Monday, March 16, 2009


Oh have I ever been slack here!!

It feels like not much is happening, but then a lot has happened - soo hard to explain. At to be honest I'm feeling very drained so I wont try LOL It's sure to come out totally wrong!!

It looks like all our stuff on the insurance list will be covered. We're waiting on the final sign off still to happen, but the assessor said it should all be completed by the time we get back from WA.

This Sat just gone I photographed a wedding or a friend. If I never do another wedding I wont be disappointed LOL i don't think I was hard nosed enough. I didn't get nearly half of what I wanted to get done - and it wasn't helped by allowing family and friends to be there when pics were being taken to take their own happy snaps. I'd get the shot and then have to wait up to 15 mins for everyone else to get their own pics!! Some even had 5 cameras in or hanging from their hands and they snapped with each camera on the different poses I set up!! Augh - I ended up very frustrated but hope it didn't show - I was after all just getting experience etc. I got some good shots - the weather was deplorable and very little light which didn't help - as I only have on camera flash it was just too harsh for a wedding set up so had to deal the best I could. I definitely need a speedlight and faster lens!!!

It's only 2 sleeps until we head to WA - I'm starting to get butterflies etc with the planning and making sure everything is packed and prepared. I have a few last minute things i need to grab for Dom so wont be properly packed until we're leaving tomorrow night. I changed our booking for Perth today as well. I stuffed up the original bookings as we're only in Perth one night as the second night we're flying eastwards!! Sooo instead of paying $400 for 2 night accomodation I splurged it all on one night somewhere we'd never ever be able to afford or dream of under normal circumstances - we're going to be staying at an executive spa suite at the Sheraton Perth!!! My first 5 star hotel stay - bathrobes and breakky included LOL I'm really looking forward to a little bit of luxury - even if only for one night...

Well I really should shut the puter down and get some sleep - this week is going to be hectic and I can feel myself getting tense already thinking of everything I have to finalise for tomorrow.. The final pack - no going back if I miss something!!!

Oooh have to add - Dom's on all 4's and rocking like mad!! He can get the hands and knees moving, but not quite together to actually start crawling yet - he's sooooo proud of himself, he'll rock and giggle and grin at us - too cute!!! He really has the best personality and nature - a real pleasure to watch grow - although he is gorwing tooooo quickly!!!!
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