Friday, March 6, 2009


Toby went to his new home last night (and is being spoilt to death) an Dom woke this morning with no welts. He was down on the ground rolling around and no welts. Is it just a coincidence that he is no longer breaking out or is he really allergic to dogs???

He crawled (commando style) to Portia (our cat) today and gave her a big wet kiss deep into her fur and had no reaction, so definitely fins with cats..

In a way I hope he is allergic to dogs so I don't feel that guilty about passing Toby on, but then I love dogs and would hate or him not to have experienced owning a dog when he's a boy - that's something extra special to be able to own a dog and have their loyalty - I guess we'll know for sure in a few short weeks time.... Somehow April 2 still feels a lifetime away!!! It should hopefully be here sooner than we think!!!
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