Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It's been 2009 officially for 1.25 hours according to my computer and I can't sleep LOL My eyes want o close but my brain is ticking.. soo annoying - going to give it a try anyways as tomorrow , well today promises to be a decent one with the New Years carnival that I won tickets to :) Picked them up only to discover they were 4 children's tickets, not 2 adults/child as we assumed *sigh* oh well, hopefully it wont be to $$ for us to get through the gates!!!

Here;s some piccies I uploaded from last nights celebrations - I can't get over how clear my camera photographed the fireworks!! I took over 300 piccies so will show some kind of restraint adding them here :)

BTW - Congrats to Angie on your beautiful little girl born yesterday (last year) *mwah*

~ The Brats ~

~ Kids Entertainer~

~ Fireworks ~

~ More Fireworks ~

Okies enough for now, that took ages to upload :O Will be back in a few hours or so :)
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