Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sleepy Sunday...

Well I wish I was sleeping LOL. No such luck!!! The kids drove me batty, the neighbours annoyed me, Nathan was at work so no one to share the load... Augh!!!

I tried to ignore the mess, noise, arguments etc etc and keep my head in finishing this months scrapbooking challenge layouts but no such luck - apparently I can pretend to be invisible but it doesn't make me invisible **sigh**

So the up and up is no sleepy sunday, no layouts completed (although it's possibly halfway there) and kids fighting (nothing new there) Washing is half done, but the house is still a mess (nothing new there either hehehe)

Something's weird happening to me.. I think it's a gradual physical breakdown of my bosy - some may call it aging, I call it annoying!!! I'm starting to notice a few more of those laughter lines that are meant to say waht a great life you've lead - oh and finding certain foods are irritating to my system... they're making itches and lumpies that are really uncomfy!!! Oh I'm not sure I like this!!! I know there's not much I can do to stop it, but oh dear.. I'm going to ahve to face it one day hey ;)

Not yet though - Surely mid 30's isn't that old is it?!?!?!

Anyhoos... Too many deep and meaningful thoughts have been raging through my brain the last few days so leaving it at that ;) Off to see if I can get some more scrapping done - or at least finish the washing.. Hmmm maybe even both!!!! LOL
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