Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I promised an update - guess the promise will have to hold off a bit longer as Dom is due for a feed and I'm really struggling to keep my eyes open.

Soooo the last couple of days - pretty uneventful (basing this from my poor short term memory of late) Dom is still being the cutest little thing imaginable. He has started grabbing for things and using his hands more One of the things he has started to grab is my hair - and he hasn't worked out how to let go yet!!! Ouchies!! But the cutest thing was Sunday afternoon. He was laying on his Winnie the Pooh mat and playing with Eeyore. He grabbed the yellow ring Eeyore is connected to the mat on but couldn't work out how to loosen his grip to let go!!! Poor guy had no idea what was going on, and as much s it was funny when he started crying with frustration I had to swap the laughter for being a mummy and rescue him.

We've only had Kahli home since Sunday. The boys are at the parents and in laws so we've had a bit of a break - well of sorts. The moods Kahli has been exhibiting of late are worse than the boys wrestling inside a tin box - she's really been stacking on some turns. Guess she is a pre-teen now and getting revved up for the hormonal early teens - Oh yay (sarcasm intended) She was ill last night. Not sure what exactly but all her lunch and dinner came back up when she was asleep - lovely little find there for me when tucking her in eeeewwwww. She's been fine today = am hoping it was just the heat and not an ongoing bug **touch wood**

Ummm well we have had once major incident I guess. Our pet budgie bluebird passed away on Saturday morning :( She was around 5 years old, so getting on in years but not exactly a budgie geriatric. I think it was the 34*C day we had last week that upset her. She lived in the sunroom so probably overheated and didn't recover. Poor birdie. I will miss her purring like Portia and wold whistling everyone who walks by....

Umm today.. hmmm My Friend was given her induction date - we should have a playmate for Dom by this time tomorrow all going well *yay* good luck Baelzebabe!!! Mostly housework today, oh and Nathan had a friend visit who was here from 1pmish to 11pm *yawn* Bael and her hubby Saitahn (both their WoW names) came for one last BBQ as a couple :) was nice to have them here.. lovely evening too.

Anyways I'd better go attend to baby Dom who has decided he wants an extra feed tonight. This heat is really playing up with him - that and he has two suspicious white bumps that have emerged on his bottom gum ( not teeth yet - please!!!)

Going to try and be a bit more regular here, I can;t trust my brain to remember things of late

Speaking of which - major thing today, I enrolled for a photography module with Open University!!! I'm officially a student!! I start March 2nd.. hoping it will either prove I can study and get decent results or it will burst my bubble of possibly getting auni degree... I need to know one way or the other ;)

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