Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prepare for a (mini) Vent!!!

Ok, I know that us Taswegians are different to the mainlanders - I accept that - nothing to do to change that...

However some of the things I've read in response to my stating that we use weeks to age our children for accurate immunisation purposes rather than months is well... nothing short of catty. Maybe I'm tired and defensive - I don;t know but sheesh - it's not as though I choose the way the medicos here work out ages for needles etc etc!!!

Dom turned 16 weeks on Friday so as a dutiful mum I went to the child health nurse as pre-booked by her for a weigh and measure (he's doing well by the way) and then off to the Dr - again as pre-booked and confirmed as correct - for his 4 month jabs.

I know that 4 weeks does not equal a calender month - no derr (shoot I hate that phrase but feel like using it :P) I'm not an idiot - however with calender months being different numbers of days who am I to say that they are more accurate than counting a child's age in weeks?!?!?!? It's not my choice peoples!!! I'm following the schedule that I've experienced with my previous 3 children - maybe the Tassie Dr's we've seen have it all screwed up - I dunno.... but to be catty over something I can't change - especially after I said that mainlanders must do it all different?!?!


Ok - think I need a break from a certain internet group for a little bit.... that and a bit of sleep *sigh*

I may be over reacting, but after several posts pretty much stating the same thing - nah - this Taswegian is going to run away and hide as she is feeling a bit sore after some stinging remarks....

But I wont hide from this blog - it's proving to be my sanity at the moment!!!
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