Saturday, January 31, 2009

For all the Daddys's....

Please excuse Nathan's hairy legs and dirty sandy feet - I can only edit so much :P

~ Walk a Little Slower, Daddy ~


I was asked where do I find the time to do everything. Well to be honest I simply don't. Things get left here and there and I'm always running behind and trying to catch up on things (especially housework) but then I hear that so often from other mums that it must be quite normal.

How do I find time for photography - Again I don't, I just have my camera ready most times and take it everywhere! I'm just lucky to be able to get some good shots here and there and have some great processing programs. And I only process once the kids are tucked in bed and fast asleep - if they don't sleep then everything else just has to wait!!

I've no idea how I'm going to find time to do this uni module that I've enrolled in! Guess it's just another thing to squeeze in, but if I'm ever going to work out if I can handle Uni this is the best time I guess - before I make that hard decision to return to work ;) At least we know we can survive financially if I don;t return to work - it's tight, but just manageable at the moment. Mind you if we needed to find money for a big item like fridge, car etc we'd have no hope in hell, but to make it through day by day we'll manage... I'm contemplating doing the bachelor of fine arts via Open Uni if I get this first one completed successfully - Not the course I really want, but it's an art one and I get to explore a lot of things that will help with my photography - and if I do get the chance to study photography at Uni I'll have completed a lot of the complimentary subjects that are compulsory so will be able to spend more time behind the lens :)

Speaking of time, Dom is demanding more of mine at the moment - he's tired and I haven't the heart to try to control cry him to sleep right now - especially with this heat, so will put my precious little one to sleep and will see if I can organise the older boys to let me have some more - TIME....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh What A Day!!!

In more ways than one!!!

We're in the middle of a heat wave - I know a heat wave in Tassie is nothing like that being experiences in Victoria and South Australia at the moment, but anything above 25C is HOT to us - and it's been that for the last couple of days - even now to walk outside at almost 11pm the heat really hits you!!! It's a good excuse to not do much housework though :P

Dom hasn't or isn;t coping well with the increased temperature. He's struggled to sleep during the morning, instead having a hour or two block of sleep in the afternoon then napping on and off the rest of the day. Poor little mite is soo tired, but he just can't stay asleep - even when stripped off, not sure what else to try. I don't want to put a fan directly on him as I'm concerned he will end up cold... augh - I'm no summer girl that's for sure!!!

Yesterday evening we went to the Bluff in Devonport to have a BBQ and let the kids have a swim with some new old friends.. new because we've really just got together, old as apparently we met years ago (but I can't remember and feel really bad for that!!) It was a glorious evening, not a breath of wind and sunset to die for!!! The kids got on really well - except Kahli decided it was time to throw one of her moody episodes - oh and Nathan thought it would be funny to egg her on - Men!!! It's so hard being a pre-teen girl... soo many new emotions and feelings happening - it's confusing.. I can remember feeling very similar to what she is - because she is acting out the things I felt like acting out (but I'm pretty certain I, as per usual, bottled it all up).

i was able to snap some lovely sunset images, and some decent ones of all the kids - but I'm a bit disappointed about the damage my 50mm lens received at the rodeo when the motor bikes sprayed dirt everywhere - it's not appearing as crisp as it was. Think it needs a quick trip to the Dr's for a medical ;) have to find out what said 'medical' will cost first!!!

Back to today - well it was a terrible day news wise. Of course the heatwave has dominated news reports - it did after all reach 45C+ in Victoria today!! But that state was also again in the news as a pig of a man who is meant to be a father threw his darling 4 year old daughter off a bridge in the city She fell 53 or so meters to the river... I feel so sick to the stomach and distressed to think of what she must have been through. To KNOW that a man that she would have loved and trusted to do something like that to her - i mean even if he was the worst father in the world, he was all she knew as a father and being a typical 4 year old would simply love him as her father.... The poor darling lost her fight for life around 1.20pm this afternoon, she fought for 4 hours to stay on earth.... Her poor mother - I've no idea how the family must be coping - let alone her two brothers who were in the vehicle when her father stopped the car to do this evil thing to her - what they must have been thinking - what they must have been seeing!!! OM - makes me sick... just needed to get this out of my system, I feel so shattered for her poor innocent life... May she be resting in peace and in such a happier place - xxx

Ok - good news.. Baby Sarah is doing wonderfully well!!! She is almost 2kg now!! I can't wait to get to Melbourne in March to meed this little marvel - she's such a miracle!!! She should have her next surgery sometime in the next 5 days which will be a relief to all - and best of all she's starting full bottle feeds!!! Yaay!! I'm sooooo thrilled for Kat and Mick, they've been through so much not only with her but their other children that they need some good news like this - it seems everything is happening all of a sudden, there seems to be good news and developments every time we touch base :) but **happy dance** for them all :)

Okies, I really need to get back to my photo for the daily challenge. I've been slack today, well Dom has taken a lot of my time up so not slack in that sense, but slack with the camera - how double dutch is that LOL. Situation made worse by me not charging my camera batteries - not my main and the spare are both flat *doh* one day I'll learn!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

De Ja Vu

I'm just back from hospital with Domenik. He has had a borderline anaphylactic reaction to peanuts though breastmilk *sob*

I feel soooooo guilty!!!

I should have known better than to try it - but we thought we were home and hosed with the allergy thing when we hit 4 months with not even a trace of eczema - so much for that pipe dream :(

Nathan brought some drumstick icecreams to enjoy this afternoon, I had one - one lousy thing with a few sprinkles of crushed nuts on it. Dom woke at 7pm and wanted a feed - but he pulled himself off after a minute or two - his face had already begun swelling!!! His poor little right eye was almost swollen shut within a few minutes and half his head was an angry red welty rash :(

I took him straight to the emergency room - knowing from previous experience with Williams allergies it's quicker to take them direct than wait for an ambo around here.... We didn't have to join the queue thank goodness and were rushed straight in. By the time we were there Dom had developed a bit of a cough as though trying to clear his airways. I'm so thankful that he finished feeding and didn't continue - I can only image how bad his reaction would have been if he continued!!!

He had a dose of phenergan (which apparently isn't the done thing in babies, but then neither is an anaphylactic reaction the done thing at 16 weeks!!!) and the swelling started going down reasonably quickly. We were at the hospital 2.5 hours and I am soooo thankful that we live so close by and that the staff didn't hesitate to treat my little boy :) I guess the family history had a lot to do with that as they hadn't seen a baby react via breastmilk before LOL I was teaching them about is LOL

So *sigh* we're back on the allergy and elimination treadmill again. Right now I have Dom tucked up in his bed. We're lucky that we have an apnoea monitor - otherwise we would most likely still be at the hospital!! I'm praying it doesn't go off tonight and things settle for him tomorrow. I know we're in for a rough one - especially in the morning - as these reactions almost always go hand in hand with a good gastro type belly and bottom the next day :(

I can't feed Dom now for the next 24 hours - thank goodness we have an emergency bank of expressed milk in the freezer for him!!! I must have known something hey - actually it was there for when he starts solids to make custards etc out of - but feeding him over the next 24 hours is more important in the meantime so I'm sure the bank will be run dry, but it can always be built up again if necessary....

What a dreadful lesson to learn though... I just can't take the risk any more. We know for certain Dom has allergies, now to get into a specialist to find out exactly to what extent and to what so we can start a plan of action for weaning time (which is just around the corner!)

I still feel guilty about letting down my guard though...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prepare for a (mini) Vent!!!

Ok, I know that us Taswegians are different to the mainlanders - I accept that - nothing to do to change that...

However some of the things I've read in response to my stating that we use weeks to age our children for accurate immunisation purposes rather than months is well... nothing short of catty. Maybe I'm tired and defensive - I don;t know but sheesh - it's not as though I choose the way the medicos here work out ages for needles etc etc!!!

Dom turned 16 weeks on Friday so as a dutiful mum I went to the child health nurse as pre-booked by her for a weigh and measure (he's doing well by the way) and then off to the Dr - again as pre-booked and confirmed as correct - for his 4 month jabs.

I know that 4 weeks does not equal a calender month - no derr (shoot I hate that phrase but feel like using it :P) I'm not an idiot - however with calender months being different numbers of days who am I to say that they are more accurate than counting a child's age in weeks?!?!?!? It's not my choice peoples!!! I'm following the schedule that I've experienced with my previous 3 children - maybe the Tassie Dr's we've seen have it all screwed up - I dunno.... but to be catty over something I can't change - especially after I said that mainlanders must do it all different?!?!


Ok - think I need a break from a certain internet group for a little bit.... that and a bit of sleep *sigh*

I may be over reacting, but after several posts pretty much stating the same thing - nah - this Taswegian is going to run away and hide as she is feeling a bit sore after some stinging remarks....

But I wont hide from this blog - it's proving to be my sanity at the moment!!!

Cowboy Alert

Last night we wandered off to Ulverstone to take the brats to the Twilight Rodeo. Everyone loved it - Even grumpy daddy LOL I've lots of photo's to upload from it :) I can remember going to a rodeo when I was around 5 years old and standing on the back of a flat bed truck - but that's about it.. I'm hoping the kids come away with a few more memories than that LOL - at least the piccies will help :P

William and Kahli got to pat one of the safety guys horses and they all got an autographed poster from one of the bull clowns.

Lots of ooh and ahhhs as the bulls and broncs bucked their riders - the barrel girls ran so fast I couldn't get clear piccies - was a great evening for everyone - so much so we're looking forward to next years rodeo (or even the Gowrie Park one if I can get myself organised to go alter this month LOL)

This afternoon we're off to Somerset for the Aust Day celebrations - a Day early but should be great :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

4 Months Old Already!!!

Where did the time go??? Little Dom is already 4 months old!!! It seems like yesterday that we brought him home... shoot I knew it would move on fast, but this fast is ridiculous!!! He had his shots today, I'm hoping he will settle over night and not have as many side effects as his last lot **fingers crossed**

What has Dom achieved over the last 4 months.. a lot!! He is sitting pretty much by himself now, he pulls himself to standing on our fingers and loves to bounce on his chubby legs. He has rolled from tummy to back - once ;) and commando crawls. Dom loves to peep at me from his cradle of a morning when he wakes, he loves to chat - oh my goodness can he chat!! Bricknell genes there :P He loves watching TV - but hasn't become fascinated with mirrors just yet. He has grown 14 cm - and put on oodles of weight. He's a proud 64cm long and 7010g - my big baby boy :)

I love watching Domenik grow, but he days are blending into each other and they are passing so fast!! I hope I can remember what this time was like!! As much as it feels he was only a newborn yesterday my memory is starting to fade of the newborn period with him... he has become an infant and all the hard newborn days are fading - something I didn't want to happen, but how do you stop it??

So my beautiful baby boy, Happy 4 months - thank you for being such a precious little thing, or your placidness and your personality, and your slobbery kisses and loving touches.... even with the hard days it's a pleasure to be your mummy!!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I promised an update - guess the promise will have to hold off a bit longer as Dom is due for a feed and I'm really struggling to keep my eyes open.

Soooo the last couple of days - pretty uneventful (basing this from my poor short term memory of late) Dom is still being the cutest little thing imaginable. He has started grabbing for things and using his hands more One of the things he has started to grab is my hair - and he hasn't worked out how to let go yet!!! Ouchies!! But the cutest thing was Sunday afternoon. He was laying on his Winnie the Pooh mat and playing with Eeyore. He grabbed the yellow ring Eeyore is connected to the mat on but couldn't work out how to loosen his grip to let go!!! Poor guy had no idea what was going on, and as much s it was funny when he started crying with frustration I had to swap the laughter for being a mummy and rescue him.

We've only had Kahli home since Sunday. The boys are at the parents and in laws so we've had a bit of a break - well of sorts. The moods Kahli has been exhibiting of late are worse than the boys wrestling inside a tin box - she's really been stacking on some turns. Guess she is a pre-teen now and getting revved up for the hormonal early teens - Oh yay (sarcasm intended) She was ill last night. Not sure what exactly but all her lunch and dinner came back up when she was asleep - lovely little find there for me when tucking her in eeeewwwww. She's been fine today = am hoping it was just the heat and not an ongoing bug **touch wood**

Ummm well we have had once major incident I guess. Our pet budgie bluebird passed away on Saturday morning :( She was around 5 years old, so getting on in years but not exactly a budgie geriatric. I think it was the 34*C day we had last week that upset her. She lived in the sunroom so probably overheated and didn't recover. Poor birdie. I will miss her purring like Portia and wold whistling everyone who walks by....

Umm today.. hmmm My Friend was given her induction date - we should have a playmate for Dom by this time tomorrow all going well *yay* good luck Baelzebabe!!! Mostly housework today, oh and Nathan had a friend visit who was here from 1pmish to 11pm *yawn* Bael and her hubby Saitahn (both their WoW names) came for one last BBQ as a couple :) was nice to have them here.. lovely evening too.

Anyways I'd better go attend to baby Dom who has decided he wants an extra feed tonight. This heat is really playing up with him - that and he has two suspicious white bumps that have emerged on his bottom gum ( not teeth yet - please!!!)

Going to try and be a bit more regular here, I can;t trust my brain to remember things of late

Speaking of which - major thing today, I enrolled for a photography module with Open University!!! I'm officially a student!! I start March 2nd.. hoping it will either prove I can study and get decent results or it will burst my bubble of possibly getting auni degree... I need to know one way or the other ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a Week!!

I'm sooo glad it's over!!!

It started with William in hospital and ended with me absolutely exhausted - mostly my fault from double booking saturday (something I should have known better about) combined with seeping on the floor at mums place last night on a leaky air mattress (had to re-inflate it 3 times!!!)

I'm going to update properly tomorrow once I've had a chance to relax and start to unwind a bit - wanted to just say that I'm thrilled that my friends little girl Sarah is hit 1.5kg!!! She's such a little stunner, not only in looks but by so far defying the odds :) There's also little liver damage detectable meaning her chances of surviving although aren't that great, they are improving Yay!!!

I get sooo excited and tingles everytime we get good news about her. I can't wait to meet her in March!!!

Bed is calling - will be back tomorrow with a boring update on my wickedly tiring week :P

Friday, January 16, 2009

Growing Up!!

Very very quick one here, Just need to get down how Dom is going - he rolled yesterday!! Right after iw as telling mum that he hadn't been rolling but is commando crawling (full on belly grub movements here) he rolled from his tummy to his back!!! He's growing up sooo quickly!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

hot, hot, HOT!!!

I'm sitting on the bed right now trying to fight the urge to curl up and go back to sleep I have 2 boys suitcases to pack for sleepovers at grandparents and a house to clean and tidy for a book party this Sat - oh and also need to find costume stuff for dressing the kids (at the very least) for a 60's/70's and 80's fundraiser for Sat evening - busy busy busy!!!

The heat the last couple of days has been stifling and I'm not sleeping well, well once I'm asleep all is fine, it's the act of getting to sleep!! It's just plain hot!!! Nothing like the Mainland hot, but hot enough for me LOL Anything over 22*C and I'm uncomfortable - yes a soft Taswegian here.

Dom has just re-settled. He's not liking summer either. He's snoring his little head off a right now LOL - it's sooo cute!! Hope he loses it before he gets too much bigger though, I hate soring LOL but it's ok so long as it stays cute (how hypocritical is that LOL)

Yesterday we ended up in Wynyard. There was meant to have been a break dancing workshop at the skate bowl from midday to 6pm (was told about it from a friend) We waited until 3pm to head over due to the heat and found nothing :( We're not sure what happened but there were only skaters there when we drove past. maybe next time ;)

Today the plan is to get the boys packed ready for their sleep overs (Aleks at nannies, Wil at grandmas) and try to find some 60's gear for this fundraiser *sigh* I'm sooo tired though, would cheerfully be staying home to catch up on sleep - although I know if I stay home I'd be finding something other than sleep to do so better to go and do something productive!

ummm other things to do.... need to get a Dr appointment to check this thing on my hand. If I mention it here I might actually get around to doing it. It's only shown up since Dom was born. Mum said that nan used to have them and they're a form of overgrowth of skin - I'm kinda concerned it's a skin cancer thingy but too scared to get it checked - does that sound ridiculous or what?!!? Must get me an appointment!!! Will try to get it done today - I also need to call open uni today to enroll for a photography interpretation module I can do via internet. I'll be using it to see if I can get myself back into study - even then I doubt I'll be heading back to tafe/uni. I can only do photography at Uni now in Hobart and Tafe is only full time and that's at Devonport - both options really mean moving, not sure I an do that right now. We'll see what happens when April comes (and our lease has expired) - see what houses are available then;)

I've been having some serious concerns about going back to work too - think it's just me being overprotective of the kids. I'm starting to feel really sick in the stomach thinking about putting Dom in childcare to return to work. I know it's not a biggie in the scheme of things People need to work - hell I need to work - even if only for the $$ I'm just starting to second guess myself and wish there was a way around me having to go back.... I dislike the thought of other people raising my baby :'( I have to return at least 3 days a week - it's a great place to work and they're quite accommodating, I just have to get over this feeling and bring myself back to reality.

Okies, boys are awake (or at least one, they've turned the TV on in the loungeroom) so time to go pack their cases!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trundling Along....

Well it's been a few days since I posted so feeling a bit guilty - soo here I am LOL

Not sure there will be anything intelligent mentioned here as my brain is still addled from lack of sleep but at least I can try eh ;)

Weeellllll.. what's been happening... hmm not much LOL...

William is improving health wise. He's been running about and rough playing with Aleks again so looks like everything is looking up (no surgery yayy!!) We took the boys to Romaine park yesterday for dinner and they were running around and larking it up in the playground equipment so yeah, I think he's OK ;)

Dom as usual is a little pleasure. He has had a couple of rough mornings, think it's mostly wind... but he'll feed then be quite upset and in pain for a good 30mins to an hour. If it continues I might have to put him back on Zantac - really want to avoid this though!! He's started commando crawling - at 3.5 months!!! He can spin himself around to face the opposite direction and move around a meter forwards until he tires!!! Augh he's growing sooooo quickly!! It wont be long until he's properly crawling, he's already up on his hands and knees rocking!!!

Umm what else to report.. not much. Me I'm trying to catch up on sleep, get costumes ready for everyone for the fundraiser we're attending this Sat (after my book party) that has a 60's/70's and 80's theme (I hate dressing up!! LOL) and of course trying to get the house spotless by Sat for my book party - all around entertaining 2 bored boys during the school holidays - fun - NOT!!

Anyhoos, better get back to trying to catch up on the sleep business. And I will try to log on and update more regularly - it's a matter of time and prioritising ;)

BTW I've started a recipe blog - jsut need to start adding to it :) Link on my sidebar ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pure and Utter Exhaustion!!!

That's what I'm feeling right now. Longs story is probably too long to reiterate here, but basically William's been complaining of tummy pains the last 4 or so days which I've been ignoring as it usually appears when he's been asked to do a chore or he has to do something he doesn't want to do. Well Friday night mum had both Wil and Kahli. William ended up spiking a temp and complaining even louder about his tummy. He was apparently waking during the night moaning and groaning.

~ Sleeping at Nanny's ~

On Sat I went over early to pick him up (Aleks was already at his grandmas and Kahli was going to spend a few nights there so only Wil was at Devonport) He seemed OK but slept all the afternoon away I was going to take him to the Dr a soon as I got there but when he was perky and chasing Cola (the cat) and Byndi (the dog) around I thought there was nothing to worry about.

When we got back home it was around 9pm as we stayed at mums for dinner (free feed!!) we went straight to Evening drop in Dr clinic - just to be on the safe side as his temp was 38.3*C un-medicated. The Dr there was lovely but worried as she could not find any reason for his temp to be so high and coupled with the tummy pain it looked suspiciously like he could have appendicitis. SOooooooo at 10.10pm we trundled off to the hospital *yawn*

We ended up getting the sonographer out of bed at midnight for a ultrasound to check his appendix, she found logts of enlarged lymph nodes but no sign of appendix which is good- blood tests were apparently inconculsive so he was admitted at 2.30am *yawn* and moved to childrens ward at 3am *another yawn* Much to Williams disgust he was placed on a drip - he thought it was ingenious that he didn't need to eat or drink that the little tube in his hand did it all!!

It to 2 goes to get the cannula into the vein which he most definitely did not enjoy!! Even once it was in Wil kept bumping it and complaining - nice to see he is a typical male ROFL

This morning he only had minimal abdo discomfort so had a food trial at lunch At first it looked a though it had upset his tummy more, but that soon eased with a few puffs of noxious gas from Wil and a trip to the loo ;) He was discharged at 3pm... Right now he's snuggled up next to Aleks in Aleks' bed He does that when he wants re-assurance from someone else :) as much as they fight etc they truly do love each other *awwww*

So now - I'm shattered, exhausted - totally stuffed. I soooo need sleep, but as much as my brain is addled it is still ticking over (could be the caffeine I've been drinking to stay awake today LOL

Okies, going to try and grab me some sleep and come back tomorrow to make sense of this post. I've got some piccies to upload of him in hospy as well. Lucky for Wil I had the camera in the car and wasn't going to leave it there so had to bring it to the ER - meaning some shots of him in hospy :)

Will be back - that's a promise!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


What an emotional last 24 hours I/We've had. After finding out the sad news about my friends baby we settled for the night, feeling flat and emotional.

Then after Dom's late feed I went to tuck the kids in - my usual nightly ritual and when I went to the boys room I noticed Junior (the family's pet rat who has adopted William) was scratching around looking for food. SO I went to check her only to find Williams rat Angel (who was a present from his nanny and poppy for his birthday last year) had passed away. William was stirring so I woke him and explained what had happened - the poor guy's heart was broken. He loved his Angel.... After a hug and chat he settled for the night... By morning he was I guess numb. Around lunch time it hit him what had happened. the poor kid had a mini meltdown, even started calling himself a murderer as the rats had no water - he'd forgotten to replace it in the cage when he cleaned it the day before. It took a lot to calm him down... We don't know if it was the lack of water that killed Angel - simply because Junior was still OK. Angel has been showing signs of illness for a few days so it's anyone's guess.

~ Angel At Rest ~

William chose a spot to lay Angel at rest and we held a mini funeral for her. He found a rock to place on her grave and some beautiful roses (that quickly wilted in the sun) and decorated her grave. He really misses his first real pet...

Later in the afternoon we took William to the warehouse traders in Somerset where he picked out a new rat for himself Poor old Junior was fretting not having her mum with her :( The new rat is Snowball.. a light toffee coloured beastie an William is in love already :)


Mid morning and we got a phone call from Nathan's parents asking if they could drop in for a visit. They arrived about 15 mins later - I was still in bed feeding Dom!! Anyways they ended staying for lunch, had an impromptu BBQ :) Loooove BBQ's :) They also offered to take one of the kids at a time for a sleep over - Aleks went with them overnight and Nathan will bring him back home on Saturday after cricket.

Today Dom has been rather unsettled again. I've no idea what's happening on his unsettled days, but I just have to ride it out. These kind of days make me so frustrated and tired I start to get rather down... oh well, must get over it ;) Right now he's still not asleep which is most unusual for him - he's laying in his cradle watching me through the bars - he is a cheeky little imp like that, any minute he's start to grizzle and I'll re-position the dummy and have another 5 minutes sleep - he'll continue like that until he really tires himself out and goes to sleep. Mind you if I picked him up he'll be asleep straight away - but he really has to learn to either not wake up when I put him down and/or put himself back to sleep.... I'm such a meanie :P

~ Happy Dom ~

Anyways about to sign off. Have to mention that Kahli had her turn in cooking or helping prepare dinner tonight. We made pizza. She had a great time making the dough LOL They looked great - but soooo much pizza!!! Enough for breakfast :D

~ Dough Making ~

~ Sticky Fingers ~

~ Pressing Out the Dough ~

~ Making Pizza Sauce ~

~ Saucy Pizza ~

~ Topped and ready to Sizzle ~

~ Yum! ~

bed's calling, I think Dom's about to nod of for the night, his eyelids are starting to droop *yay*

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blown away...

I'm done, totally lost for words and feel physically ill for a good friend of mine. I've only met her once in real life but we've chatted for hours online and have become reasonably close.

She found out she was expecting baby #4 not long after I found out I was pregnant with Domenik. Unfortunately her baby was not doing too well in utero and at 32 (I think memory failing me) weeks they had to take little Sarah. Precious little Sarah was super tiny for her gestation - less than 800grams, apparently the size of a 25 week gestation baby. She is now 6 weeks old, has come through major surgery with flying colours but has always had hurdles to overcome - one of those being fluctuating blood sugars.

Well today my friend received the news no parent every wants to receive - Little Sarah may not make it. I hate putting that in writing - it makes it more real to read it!!! She has neonate diabetes and has no pancreas. This means she can't digest food properly as the pancreas produces the enzymes necessary to digest food. There is medicines you can take to assist with this and she has been on them, but the combination of the diabetes with this make her outlook very grim.

I've spent most of the evening in tears since finding out their sad news. I feel so helpless being in Tassie and they're in Victoria. I wish i could be closer so I could help out - even if just looking after their older kids for a little bit, to take her out to coffee. but nope, distance puts a kibosh on that :( I hate feeling helpless. I guess she is too in a way, they have no definite answer as to if/when Sarah will deteriorate or what exactly her future holds for her. It must be so terrifying for her... I wish , I wish so many things I can't articulate it....

Please anyone reading here send a little prayer up for Sarah - even if you're not religious, she need anything you can offer... She's already a little miracle child, we just need one more miracle for her to stay on earth with her mummy, daddy and siblings a little longer...

Kat, Mick and Family - we're thinking and praying hard for you and your precious little baby....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been bad....

really bad - I missed a couple of days postings!!!!

... to be honest not all that much has really happened, I've been tired and catching up on sleep. Dom has started a new growth spurt which has had him waking around 1am the last few mornings for an extra feed *yawn* it saves me expressing but it keeps me up a bit longer as it usually takes him about an hour from waking to getting back to sleep.

I guess there has been some things happening. Aleks got the first go at cooking from their cooking books they got a Christmas. He made lamb kebabs with tomato sauce and cous cous. I'm going to do up a story board of them cooking and make a scrapbook of it all - well that's the plan at least :P

~ Checking the Recipe ~

~ Shaping the Kebab onto the Sewer ~

~ Cooking the Tomato Sauce ~


I was outside snapping piccies for the photo challenge when Kahli came out to the balcony to offer her 'advice' This is one of the images I obtained o her. I thought it was quite nice with the blue sky and blueish hues on the house... Not long before I took this image the resident wallaby was spotted munching on the grass close by and it went to hide under the rose bush that would be directly underneath where Kahli is leaning - William came out and made some noise and he/she went leaping into the scrub that is our front yard. The kids love having wildlife in the yard - especially considering we live 2 blocks from the city centre!!!

~Blue Sky Kahli ~


Aleksandir had been on to me for a few days to go hep him find some worms for the worm farm he received for Christmas. I had to put him off for the first few days as I was still recuperating from the throat infection I've just had but yesterday I was well enough to have energy to venture outside... We found the sum total of 1 - that's right ONE worm!! in all the undergrowth and mulch on the floor of the garden/scrub there were no worms to be seen!! Mind you the one we did find was nice and juicy - but one!??! We'll have another search immediately after some rain to see if that brings some more to the surface ;)

~ C'mon Mr Worm ~

~ Still searching... ~

~ Carefully digging so as not to hurt any hidden creatures ~


Today I helped Lee go pram shopping. She found the cutest little pram that folds sooooo small!!! It'll be perfect for them - thought I must call her in the morning to see if it fit in her car. She's due in 10 days!! such an exciting time for her!!! I honestly can' remember life before kids - What I did with all that time I must have had on my hands I've no idea?!?!?!

Just before she arrived I was bathing Dom. I used his little green froggy towel and had to take some pics of him in it - he spent all the time chatting and giggling - sooo cute, but makes taking photos difficult LOL This is the best from the mornings impromptu photo session....

~ Little Froggy Boy ~

Okies I need sleep, Dom's been fed 30 mins ago so I should get a clear sleep to 6am - well here's hoping!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 in 1

Ackk lost my original text when uploading photo's!! That'll teach me for not being careful LOL

Anyways 2 in 1 today as yesterday once I'd uploaded piccies on my photo challenge page I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer due to a massive headache - all clear now thank goodness and even better my throat infection seems to be cleared as well *yay*

Yesterday and today have been home and relax as much as possible days. Even though I'm not as sore with the throat etc I still feel wiped out, some homebodies are us ;) Yesterday the boys were out in the yard playing with their remote cars - that was until a wheel fell of Williams!! It's apparently a common thing we now find out but was a bit of a downer when it happened. All fixed now with spare bolts in the cupboard for next time ;)

Aleks was the first with his car out, Williams had a bit of trouble getting going for some reason and Nathan had to be called in to get it up and running - mind you he also took the liberty of taking the first spin around the yard!!!!

~ Head Mechanic ~

~ Acting Rescue and Pit Crew ~

~ Driver No. 1 ~

~ Uh-Oh Trouble??? ~

"Nup, it's OK mum, I was just turning it off to take out on the street"

~ Poser ~

~ Aleksandir ~

~Yet Another Pose ~

William loves his Carlton clothing he scored from Santa. He insisted that I keep taking photo's of him in it - next he'll be demanding a commission from the football club and a modelling contract!!!

~ Kahli ~

Never one to be shy when there's a photo opportunity!!

~ Wheel Spin ~

Despite the rain we've had this past week Aleks' car was still stirring up dust on the dirt!!

~ William ~

I love this photo of William. Something about the colours and innocence of the photo. He had got sick of waiting to have the controls of his car handed over from Nathan and started to play with the rocks in the yard. He was banging them on top of each other hoping to break them in pieces.

The cars were eventually packed away after Wil's lost the wheel - not so much because of the breakage but because the weather which was meant to have been fine all day started to break up - got to love this weird summer we're having!!!


This morning I had my camera handy to snap Dom and the way he wakes me most mornings. I can feel someone watching me and as his cradle is right besides me guess who that someone is... here he is being his cheeky self...

~ Peeping Dom ~


Nathan and Dom have a cute little game they play together, it's been dubbed "I am a Fish" Nathan gently squeezes Dom's chubby cheeks in to make a fish face and then makes a 'Dory" type voice to say "I am a fish" It always leaves Dom in a fit of giggles and huge smiles. He loves playing 'face' games :)

~ I Am A Fish ~

~ Fish Do Not Have Ears ~

~ Giggles from Daddy at Least ~


And the photo's that I finally organised and took today of Dom's first Christmas stash. The older kids didn't want piccies :( so this is it for the post Christmas shots. I just had to dress Dom up in one of his Christmas outfits - it's only fitting for a Chrissie shot!!

~ Dom's First Christmas ~

~ The Spoils of Christmas 2008 ~


I've always loved B&W shots of babies hands and feet, but never been able to replicate them properly on film.. looks like digital does it for me though :)

~ 5 Cute Little Toes ~


Thursday, January 1, 2009

First of the First Two Thousand and NINE!!!!

Wow - it's 2009 and the year is off to a shaky start already... Well for the middle kids at least. Kahli and William got caught stealing from the treat stash again *sigh*. I've no idea what to do to stop them or dissuade them in any way. I know it's probably a phase but I don't like it (insert foot stamp and sulky pout) I want my good kids back!! well not as naughty kids I'll put it that way LOL

Nathan was home and he handled them as I'm still not 100% and more than likely to hit the roof with them. They are choosing their own punishment (Brady style LOL) and losing a toy of my choice once I've had enough sleep to not be too nasty LOL. Thinking Wil can lose his remote car for a week and Kahli her Bindees. They are their favourite Christmas toys so will be two fold punishment - make them play with something else and teach them that thy can have things taken off them too - oh they will also lose this weeks cooking privileges (ooh I am being mean there bu hey, get caught and then lie they have to learn!!!)

As mentioned earlier I'm still a bit under the weather. My throat is still sore and I'm easily tired and get giddy. Hoping that I'll be better tomorrow and can avoid antibiotics.. time will tell, at least the conjunctivitis is cleared up *yay*

Oh we didn't get to the new years carnival in the end :( Besides Kahli and Wil being light fingered we have a legit reason - the weather. One minute it was sunny the next pouring with rain. There was no way I could have happily taken the kids out in that - especially Dom.. and then me not being well, getting wet and cold would not have been good... Instead we promised the kids a trip to Devonport, but that didn't eventuate either once we found out how Kahli an Wil had been 'treating' themselves... tomorrow maybe, I want to also stop off at the strawberry farm in Turners Beach on the way to pick some raspberries (yummiest berries out!!)

Domenik is trying to roll. He hasn't quite got the knack of pulling his arm under his body out of the way yet... as soon as he works that out though he'll be mobile Augh!!! scary thought!!! He had a few really cute moments today with Nathan - it's really good to see the way Nathan is interacting with him and the other kids now. Not as offhandish as he used to be :) He actually admits that Dom can be cute and doesn't go all embarrassed about showing emotion anymore!! yaayy!!! :P Something that he never did before, maybe he's starting to mellow in his old age LOL

I've been looking into completing my diploma in photography. It looks like he course has not only changed name but structure on the past 9 years so not sure if I could just pick up where I left off. It looks like it could be a move to Launceston to complete what I really want to do at uni - such a BIG decision as it would also mean having to quit work - something I'm not ready to decide at the moment. I can do one intro part of it via open university so I might look at doing that module and seeing if I can hack study etc again.... rather than making a drastic decision with drastic changes for not only me but everyone else..... biiiig things to think about!!!

Umm not sure if there's much else to ramble on with, I'm feeling really tired again so might grab a little more sleep and hopefully be full of energy and health tomorrow ;)

Happy New Year!!!

It's been 2009 officially for 1.25 hours according to my computer and I can't sleep LOL My eyes want o close but my brain is ticking.. soo annoying - going to give it a try anyways as tomorrow , well today promises to be a decent one with the New Years carnival that I won tickets to :) Picked them up only to discover they were 4 children's tickets, not 2 adults/child as we assumed *sigh* oh well, hopefully it wont be to $$ for us to get through the gates!!!

Here;s some piccies I uploaded from last nights celebrations - I can't get over how clear my camera photographed the fireworks!! I took over 300 piccies so will show some kind of restraint adding them here :)

BTW - Congrats to Angie on your beautiful little girl born yesterday (last year) *mwah*

~ The Brats ~

~ Kids Entertainer~

~ Fireworks ~

~ More Fireworks ~

Okies enough for now, that took ages to upload :O Will be back in a few hours or so :)