Monday, June 7, 2010

It Dieded :(

the car battery finally gave up the ghost :(

It's been struggling in the last few days with the cooler winter weather but this morning with a final cough and wheeze it said no more :( Not even with a little bit of winter sunshine to warm her bonnet was I able to persuade her to turn over and go for one last run **sob**

Soooooo after 3 walks to the kids school and more to come I guess "Shanks' Pony" will have to do for a little bit... Can't say that the excercise will hurt - it's the waking early enough to walk to school with the kids that will hurt!!! LOL

Seriously though, 3 trips today as I wont allow them to cross the highway without adult supervision. First trip was to get hem to school (albeit 45 minutes late!!!) second trip as 2 hours after the first trip the school called and said Aleks was sick - yet he seemed fine enough to walk home - hmmmmm methinks it was a little case of 'mondayitis' kicking in there ;) and final trip was to collect them at the end of the day.

Tomorrow will be another 3 trips with the to and from school and then at 9am we've been invited to a playgroup wich is just down the road from the school... I think I'm going to have to invest in some walking shoes soon (or just get another car battery LOL)

Hey it could be worse - at least it's not raining and is fixable!!!

Okies, kids are re-creating world war 5 here at the moment, I need to go calm the troops it seems **sigh**
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