Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few minutes.... post!! Well not much to day... Of all things to do the day before driving to Melbourne (5 hours one way) and back - I pinched a nerve in my back!!! Great timing - not!!!

I remember sitting finalising some scrapping and cleaning and then something went "pop" in my back. If you'd told me I'd been shot I would have believed you.

You always hear stories about how people 'hear' things like this happening in their bodies, they break a bone, snap a tendon, put their backs out.. well I took it with a grain of salt.. not any more!!!

It was a loud pop that I heard and felt!! I knew from the tingle down my legs and the instant searing pain I'd done something bad...

A few painkillers and a little rest saw me fit enough to drive - just ;) Luckily I'd booked an automatic car - but even so I still got pins and needles and a bit of numbness whilst driving...

All in all a good trip... I stopped at Hamilton and Ballerat on the way through and back... I think the kids would love a week in Ballerat for a holiday - will have to work that out at some time ;)

Anyhoos.. we arrived home at 11.30pm - totally exhausted and happy to see familiar faces and territory ;) I've already come to accept and welcome that Mount Gambier is home now. We're loving it and it's just like 'home' back in Tas - so much so mum and dad also don't feel that they're out of Tas!! So it's not just me ;)

Anyhoos.. time to log off - I need some beauty sleep before Aleksandir wakes us at some unearthly hour for his birthday - yep my big boy turns 12 tomorrow!! Where has the time gone!?!?!?!

BTW last night on phenergan after my allergic reaction - and slowly getting through the pinched nerve.. It's released now, just residual muscular aches to get over ;) Ahhh got to love pain killers ;)
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