Monday, March 16, 2009


Oh have I ever been slack here!!

It feels like not much is happening, but then a lot has happened - soo hard to explain. At to be honest I'm feeling very drained so I wont try LOL It's sure to come out totally wrong!!

It looks like all our stuff on the insurance list will be covered. We're waiting on the final sign off still to happen, but the assessor said it should all be completed by the time we get back from WA.

This Sat just gone I photographed a wedding or a friend. If I never do another wedding I wont be disappointed LOL i don't think I was hard nosed enough. I didn't get nearly half of what I wanted to get done - and it wasn't helped by allowing family and friends to be there when pics were being taken to take their own happy snaps. I'd get the shot and then have to wait up to 15 mins for everyone else to get their own pics!! Some even had 5 cameras in or hanging from their hands and they snapped with each camera on the different poses I set up!! Augh - I ended up very frustrated but hope it didn't show - I was after all just getting experience etc. I got some good shots - the weather was deplorable and very little light which didn't help - as I only have on camera flash it was just too harsh for a wedding set up so had to deal the best I could. I definitely need a speedlight and faster lens!!!

It's only 2 sleeps until we head to WA - I'm starting to get butterflies etc with the planning and making sure everything is packed and prepared. I have a few last minute things i need to grab for Dom so wont be properly packed until we're leaving tomorrow night. I changed our booking for Perth today as well. I stuffed up the original bookings as we're only in Perth one night as the second night we're flying eastwards!! Sooo instead of paying $400 for 2 night accomodation I splurged it all on one night somewhere we'd never ever be able to afford or dream of under normal circumstances - we're going to be staying at an executive spa suite at the Sheraton Perth!!! My first 5 star hotel stay - bathrobes and breakky included LOL I'm really looking forward to a little bit of luxury - even if only for one night...

Well I really should shut the puter down and get some sleep - this week is going to be hectic and I can feel myself getting tense already thinking of everything I have to finalise for tomorrow.. The final pack - no going back if I miss something!!!

Oooh have to add - Dom's on all 4's and rocking like mad!! He can get the hands and knees moving, but not quite together to actually start crawling yet - he's sooooo proud of himself, he'll rock and giggle and grin at us - too cute!!! He really has the best personality and nature - a real pleasure to watch grow - although he is gorwing tooooo quickly!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

5 Months Old

Dom turned 5 months old a few days ago and I was too caught up with everything else to celebrate it... did a storyboard this morning for him....

Friday, March 6, 2009


Toby went to his new home last night (and is being spoilt to death) an Dom woke this morning with no welts. He was down on the ground rolling around and no welts. Is it just a coincidence that he is no longer breaking out or is he really allergic to dogs???

He crawled (commando style) to Portia (our cat) today and gave her a big wet kiss deep into her fur and had no reaction, so definitely fins with cats..

In a way I hope he is allergic to dogs so I don't feel that guilty about passing Toby on, but then I love dogs and would hate or him not to have experienced owning a dog when he's a boy - that's something extra special to be able to own a dog and have their loyalty - I guess we'll know for sure in a few short weeks time.... Somehow April 2 still feels a lifetime away!!! It should hopefully be here sooner than we think!!!

One Foot After the Other....

That's pretty much what we're doing at the moment. Taking each moment at a time because we just don't know what is around the corner.

This week has raced by but at the same time been so painfully slow to get through. I know that's a total oxymoron but it's just how it feels. I've been looking forward to when the kids go to bed because I can take down the facade and try to sort through myself and what has happened, what i have to to and where we go from here.

The insurance assessor arrived Tuesday morning in the end. I spent a full day researching prices and where to replace the things we lots and typing it all up in a word document for him. I haven't totaled the list but it's not looking like a pretty sum if we had to replace it out of our pocket. just for records sake I'll paste it at the end of this entry. The assessor is writing out his statement or whatever it is he has to do then sending it to the insurer and the wait is on to see what they will cover (from what he said it all should be covered with no issue) and when the cover will come through. I keep trying to tell myself not to worry that there are people so much worse off (thinking fire victims in Vic) but it doesn't stop the feeling of emptiness that gnaws at me at the moment...

Tuesday we also had Dom paed appointment. We got a prescription for phenergan!!! The first dose didn't knock him around too much but helped ease the welts. He had a second dose on Wed night and he was drowsy almost immediately - he sooo didn't like the sensation and fought it all the way to the land of nod - but it helped his welts soooo much!!!! Phenergan isn't really available for children under 2 years - and especially not for those under 6 months but the severity of Doms reactions this last week meant he needed something and we can't really give him the IM dose - so the oral liquid it is. Got asked soooo many questions etc at the pharmacist when we presented the request for it!! We've been written into their little drug bible so we'd better not spill the bottle and have to ask for some more LOL - could be a bit tricky!!!

Wednesday I had my full check up. Bloods and everything are ok - especially considering I hemorrhaged with Dom - one good thing :) My blood pressure was as high as it was when I was pg and working under stress - 140/95. I kinda expected that after the week I've had so I really have to work on stopping worrying and getting that back to a more normal reading. Not really sure how to do that - guess once things settle down it might too - well here's hoping!!! cholesterol may be an issue later down the track. It went a bit higher last time I was pog and feeding Wil so kinda expected that as well - just have to be healthy, and I'm not sure how the elimination diet will effect it, but I'm assuming all the whole foods should be good - anyways I'm sure the Doc will keep an eye on things.

Yesterday I almost forgot a 'date' with Juliet for coffee at Cafe Bliss. Actually I did forget until she was on the phone apologising herself for being late due to her Doc - I was still at home in jammies when she rang!!!! *blush* We made it down and have a lovely chat - I think she fell a little in love with Dom - but then most people can't resist his giggles and grins LOL.

I stuffed up our child health nurse appointment too. I thought it was for this morning - only to discover it was for yesterday at 2pm *doh* Now we have to go on Monday to the open session to get Dom re-weighed to see how he's going. I'm praying he's not lost any more weight. To be honest I don't know if he's gained or not. His skin on this thighs and tummy still feel quite slack as though he's lost or not gained - guess time will tell. Also looking back on photo's taken a month ago he's lost some 'condition' on his face and his double chin has decreased... Still trying not to worry too much!!! the niggle is there though, will be much happier once we've had him re-weighed....

Well guess that's pretty much the last few days. I've started my uni course too -did the first assignment last night - had to write a short profile on myself and my experience and photographic muses. Of course it's still Peter Dombrovskis. Also Tom Roberts from the Aust Impressionist Movement -nothing changed there. Love the play on light and colour :) Not sure how I'm going to go with the course, but we'll see.. going to try to cope with it and go further with the bach of fine art thing I've been contemplating.

I also spoke to one of the senior managers at work and will put in writing my request for a further 12 months maternity leave based on Domeniks reactions and allergies. He said he can't see where there would be too much of an issue with it. There's no way I could leave Dom at a child care centre at the moment - tooooo risky!!! I'll put it all in writing once he's had the skin prick tests and see where we are heading from there... at least if it's approved it will still see me being employed - just unpaid at the moment until I return - I can handle that... so long as my little boy is to some extent safe - it gives me options - something i desperately need right now!!!!

Oooh one more thing - the owner of this property has offered to extend my lease another 6 months I really don't know what to do. I think the house in Ross street has gone :( I think if the Ross street house was/is still available I'd prefer to take that just for the security. With this one we'll have to move either way - it's in 3-4 weeks or 6 months, the one in Ross street is a newly purchased property for investment purposes - so a long term opportunity - something the kids need... it's also in their school zoning so means security there. Trying not to think too hard about it because like I said i think it's gone - we'll just see what is available in 4 bedroom properties next week and go from there - at the worse we have a roof over our head for another 6 months :)

Okies, copying and pasting that list and then have to make some lactation cookies for Lee that are grossly overdue!!!!


Remote Control Cars x2 Rcpt shown from Leading Edge Electronics

Adult Sunglasses x2 Invoice for proof of purchase attached.
Quote for replacement attached. Quote is for one pair with 2 lenses. Glasses that were lost had 6 lenses, we are happy to settle for 2 lenses due to these no longer being available and the increased cost of this brand.

Childrens Sunglasses x4 @ Approx $25 each

Fishing Rods x2 Sale tag provided.

Crate of Cleaning Gear Cleaning kit collapsible bucket $16.95 - Kmart
Rain-X Anti Fog $8.95 - Kmart
Rain-X $8.95 - Kmart
Squeegee $9.95 – Kmart
Microfibre cloths $7.95-Woolies
Rags ???
Crate $15.00-Kmart

iPod (old version) Due to over 5 years since purchase unable to supply receipt or invoice. Replacement with current available model $199.

Fishing Tackle Box Put together by grandfather for children. Approx $50

Car Tool Kit Gift from Grandfather
Approx $50

Nintendo DS Gift to Son for birthday. Replacement value $199

DS case $34.95 – EB Games

DS Game – Spore $59.95 – EB Games
DS Game – Pokemon Diamond $69.95 – EB Games
DS Game – Drawn to Life $69.95 – EB Games

Nappy Bag – Kapoochi Carry All $109.95 -

CGR Med Nappy + Singlet Set x2 @$43.00 each sourced:

Bubblebubs Med Nappy x2 @$31.95 each sourced:

Itti Bitti D’lish “snap in” Nappy x2 @$29.95 each sourced:

Wetbag Set $18.00 sourced:

T Shirt and Short Sets x2 @$25 each – Kmart/Best and Less

Socks x 2 pair $6.95 for 2 pr – Kmart/Best and Less

Panadol Infant Drops $6.95 – Priceline Pharmacy

Bottom Balm + Cream Sold in Sample Set $26.95

Cloth Wipes $5.00

Simmons Paw Paw Cream $4.95 Sourced:

NUK Dummy’s x2 $13.95 - KMart

Baby Bucket Hat $18.95 Cancer Council

Picnic Blanket $19.95 – Kmart

Sunshades for Windows $10.00 Chickenfeed

First Aid Kit $156.95 – Large Leisure - St Johns.

Epi-Pen $106.00 – Priceline Pharmacy

Nurofen for Children $14.95 – Priceline Pharmacy

Kids clothing – Jumpers @$20 approx x 3
- Shoes @$30 approx x 2
-Band Uniform $40 Jumper
$30 Trousers

Dangerous Book For Boys $45.00

Spiderwick Chronicles $39.95

Go Girl! Anniversary Book $26.95

Tasmanian Street Directory $30.95

G3 Powermac Apple Computer Images attached for proof of ownership. New models have just been released and prices have changed since your visit. Details for replacements available at

Folding travel pram and bag Unable to locate a stroller exactly the same. Closest style like it is the Quicksmart Easy Fold Stroller. $229au

**since your visit we have realised a few other things that were in the vehicle **
(thanks to the wet weather ☺)

Pram Storm Cover $29.94

Umbrellas 2x regular handbag umbrellas $12.95 Kmart
1x golf umbrella $29.95 KMart


Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Days of Reactions....

Like this - I wish I could fix my little man!!!! Paed appointment tomorrow - something reasonably positive to hold onto I guess.... Oh the big welts on his legs are lots of smaller normal sized ones that have joined up together :(

Oh and we're waiting for the insurance assessor still - apparently he left Launceston at 1pm to head up the coast.. no idea when he'll be here - my list is prepared though :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've had Enough!!!

Breaking point has been reached. Dom is now onto his 4th day of constant allergies and welts and I don't know what from. I feel so awful not being able to help him out of his misery - he must be so sore, itchy and over it too. The doctors can't do anything except prescribe him paracetamol because he's so little :(

Dom's also lost weight. It's this age that William started having issues with stopping growing and his allergies becoming apparent. William should not be here according to the Paed - I don't want to think about the hard slog we may have ahead of us with Dom - it's too painful to think about what we had to go through with Wil, let alone knowing what my little baby boy may have ahead of him - trying o be positive that he'll not have the multiple food protein intolerance's that went with Williams allergies and caused a lot of his issues - but the thoughts just keep coming... He's lost around 150g from bare weights in a week. That's how much he had been putting on - not losing!!! I know there could be other feasible reasons, his increased activity with rolling etc, the constant allergies could have taken their toll on his system with the vomiting starting back up - I just don't know - feels too much like de-ja-vu though :( We're back on weekly weigh ins to keep a closer eye on him.

We're still finding stuff that was in the blue car too - Aleks DS that was his present for his 8th birthday, kids sunglasses, Kahli's and Aleks books they got for Christmas - the list seems to grow and grow!! Little things just add up and I hope they're to be covered with insurance!!! The police haven't even asked neighbours etc if they saw anyone around the car etc - they're not actively investigating, apparently this kind of thing happens all the time - wish it was reported more in the news so the naive general public like me are more aware - not that it would probably have changed anything....

Then today a war on facebook errupts between family and I'm stuck in the middle I've had a crap enough week as it is to not have to deal with this as well!!! Why do people think I want to hear over and over what bad one person has done - I can't change the world!!! I've enough on my own plate to try and cope with my own life at the moment to have to worry about being stuck in the middle again.

Right now I just want to curl up in a dark room and be forgotten about.. I want to forget the world exists for a little bit and let these bruises that I've had inflicted on me this past week heal before I have to show my face again. I'm over being kicked and pushed and expected to just bounce back time after time after time....

I'm at breaking point and no one seems to care - they/life just throw more stuff at me - enough is enough!!! Just let me go and heal!!!

Where do people get the idea that I'll just cope.. life has NEVER been a picnic for me!!! I've had enough of getting up and rolling with the punches... I need to build up some more energy before even thinking about getting up again....