Monday, June 28, 2010

True Colours...

Today someone I trusted and loved and invited into my family showed their true colours.

This person I supported through hard times, through happy times.

We were together for a short time in the scheme of things.. but I thought I had a true friend.

I was wrong.

I guess if you live with trash long enough you can't help but become trash yourself.

I could only ignore the smell that started to invade the friendship for so long...

She made her choice - to return to the trash heap... I made my choice a little while ago not to delve any further into the dump for any friendships - they just aren't worth the pain of trying to wash off the vermin and scum that they bring with them...

Goodbye "friend". I'm don't regret that I was there to save your life several times, that I didn't do what you asked me to do as it means your children will have a mother with them at least for the moment. I hope you can get things together and sorted - You have beautiful children.. I hope they have a happy and healthy life - emotionally as well as physically. Sometimes I guess growing up and taking responsibility for your decisions, actions and words is one of the hardest things to learn - I hope you get there in time.

Me, I'm going onwards and upwards - Life doesn't revolve around you - someday you will learn that - I hope that day is soon for your sake.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few minutes.... post!! Well not much to day... Of all things to do the day before driving to Melbourne (5 hours one way) and back - I pinched a nerve in my back!!! Great timing - not!!!

I remember sitting finalising some scrapping and cleaning and then something went "pop" in my back. If you'd told me I'd been shot I would have believed you.

You always hear stories about how people 'hear' things like this happening in their bodies, they break a bone, snap a tendon, put their backs out.. well I took it with a grain of salt.. not any more!!!

It was a loud pop that I heard and felt!! I knew from the tingle down my legs and the instant searing pain I'd done something bad...

A few painkillers and a little rest saw me fit enough to drive - just ;) Luckily I'd booked an automatic car - but even so I still got pins and needles and a bit of numbness whilst driving...

All in all a good trip... I stopped at Hamilton and Ballerat on the way through and back... I think the kids would love a week in Ballerat for a holiday - will have to work that out at some time ;)

Anyhoos.. we arrived home at 11.30pm - totally exhausted and happy to see familiar faces and territory ;) I've already come to accept and welcome that Mount Gambier is home now. We're loving it and it's just like 'home' back in Tas - so much so mum and dad also don't feel that they're out of Tas!! So it's not just me ;)

Anyhoos.. time to log off - I need some beauty sleep before Aleksandir wakes us at some unearthly hour for his birthday - yep my big boy turns 12 tomorrow!! Where has the time gone!?!?!?!

BTW last night on phenergan after my allergic reaction - and slowly getting through the pinched nerve.. It's released now, just residual muscular aches to get over ;) Ahhh got to love pain killers ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You could be neglected... the very near future. My parents are coming over from Tas tomorrow and I've a marathon drive to Melbourne to collect them then the drive home **yawn** I'm tired already just thinking about it!!! Sooo my time for my blog and scrapping will be very minimal I predict for the next 2 weeks... Hopefully we'll have a great time, and the kids will enjoy having their grandparents here as well...


In the meantime I've completed 3 layouts this last couple of days - two are completely rushed so I could say they were done for challenges - totally not me to leave it to the last minute - NOT!! LOL

First one is called My Angels in Heaven. It was for the Scrapbooking top 50's cyber crop. Challenge elements were :

*Use the quote "The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly" - Friedrich Nietzsche

* Include hand cutting - the butterflies are hand cut out of a printed vellum

* distressing - There is tearing and sanding in different areas. Also the backing of the poem has been rolled and had the edges distressed. the whole background has strips of masking that has been sanded and painted over to try and give an aged feel.


* some (more than 1) butterflies and/or birds! there's two of each.

The poem is very special to me and it reads:

Mummy, I am in heaven, so please don't shed your tears
I can see you and I love you and I will through all the years
I know you are my mother and none other would I have chose
For even up here in Heaven true love continues to grow.

Daddy, I see that sometimes when you are all alone
Your eyes get kind of misty and your thoughts they kind of roam
You are thinking of how things would be if I was there with you
All the things you would have taught me and watched me as I grow.

But I still love you my dear parents as if I was there on earth
I remember how you longed for me and looked forward to my birth
There was nothing you did wrong so please put your minds at rest
God just wanted to keep me and you know He picks the best.

And one day we will all be together in our castle in the sky
True peace and love and happiness, things money cannot buy
And you can hold your angel and sing me a lullaby
For a parent's love for their children is a love that will never die.

The other two layouts I've done were both rushed so I had them done before our visitors arrived...

I love Noo design clothes on babies Smile Another Noo layout for the month hehehe.

Criteria for challenge:

* Use Quote - "Indulge your imagination in every possible flight" - Jane Austen

* At least 2 photo's used

* Cut out one photo (bottom 4x6 has been cut out around Dom and plants)


* 4 word title

It's not exactly what I wanted, I would like to have fussed a bit more, but time's running away from me!!!

and finally...

Okies, for this challenges requirements...

* Use add for inspiration - I used it as a sketch outline forthe photo's and pinwheels to follow...

* lots of journalling - there's a poem, a little journalling spot of details for the pics and explanation on why I put the poem in there - I remember it from back when I was 9 years old!! Wow!!! scary hehehe

*rub-ons - there's quite a few there, as well as little rose type flourishes and individual daisy rub-on's scattered around


a pinwheel - My pinwheels are meant to be daffodils - they kinda failed but at least they resemble something floral-ish LOL

So there you have it - a monster post to tide you over the next few weeks of possible sporadic and sparse blog posts ;)

Until we meet again.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh my gosh!!!

what a couple of days I've had.. well I can't remember the majority of it...

It all started with a call to the dr suspecting the bane of a lot of women's existance that I'd so far avoided - thrush!! I was advised to try an over the counter treatment as there was no Dr appointments

Anyways.. head to the pharmacy.. get the attention of a pharmacist and get grilled over symptoms in front of other customers who were standing in line waiting to pay - got to love that their 'consulting booths' was an open table right next to the counter - total confidentiality and privacy there ROFL I walk away with said treatment being told I should see my Dr - funny that.. appointments are scarce as hens teeth - on top of the reality being that I'd be paying $65 to be told to get an over the counter remedy - oh wait, I'd just been old that over the phone - so why would I be handing money over to the dr - on top of waiting days to start treatment just to do what I'm already doign?!?!?! Oh sarcasm - thou art my friend at the moment ;) LOL

So treatment was commenced - 6 days of treatment ahead right... Not on your life!!!! within 10-15 minutes of using this chemical of death I started itching like I'd been bitten by a million mosquito's!!! So much so that it became an overwhelming urge to just scratch until it hurt!!! I just couldn't stop and the area of itching and burning became larger and larger!!!

When I noticed I'd scratched until my lower abdomen had no skin and was weeping and bleeding I thought it'd gone too far and got Nathan to call the hospital - being a typical male he hated talking medical so he handed the phone to me as soon as it started ringing - only thing was it was the wrong hospital!! Another 3 minutes wasted while I searched for the RIGHT hospital and called them - I was told as I was concerned enough to tall at midnight I should probably come in... but they wouldn't tell me if it was the right thing to do as they couldn't see through the phone - hmmm really captain obvious?? I thought we had video phones now... - well knock me over with a pogo stick if you couldn't see through the phone!!!

Next came the obvious discussion - was I fit enough to drive as we had no one to watch the kids sleep - and we still haven't got around to organising ambulance insurance (one more thing that's different to Tas - none of that stuff needed in Tassie!!) Tough titties on this one, I had to harden up and drive myself... so all padded up with combine dressings from my first aid kit to stop the bleeding and weeping mess and pulling on whatever clothes I could get off the shelf I drove myself the 5 kms or so to the local hospy....

By this time I was as red as Rudolph's nose from top to bottom, had rashes all over my extremities and my mouth was itching and dry - oh and my tummy that was weeping and bleeding was roaring at my feeble attempts to restrain it's outpouring - ouchies!!!

After providing the necessities to the triage nurse and seeing the person who takes your details and prints your stickers (no idea of her positions name at this stage, some administration thingy I'm sure ;)) I was ushered to the waiting room and told it wont be long.... And for a change it wasn't!!!

the waiting room wasn't that bad - it had a TV that had volume so much improved from Burnie waiting room ;) The mole was on with Tom what's his name that won dancing with the stars - I just watched the dancing body - not the name ROFL That's a show I'm going to have to search out soon - I loved the Mole tv show!!!

Anyways after around 15 minutes my name was called. I limp over to the door - by now my tummy had given up on weeping and bleeding and decided it was going to stick tight to the combine dressing so every time I moved it pulled and stung like hell... got to love my body always trying to cause me as much pain as possible!!! Apparently I was in obvious distress (hmm well now wouldn't you be!!!) I was still fighting myself to stop itching. I have no fingernails as anyone who knows me I'm a long term fingernail biter (that habit will be broken at some stage... ) so the fact I was able to rip the first few layers of skin off my abdomen and top of my thighs is a testament to how urgent and strong the urge to scratch was - and now it had spread everywhere with this infernal rash that was all over my arms and legs as well!!!

Anyhoos, Dr comes and diagnoses an allergic reaction - oh wait, or was that me who told them what was happening?? Apparently they were concerned as my BP was up, heart rate was up and I'd started to get symptoms that meant my airways could be compromised - this all indicated a possible anaphylactic reaction. Thankfully it didn't progress that far!!

the kind nurse and Dr decided I needed a dose of phenergan. Now anyone who is familiar with this medication knows how it's got a great side effect of making one sleep... If you rewind a bit you'll recall how I drove myself to the hospital... could be interesting trying to get home hey ;) Anyways the needle STUNG!!! I mean stung - so much so I actually swore **blush** Shame on me!!! and it went for aaages, I swear that thin piece of hollow metal was in my thigh for almost 5 minutes - oh maybe a slight exaggeration, but serisouly - it took soooo long to be fully administered!!!

Withing 10 minutes (yeps I was watching the clock) I noticed things start to double up... The hands on the clock multiplied and I couldn't focus, I knew sleep was around the corner - I was zonked out!!! A couple of times I was disturbed with some checks being done....

Around 3am however I was told I could go home - I was kinda awake, I can just remember being asked if I could drive - of course I said yes hahaha - me being the big independent girl and all!!! The hospy said they could call Nathan to come and get me - I was lucid enough to laugh and say he was at home with 4 kids and no vehicle LOL next option put forward was a taxi.. Hmmm lets see, that would leave my vehicle at the hopspital with no driver... that could be a longish walk for Nathan first thing in the morning to ahve it home for the kids to go to school!!! The only option was for me to suck it up, wake up enough to drive home - in soupie fog!!!

Driving home in clear weather was one thing... but the fog was really really thick - so much so in my drunken observance I almost missed the turn off for our street!!! I'm sure I was utilising all my taxes and all over the road as well LOL Ahh but importantly I got home safe - just, and got to bed safe and sound.

I did receive a lecture. Under no circumstances am I to use anything oin the canestan family as apparently I could be slightly allergic to it!! Slightly allergic being a mild under exaggeration methinks ;)

So yesterday was slept away - I think I was possibly conscious for 3 hours in total.... And today I'm sooo giddy and dizzy!! I've never been drunk so have never experienced a hangover, but from what I've gleaned form others commetns and common knowledge I think that's possibly what I'm kinda experiencing at the moment - the room is really spinning and lurching - got to love it - NOT!!! oh to be back in bed, but laying down makes the spinning worse so upright I am at the moment ;)

So yeah - not the average couple of days for me. I'm semi-conscious and trying to piece together everything and will never touch the chemical of doom again!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sleepy Sunday...

Well I wish I was sleeping LOL. No such luck!!! The kids drove me batty, the neighbours annoyed me, Nathan was at work so no one to share the load... Augh!!!

I tried to ignore the mess, noise, arguments etc etc and keep my head in finishing this months scrapbooking challenge layouts but no such luck - apparently I can pretend to be invisible but it doesn't make me invisible **sigh**

So the up and up is no sleepy sunday, no layouts completed (although it's possibly halfway there) and kids fighting (nothing new there) Washing is half done, but the house is still a mess (nothing new there either hehehe)

Something's weird happening to me.. I think it's a gradual physical breakdown of my bosy - some may call it aging, I call it annoying!!! I'm starting to notice a few more of those laughter lines that are meant to say waht a great life you've lead - oh and finding certain foods are irritating to my system... they're making itches and lumpies that are really uncomfy!!! Oh I'm not sure I like this!!! I know there's not much I can do to stop it, but oh dear.. I'm going to ahve to face it one day hey ;)

Not yet though - Surely mid 30's isn't that old is it?!?!?!

Anyhoos... Too many deep and meaningful thoughts have been raging through my brain the last few days so leaving it at that ;) Off to see if I can get some more scrapping done - or at least finish the washing.. Hmmm maybe even both!!!! LOL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Crossed Over....

to Victoria that is!!! We actually drove over a state border!!! I know it may not seem like much to many out there in blog land, but for us Tasmanian's it is - you see, it's kinda hard to drive over a state border when you're surrounded by water ;) It's something lots of people do everyday, but in my 30 something years it's something I've never ever done - but for some weird reason wanted to!!!

Now the reassuring things for me that I didn't expect was when we were heading back to the Mount... It actually felt like we were coming home!!! It didn't feel we were driving to another town, or to a holiday destination or anything like that, it was actual relief driving into Mount Gambier and feeling that we were home!!! I didn't expect to feel this attached to the place so quickly - but then home IS where the heart is ; )

In all reality there wasn't anything keeping us in Tasmania except ideals on what we wanted. Thinking we had friends over there but when looking at the cold hard facts - if a person drives down your street but never calls in or even toots the horn hello - they aren't a friend. You pass them in the street and they don't acknowledge you're wave hello even when they look straight at you - they aren't a friend. You only get calls and messages when there's a birthday party, wedding or they want photo's - oh and they ask you to bring the camera - they aren't a friend... Oh they might all be acquaintances, but they aren't friends... I mean where would they be if something happened and we really wanted support around us - they might be there for a bit, but as soon as the novelty wore off they would go back into the woodwork and never be seen again, until they wanted something.

This is one of the reasons I've not been on facebook for soooo long!!! There are plenty of messages tehre of people wanting things. they want you to join a group so they get extra's, they want you to comment so they're page looks filled, they want this they want that... But the sudden lack of messages and posts sure tells me something - they don't want me for me. They aren't concerned that I haven't logged on for over 2 months.. they aren't concerned with my kids, they aren't concerned with how we're settling in... Quite simply they aren't friends - they are acquaintances!!!

But that's all good with me. It really is. I know the difference and I am quite happy to move on and make a life for myself and my family and if we don't have any good friends that aren't family then more fool them!! They don't know what they are missing out on!!! I have plenty to keep me busy... To be honest I don't need the drama that others have brought into my life of late. It's been rather relaxing not having that drama around - and I don't feel guilty saying that - it's time that I really took stock of what is around me and make sure that I put people in their place and keep them there - no pedestals here. You're either a friend or an acquaintance... There is a difference and I wont blur the lines anymore!!!

Wow, I really went on a tangent from driving across the state border to a lecture on friendship hahaha. It's been weighing on my mind for a while though - and now I've worked it out I find myself very happy with where I stand - onwards and upwards!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Being Aleks my latest scrappy creation. The Autism in Their Own Words essay/poem inspired my work - it's for a cyber crop challenge for the Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia forum - this months these is 'Wings'. the criteria for this challenge was to use the quote "Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you can fly" - unknown; and include meaningful journalling and flowers.

Again I created a sketch to start with...

And then got to work on my layout....

Some of the finer details.... Firstly the flowers which were a prize for a product giveaway in last months cyber crop. They arrived courtesy of Mr Postie just as I was heading out the door to purchase some after I decided the ones I was looking at using last night just wouldn't work!!! Talk about great timing!!!!

And this little creation took most of my spare time yesterday to make. It folds out and houses the whole essay...

The front of it has the first and last stanza's. I've bolded certain parts that I want Aleks to really take with him.

"I have autism.
I hold only a few similarities
to the character in “Rain Man.”

When I am out on the playground,
never say to my mother,
“I would have never guessed that;

he looks so normal”
The face of autism is not a defined one.

I often hear people say to my mum,
“It must be so hard for you”
– no one ever says that to me.
In fact, no one expects me to understand or respond
because of the face society has painted autism to be.
I do not know all that autism is, but I know who I am.
I am special, and cherished.
Almost like a superhero
I was set aside to have these unique abilities.
They are not a disability.

They are not something to fear.
In a way they are magical.
I have unlocked parts of my brain that others cannot.

When you look at me, don’t look at me
with sadness or feel sorry for me.
Look at me with wonderment and
I will amaze you every time."

He is such a special young man, so unique and one of a kind - but he doesn't see that, I hope in time he will...

Yes, the whole essay/poem is really that long!!! I backed it with some double sided paper so there is no plain paper on display - it needed to be pretty ;)

So there you have it. My special page for my special man :) Aleks loved it too - he was feeling left out as apparently his siblings have more photo's scrapped than he has!!! Trust him to keep count hehehe. I love the way it has turned out - but the perfectionist in me sees a few faults I wish I could fix, but I know if I touch it the paper would rip or do something weird on me so best to leave it alone ;)

Now onto challenge 2... something even more personal for me... I might share - depending how it turns out....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Popping In...

I've decided today I'm having a day in. The weather is rotten - just like in Tassie hehehe Blowing a gale and raining buckets!!! A full on winter day :)

I picked up some photo's from the Camera House and LOVE the quality!! Brilliant - I know where I'm getting my pics developed from now on Wink We didn't have them in Burnie, so were stuck with chemists or kmart - hence why most of my pics are still on the puter hehehe. I'm about to put through a HUGE order with them Wink

Thanks too guys for your thoughts yesterday - I'm feeling a bit better today... I've come to the conclusion you can't change what others do around you but you don't have to stay there and put up with it either Wink Sometimes fighting things just isn't worth the effort... So positive from now on Wink (**fingers crossed**)

Well due to a few things it looks like I'm driving from Mt Gambier to Melbourne and back next week to pick my parents up from the airport - I'm terrified about that... Driving in Melbourne for a start - and then trying to find the airport for another!!! Eeeeekkk!! I'll be by myself as there's not enough room in the car for everyone so just me and Dommy.... Oh and both ways in one day - I'm hoping Dad can drive some of the way home because I'll be sooo exhausted!!! LOL

Anyhoos, lots to do and then some scrapping to be orgamanised!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Really Low...

A lot has happened and been discovered in the last 48 hours and I can feel depression trying to seep under the cover of my face mask I've been wearing. I figured if I keep busy and happy and tell myself everything will work out and be perfect it would...

But I can feel the blackness pushing and prodding at the edges and I'm really afraid it's going to find a weakness and get in :(

I probably can't go into things here - let's just say that some people don't deserve to draw breath or be called human beings!!! They are leeches in disguise and scum - total scum!! their lies and evil actions have far reaching implications and I wish there was a way they could pay for their actions here on earth rather than just burning in hell when they pass over - Like I said, some people really don't deserve to draw breath!!!

I've had a few things on my mind and I'm trying to work through it to see exactly where I stand with myself. I have to hang onto the positive and flick the negative - but sometimes the "flicking" isn't the easiest, but I'm working on it ;)

So for now I'll keep the mask on, everything will be OK... Somehow it will work out... I've no idea how but it just has to!!!

I'll smile at the blackness and hope that taunting it wont make it work even harder at getting through... I need to keep the positives rolling and look forward and work at keeping my family together and moving in the right direction - back shouldn't be and isn't going to be an option... I don;t think people realise how much a few words and an angry moment can ruin so much...

BTW, this isn't aimed at anyone in my family - just in case you were wondering....

I'm such a solitary person and apparently that's not acceptable in society - everyone is meant to have a huge circle of friends and acquaintances, but I find trust such a hard thing that I've kept people at a distance, no one really knows the real me, no one is privy to my private life so how - and that apparently can't be correct or true so obviously I'm a liar. I lie to myself that I am happy and am coping, but I don't lie to myself or anyone when I say how lonely it is to be solitary... but sometimes in life there is only one way to keep safe and only one person you can trust - and that is yourself....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tonight's The Night....

For the Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia Cyber Crop!!! If you at all interested in scrapbooking or fun pop on in and say hello. You will need to register with the forum first, but that's easy and painless and we're not that scary (usually LOL)

That's it - over and out, more scrapping to be organised and chatted about

BTW - great day today at the scrap day - will update later or tomorrow, whichever suits my social timetable mwahahaha

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Planning and errr, well Planning.....

for tomorrow!! Tomorrow is my first ever get together scrap day in Mount Gambier!!! I went to one way back just after William was born for National Scrapbooking Day 2001, and not long after that things got too hairy with the little man to even think about scrapping so it went by the wayside...

So tomorrow is a really big and exciting adventure for me!!!

I've no idea what to take - I'm afraid I'll probably end up packing too much, but then on the other hand afraid too that I wont get anything done from gossiping and having a girly day with no kids ;) I wont be too disappointed if I don;t get anything done, it will be nice to be in the company of new friends and hopefully learning a little from them too (oh and playing with all the new scrapping machines that I've heard are coming along as well ;))

So the plan tomorrow is, quick trip to the supermarket to get final ingredients and then to make a bacon and corn cob loaf dip and easy peasy vanilla slice... then pack up final pens etc etc (unless I do it all tonight... hmmm now there's a thought!!!) and leave home at 9.55am for a day of fun and friendship!!!

I wonder when my awkwardness and shyness will kick in hehe I have no doubt it will before I leave!!! LOL I'll hopefully have some piccies to upload and share tomorrow ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And the Final Result Is.....

from my previously mentioned sketch I'm meaning ;)

I think it resembles the sketch... Anyhoos, it's a layout for a monthly challenge on Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia. To meet with Sue's challenge I've included more than 2 bows (on the flower buttons), Something green (brads, title, green grass and green algae stuff on the bark - yes it's real bark too) and the word Happy.

There was another part of the challenge and that was to include a hand made transparency in the layout. As I had no transparency I used some clear plastic packaging. The poem is on the transparency (BTW it's to be read/sung to the tune of I'm a little teapot) It's all hand written (a bit obvious haha) and has a sticker on it. Also the bee wings are transparent plastic as well. They are the textured plastic trays that you get your veggies on from the supermarket. I've cut them to shape and inked the texture and edges with gold stamp ink.

It may not look like it but I've spent hours on this LO!!! For what it's worth, the beads that go with the bees are all hand sewn on and I made the beaded bees myself.

The Poem Reads
(and seriously read/sing/hum "I'm a Little Teapot" as you read it...)

I'm a little honeybee
Yellow and black
See me gather
Honey on my back
What the queen bee tells me
I must do
So I can make
Honey for you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Computer Sketch!!!

Well I've got a notebook I've been putting sketches and ideas in but I decided that today instead of simply drawing and hoping all the elements fit on the page that I would computerise one and get the measurements etc accurate to see if they would actually fit and see if the sketch was feasible!!!

I love the one I've done - I've almost finished the layout to go with it and it seems to be coming together nicely ;) I was not going to upload the sketch until I had the layout done and uploaded - mostly just in case it doesn't work out!! ROFL but I've used my woman's prerogative and changed my mind LOL - here it is!!

My first save didn't keep some of the layers so this isn't the original which I slaved over - but it's close... There's something so perfect about originals... some of the lines and shadings are slightly different here so it's not the favourite I fell in love with - but close enough ;)

Hopefully it'll come together and be finished from here quite easily now I have it all down and worked out :)

I've so many idea's - I need to get them all done and dusted before moving on to the next project though ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scrappy Post :)

A slack one today as I've a thumping headache from dealing with kids and daily stresses (augh)

Well this morning I logged on and discovered I had won one of the monthly challenge prizes on Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia!!! I won for the Layout I did based on a sketch - it's here... I'm so thrilled!! I wasn't thinking my work was good enough to be winning anything (even though I do love the layout ;)) It gives me a boost to really dig my teeth into this months challenges ;)

Speaking of this months challenges I completed one yesterday - it's a sketch one as well. This is the sketch and criteria are must contain a one word title, use bright colours and use foam dots (to raise things up)

Sketch sourced from

And my efforts....

I've used bright autumnal colours - reds and greens mostly. The arrows have been raised with foam dots and I have a 1 word title Smile

Materials used are mostly from my lovely new goodies from the scrapbook nook - So sophie papers and all the stickers are little yellow bicycle. There's also some boy ribbons from My 2 Angels, some plain red cardstock for the arrows and a beaded dragonfly made by moi Smile

the Autumn poem reads -
The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter. ~Carol Bishop Hipps

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog This! Challenge 47 - Photographic Challenge - Water

Whoops - I almost missed it!!!!

The info for the Blog This! challenge this time was quite open for interpretation:

With all this rain we've been having lately, it's hard to think of anything else - but obviously you can! Water view, holiday snaps, wading pools, floods, the humble glass of health. Show us water!

So I've selected a photo that warms me up from the inside - I love this photo of Domenik, it never fails to make me smile as I remember the weather, the friends we were with and the great afternoons we had at the beach.

Here Dom is playing in the water at Ulverstone beach. It was the middle of summer (28th Dec 09) and it just screams summer to me - nice and warm... something to keep the winter chills and thoughts at bay!!!

Please feel free to go to Blog This! and vote for my photo in the top right hand corner - voting opens June 10th and runs until 8pm June 15th.

Photo's as Promised!!!

Yes, they were promised ages ago... I've been busy editing and burning disks for Tassie clients and catching up there - oh and scrapping in my kid free time too ;) Burning has been a cow of a job as we still can't locate our disks so I had to go buy another spindle grrrr now they're waiting here for Nathan to get paid so we can post them - ahh the joys of monthly pay days!!!

Anyhoos here's some pics :)

Bill and Ben - who have now been renamed Moe and Joe by the kids LOL...


Kahli - trying to influence the ball to curve ;)

William having a go - he's come a long way from here!!!

Domenik in the garden - it's raining leaves!!!

Domenik - he's just spied daddy who threw the leaves at him

and finally for now...

Aleks and Portia - earlier this year but I do love this photo ;)

Another Giveaway!!!

No, not mine, I'm advertising for a fellow blogger but it's oh so worth joining their blog and entering!!! Samantha from "Me and the Little Rascals" has a yummy collection of goodies from the Imaginisce Splash Dance line to give away (as pictured below)

Isn't it gorgeous!!! Just the thing to wish away the winter chills and start wishing the warmer weather here:)

In the pack there is:
12 Double Sided Papers
Sticker Stackers
Puffy Stickers
Fantastic Friends Rubons
Glass Stickers
Title Waves Rubons
Doin the Wave Border Rubons
Coral & Crew Sticker Stackers
Ocean Treasures Chipboard

To enter her competition to win all this all you have to do is become a follower of her blog HERE, post a comment on your blog about the giveaway and then link it back to her blog - simple!! Entries close on 30 June, and the winner will be announced on the 1st of July.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Autism - In Their Own Words

This was sent to me via an email. I love it, I hope you can spare the 2 minutes it take to read this and carry it with you as you go on with your life...

*This essay “In Their Own Words” is written by Tonya Procor, a loving mother of a son with autism.*

I have autism.
I hold only a few similarities to the character in “Rain
When I am out on the playground, never say to my mother, “I would have
never guessed that;
he looks so normal”
The face of autism is not a defined

I have autism.
This does not mean I am deaf, nor does it mean I can’t

understand your words. When cruel things are said, it hurts just like it would anyone else. Sometimes even more,
as I am very sensitive.

I have autism.
I am not blind. When you stare at me, point, and whisper
– I
don’t like it.
I sometimes cannot control my emotions; however,
I still can
see you.

I have autism.
I am not spoiled, undisciplined,
or disrespectful
Don’t tell my parents I just need to be smacked, as that

would never work and I smack back!
All I know is if I am being hurt I must
defend myself.

I have autism.
This does not mean I am mentally delayed.
I am very smart.
may focus on only a few things, but I have become an expert on them.

I have autism.
Don’t think I am not capable of love or am emotionally

detached from the world around me.
I am very close to my family and
sometimes need to be hugged. I do have the capacity to care.
Especially if I
see someone else being hurt or teased.

I have autism.
I will line things up on the floor in my room in perfect

order. This may be strange, but to me it is contentment.
I can only relax if
things are in sync.

I have autism.
Which means I am supersensitive to sounds;
I hear all of
them. Even the smallest of sounds.
When I get overloaded with too many

sounds at once, It is hard to cope and
I must step away and be alone.
does not mean I can’t handle the world, I just have to have more time to tune out as I hear more than everyone.

I have autism.
I live by schedules. This is one of the ways I have
found to
cope with the chaos around me.
Knowing what is going to happen at a certain
time each day helps me prepare for transitions.
That is why it is difficult
for me to deal with a schedule change. I have to have order to obtain peace.

I have autism.
It is very important for people to mean what they say. That
is why joking with me is never understood.
Things are black and white to me,

like a set schedule. If you say you are
going to turn blue in five minutes,

I expect you to do so.

So remember, having autism does not mean I am blind, retarded, unresponsive, incapable of love,
or unable to function in the real world.
I am unique and
gifted because I have found a way to coexist within two very separate worlds.
Take a moment to think about how many of us have difficulty within
just the one world we live,
now imagine juggling two.
This is something I
have learned to do.
So forgive me if at times I have trouble
separating the
again I am only human.

I often hear people say to my mum,
“It must be so hard for you”
– no one
ever says that to me.
In fact, no one expects me to understand or respond

because of the face society has painted autism to be.
I do not know all that
autism is, but I know who I am.
I am special, and cherished.
Almost like a
superhero I was set aside to have these unique abilities. They are not a disability.
They are not something to fear. In a way they are magical. I
have unlocked parts of my brain that others cannot.

When you look at me, don’t look at me
with sadness or feel sorry for me.

Look at me with wonderment and
I will amaze you every time.

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The cyber crop, well I've only attended one but it was so much fun!! Games, and lots of chatter!! I tell you these girls can talk!!! I struggled to keep up - but am planning on doing my darnedest to not let them get away this time hehehe I'll be right up there with them all going well ;) And of course then there are challenges to complete in the days following the cyber crop - and they are really good to get the mojo flowing ;) And last but least there are prizes!!!! Lots of prizes and several sponsors so there could be rewards as well as getting the juices flowing and forming new friendships - so why not come and join in even if you've not scrapped a day in your life yet - come spread your wings and have some fun and see what it's all about!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It Dieded :(

the car battery finally gave up the ghost :(

It's been struggling in the last few days with the cooler winter weather but this morning with a final cough and wheeze it said no more :( Not even with a little bit of winter sunshine to warm her bonnet was I able to persuade her to turn over and go for one last run **sob**

Soooooo after 3 walks to the kids school and more to come I guess "Shanks' Pony" will have to do for a little bit... Can't say that the excercise will hurt - it's the waking early enough to walk to school with the kids that will hurt!!! LOL

Seriously though, 3 trips today as I wont allow them to cross the highway without adult supervision. First trip was to get hem to school (albeit 45 minutes late!!!) second trip as 2 hours after the first trip the school called and said Aleks was sick - yet he seemed fine enough to walk home - hmmmmm methinks it was a little case of 'mondayitis' kicking in there ;) and final trip was to collect them at the end of the day.

Tomorrow will be another 3 trips with the to and from school and then at 9am we've been invited to a playgroup wich is just down the road from the school... I think I'm going to have to invest in some walking shoes soon (or just get another car battery LOL)

Hey it could be worse - at least it's not raining and is fixable!!!

Okies, kids are re-creating world war 5 here at the moment, I need to go calm the troops it seems **sigh**

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cream Tiles....

...that's what we have in our living, kitchen and dining room area's. I love the look of them, but cleaning them just isn't my forte at the moment. I think it's more that I've never had tiles in my life so am learning as I go. What really bugs me at the moment is the grout - I mean how the heck do you keep it white/cream!?!?!?! I've ran out of ideas other than getting on my hands and knees and cleaning each grout line with a toothbrush (I kid you not I've done this for part of the floor) great results but oh my gosh is it ever hard yakka!!!!

Anyways, today I've spent 4 hours cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, toothbrushing and mopping the tiles, and they look great - except that it's now dinner time and I know that as much as I have a messy mat under Dom he will get some veggie smash on the tiles, oh and I had 3 rambunctious kids run in from outside so I now have scuff marks on the pristine creaminess - oh and I've lit the fire so some firebox dust has settles on the tile hearth **sigh** It seems as much as cream tiles look fantastic they are high maintenance!!!

Any tips on cleaning them most welcome - especially the grout!!! Right now I'm looking into investing in a steam cleaner and hoping that will be the answer to my prayers - only thing there is what steam mop system to get!!!

Ahhh decisions and housework - they have one thing in common - they are both never going to go away!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Little Piggy Went To Market....

and walked out with two budgies!!!! I'm such a sucker!!! I went to see a new friend who was advertising her Learning Ladder business in the Mount area (feel free to go to the link and join her facebook group ;) the more the merrier!!!) Anyhoos, whilst there Kahli really chose a great time to yell at the top of her lungs at her brother - when everything went quiet - I was soooo embarrassed!!! Ack kids!!!

back on track though - we went to see Charmane and her mum Bronny (scrapbooking friends to boot ;)) and on the way out of the market we saw a bus with birds - being a bird kind of family the kids wanted to go look. There were some loverly feathered friends there, including some gorgeous sage/green and yellow baby budgies - too cute.... Thinking they would be rather expensive I sillily let Aleks go up and ask how much they were.. Anyways upshot is we walk away with 2 birds a loan cage (so we have to go back next week) and a wallet $10 lighter....

Oh and to cap it off the guy asked what part of Tassie we were from... I tell him Burnie. He said he was a Scottsdale boy!!! Came here 18 years ago and never left.... Oh and he saw my surname on the ID I showed him (for the loan cage) and he said he knew Bricknells around our area... It is rather ironic that he actually knows my parents in law **sigh** Such a small small world we live in!!!

Happy Earth Day everyone!! Remember Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Not All In My Head!!!

Not the actions of yesterday's 'house spirit' - I'm not convinced I'm not going nuts there ;) But my kids recent behaviour.

But it's not hormones. I had contact with the school yesterday and they haven't settled as well as I had hoped into the new school :( - and this has obviously influenced their behaviour at home. Kahli in particular has had more issues - mostly as she was reveling in the light of being the new girl and acquiring new friends when a week after they started at the school another new girl came into the class and took everyone away from her (according to her teacher) this other girl is rather mature (physically and emotionally) for her age and a big personality which really drowned Kahli out - so all the other kids were attracted to her rather than my Kahli... I know it's a fact of life etc etc...

I was rather concerned when the teacher asked if Kahli had previous issues with making friends and at school and I told her how 2 years ago she had a teacher tell her that she deserved to be bullied (yes the teacher was quite proud of herself and confirmed to me that was what she said grrr) Ever since then Kahli really lost a lot of self confidence and a lot of trust in authority figures (only natural really) so I was quite taken aback when her new teacher said that (and I probably have her words out of order but this is the gist of it) "that was two years ago, she needs to get over it" Ack!!! I was really stunned with that and fought back (especially when the teacher said Kahli's endless prattle is a sign she isn't lacking in self confidence - I know my daughter, she has a very low self esteem!!! ) but to no avail..

Anyways - the reason I write this here is that I contacted the school and spoke to the school counsellor who spoke to Kahli today. Everything seems to be settling and Kahli has started a rapport with the counsellor. Things have been sorted out in the class apparently but the counsellor said something that confirmed a few concerns I've had of late. She said that Kahli seems to think outside of the box, outside of the norm... I raised the fact that Aleksandir has previously been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and the counsellor said that was interesting. Kahli is to be investigated for being on the autism spectrum. It kinda makes sense with her struggling socially... I'm not overjoyed about the possibility of her being on the spectrum, it would answer a lot of questions and it does make sense - BUT the main reason I'm willing to go ahead with looking into this is that if she is on the spectrum she can get the help she needs and move forward with learning how to socialise and deal with her differences.

The school is also going to go ahead with further assistance and investigation for Aleks - a MAJOR win for us!!! We know he is on the spectrum big time - we know he was diagnosed with aspergers (although the new psych on the government system reversed that when he gave the school a new form grrrr) but all schools since have said he was aspie - and this school apparently have not had any info passed on from his previous school and we didn't insist on the meetings we've had with other schools so they had no idea on this, but they had picked up his differences - so I KNOW it's not in my head!! They had no prior warning of either of my children (the teachers that is, the principal was told of Aleks briefly at our first interview but was not expanded on) so I KNOW that I've not influenced the teachers opinions, they have drawn these conclusions from dealing with my kids so I know and feel quite reassured that it is real... I'm not crazy, I'm not just over protective.. there is something definitely amiss with at least Aleks' (that we already knew and had been dealing with)

I am soooo relieved that it is not going to be swept under the carpet like it had been back in Tas and my kids are going to get the assessment and follow-up that they not only need but deserve - they deserve to know that they are different, and how to deal with it and to move on with coping and practical mechanisms to help them deal with this crazy world. I and so happy and relieved they will get the help and assistance they need :) I guess I'm relieved I'm not going out of my idea - at least not with my kids... this 'house spirit' though is another thing ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Please tell me....

I'm not going out of my mind!!!

Seriously, this lat 12 hours have been weird at this place!!!

Let me set the scene - I'm sitting on the couch, watching Law and Order late last night finishing beading some butterflies for a swap on Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia. I finish, log on and tell the girls - "Finished!!" and then log into Bons Scrapping to check some new messages there - it takes oooh all of 10 minutes looking away from my tools that were placed on the seat beside me. BTW yes, I've worked a table thingy so I can now scrap and internet at my lounge - COMFORT!!! :) LOL

Anyways (ok, I've got to stop saying this, every time I do I get Ellen DeGeneres's voice in my head LOL - if you watch her show you know what I mean - especially if you watch the credits- yes I'm that pedantic at times!!!) Ok, back on track - I turn to my tools to pack them away and they're not there!!! Now let me just say kids are in bed, cats are asleep, Nathan is in the study playing WOW - NO ONE came out to the lounge room while I was online... So where the heck could my pliers be?!?!?!!

I searched everywhere for them - under the lounge, beside the cushions, on the bench, in all my scrapping drawers, under the rug etc etc etc EVERYWHERE!! They are no where to be seen!!! I ended up going to bed and sleeping on it. This morning, they still can't be found :(

Soooo I start on another swap - it's a paper pieced little frog prince modeled off one of Domeniks soft toys. I sit down, sketch him up... I go to grab my ruler I know I put safely away in my drawer - it's grown legs and ran away too!!! This can possibly be explained as my kids have a slight addiction to stationery - it's inherited from me ;) Anyways (there goes Ellen's voice again LOL) I go get my back up ruler (I think I have 6 in another drawer **blush**) come back and my pencil that I sat on my sketch book has disappeared!!! I can't believe it!! Again I search everywhere - nope no where to be seen!!!!

So I go grab another 2B pencil (only have about 5 of those in the drawer LOL) and come back to the couch. Just by chance I open my little tool bag that my pliers live in - one of the missing pliers is there!! All packed up as though it's never been used - it even had the tip cover on it!!! Now this is a bendy set of pliers - really difficult to put back in the case... I know I didn't put it there as I was still using them and would know if I struggles 15 minutes to pack it up - I know the kids and Nathan wouldn't have put them away - it's tough enough to get them to put their dirty cups in the sink, let alone putting anything away - let alone searching for and adding the tip cover!!!

So all this weird stuff is happening. I still can't find my other set of pliers - I'm hoping my friendly house spirit will return them soon as I need to do one more butterfly (one of them has uneven bits that are bugging me) And the pencil, well I hope it will be returned within my eyesight so Dommy doesn't find it and go Picasso on the walls (he hasn't started picassoing walls yet - but it will come soon enough I'm sure)

So Auuuggghhh!!! I am certain I'm not going out of my mind... am I??? I don't think so... then again I have to wonder at times LOL

Update: 11.03am Aust central time
Ack!!! The pencil just showed up on the cushion - it wasn't there 30 minutes ago!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winter, Winter...

Oh where art thou???

Oh dear I'm probably jinxing myself for saying that but isn't this just the mildest autumn/winter out!?!?! It could be totally due to us moving a little further north, but it is exquisite weather at the moment. Yesterday being the first day of winter started off foggy but once the sun burned through the cloud it was a glorious day here in the Mount - so much so that getting into the car we had to wind down the windows as the sun really heated up the inside of it - and here today we have a balmy 17*C!!! I mean - wow!!! Winter in Tassie is definitely different to this.

I don't know how much worse this weather is going to get or not, apparently it's the 'norm' and the locals around here are saying that it's cold... Hmmmm I think they need to spend a winter in the frost and wind of Tassie if they think this is cold LOL This is like the run up to summer for us!!! I'm loving the fact Dommy is still running around in nappy and t-shirt!!! So different, I'm trying not to take it for granted - expecting a cold freezing change any day - but then... Maybe this is the norm and it's something for us to get used to ;) That will be really hard to do - NOT!! LOL

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pre-Teens Going Cheap!!!


Do you feel my angst??? They're not even teenagers but OMGosh the attitudes are super huge - I don't know at times how I'll get through to the end of the teenage years but after today I can already feel the wrinkles increasing and the grey hairs waiting at the side-lines to jump into the hair growth **sigh**

I love them all completely, but sometimes, just sometimes I would love these 'difficult' stages to pass by quickly and I have my gorgeous loving children back...

I pray tomorrow will be a bit easier - Aleks is the worst at the moment, and part of his issues is he doesn't know how to express his emotions or how he feels so it's all bottled up until the volcano explodes - today it did in surly, angry, narky, picky, disrespectful force - Oh I was so glad when bedtime came - and despite everything he is still so much a sweetie he came up and kissed me goodnight and said he was sorry for being like he was today and he wont be like that again - hmmm do I believe the brain that is so sweet and innocent of the hormones that are raging - methinks as much as I want it to be the other way the hormones will win out and there will be a battlezone on the house front soon enough again... Ahh the joys of this age!!!