LOL I think not hehe) I'm going to love the fact that I have something different to offer and use it to get my own piece of the market!!! Ok now I've got my false sense of bravado, I have to find a way to keep this positivity up and get cracking and start building my business and keep it going!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog This - Reflections

Oh dear, I am so slack with my challenges - almost as slack as keeping up to date with my blog... I wonder if it goes hand in hand ROFL.

This weeks Blog This challenge is a photography one, the subject being "reflections". I've chosen an image of my children reflected in the waters at Somerset Beach at sunset. This was taken when things were so different, even though it's not that long ago our lives have changed immensely.

"Sunset Reflections"

This was taken before we knew what was wrong with Domenik's feet - it was a time we could go to the beach and not worry about getting casts wet or sandy, we could let the kids fall asleep and not have to think about putting braces on Dommy's feet... It was just a time we were able to be a little bit more carefree and it reminds me on how easy things can be... It was a time a simple walk on the beach was just that - simple...

Not only is it an image of my four beautiful children in a gorgeous Tasmanian sunset - it's an image that makes me reflect on our life and how easy we had it - even though we didn't think so at the time... The things we took for granted... Oh to be back on the beach again those few short weeks ago - how I would make sure we stayed there until the moon was out, we wouldn't race the kids back home for bedtime - there is no hurry when enjoying the things you love, you never know when things will change, or how dramatically... Life is for enjoying - each and every moment... never take for granted the simple things in life!!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, tuesday

Ahh what a day - can't say I've achieved much today, well except the usual LOL

Domenik has had another Topsy turvey day.. I've come to the conclusion he is definitely coming down with something :( He's still mildly grumpy, mild temp, sleeping all the time, miserable, runny nose and super clingy... apparently there's measles going around - I really hope it's not that, his vaccinations are up to date (William's aren't because of his allergy to the vaccines) so if it is it shouldn't be much, but poor little dude is miserable :( Which in turn makes mummy miserable with no sleep, clingy and squirmy hot water bottle etc etc etc.... It seems I try to do something and he either wants attention or I fall asleep LOL Not good when you have 3 photo shoots to process!!!!

Dinner is ready - I've slow cooked a mince casserole, nothing flash but it's food ;) This week I really have to get my menu planning under control and get back into daily routines so I have life organised...

Ooooh forgot to post here that Dom has his diagnosis on his feet. He does have Metatarsus adductus with mild clubbing of the feet, combined with internal tibial torsion and very very slack knees. So far he's had 5.5 weeks of serial casting and he's now progressed to a ponseti brace. He's struggling but we're coping. I'll post more about this tomorrow :)

Domenik in the Ponseti Brace

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back - again....

I've been slack again. So much for my aim to post each and every day ROFL At leat I've so far kept to my 365 ph0to challenge!! Yaay!! I'ma little behind with processing but they'll be up to date by this weekend :)

Well big news - I've started a website and working on my portfolio!!! It's here. I've had so many photo shoots of late that I'm thoroughly exhausted - and still loving it :) As of 1st March I'm having to charge for shoots as I can't continue pro bono and try to live at this rate. I had 7 shoots last week alone!!! I'm pretty pleased with the results, there are some things I wish I could change (as per usual - perfectionist in me) but so far everyone is happy and I've already got contacts requesting paid shoots!!! I may just have a chance in this business after all!!!

Domenik has also progressed from casting of his feet to the boot and bar. It's been a really tough transition for him, but we're working through things. He hasn't slept well the past few days after being trussed up in his contraption all night.... Last night was the best night sleep in ages, he slept from 8.30pm to 5am - was great, except that I was still up at 2am waiting for him to wake LOL

Hokey Dokeys, time to buckle the boy in and get him into bed... We're not sure if we're getting to playgroup tomorrow or not as he's been so unsettled with the boot and bar... We'll see ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1st....

This year is already going by so fast already!!! One month down and 11 to go!!! Wow, to break it down into 12 parcels is scary!!!

This month my William turns 9 years old - wow, he's getting older fast!!!

I'm going to attempt to write a blog entry a day just as I am doing a photo a day - wonder how long I can last ROFL

BTW short post due to raging headache....