Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve

It's a time for resolutions, for memories and family. Not sure if I'll crack all 3 but at least two we'll cover :)

Memories of a year that just passed in a blurr!!! This year has had its trials but many joys. Trials in the side effects from the medication I was on to give us Little Dom, the issues with our old Real Estate and knowing we had to move when I was 40 weeks pregnant but not able to do anything because they had my hands tied then the miserable effects of high blood pressure from stress of moving, house hunting and work combined.... Oh I'm sure there were other trials - even as I type I can think of more - like not being able to get Dom circumcised etc.... I'm so happy to see the year draw to an end and start a new year and hope to have a few less hardships within it....

The joy - well of course finding out I was pregnant after 7 years (12 months on drug treatment) then the ultimate joy of meeting our littlest man firstly via ultrasound when he was only 5.2 weeks gestation and nothing but a little smidge on the ulstrasound screen then with fortnightly scans just to make sure all was well and then a trip to Melbourne which we timed so we could have our wonderful 3D scan to finally meeting Domenik on Oct 3rd (official due date leap year not considered)!!! Then the other children - they can be a handful but throughout the year they've grown soooo much!!!

Aleks is a very mature 10 year old now, he does still have his hiccups with he aspergers and can wear me out emotionally with it but he's come oh so far!!! He's joined emusicians and started to socialise, he's been invited to play hokey with Burnie City Marions - wish is such a HUGE thing for us all!!! Wow it has been a great year for him thinking back!!!

Kahli has grown from a little girl to a real pre-teen young lady. She's really starting to mature physically as well as within herself - my little girl is growing up and doesn't want to be coddled much anymore *sob* I knew it was coming, but there's something so special about little girls - well for me there is.... Teenage girls scare me!! LOL Kahli had a great year with netball and school. A lot less issues with stealing etc and happier with a different teacher (funny that!! Her last year teacher was so negative towards her that she started to exhibit psychological symptoms :( ) And she's turned out to be a great little helper with Dom :)

William - where do I start?!?! His allergies seem to be getting better - although we have had a couple of anaphylaxis episodes this year... This boy is extremely bright and bores easily when he turns into a cheeky little devil - apparently he starts behaving just like his daddy used to - Lord help us!!! But in all honesty as much as he too can be exhausting he's the sweetest little kid out. He's curious and determined :) He acquired a pet rat this year that he's been caring for pretty well (read with prompting LOL) Wil has learnt responsibility his year, for both himself, his behaviour and for other smaller beings.. a pretty big lesson that a lot of adults need to learn so we're pretty proud of him :)

I guess that's pretty much it for 2008... what a BIG year we've had, lots of tears both of sadness and of happiness - and looking back as much as it was a hard year there were more tears of joy than anything so I guess that must mean 2008 was a success!!!!

We're off to have a family day and then enjoy New Years Eve on the Terrace (be back at 9.30 after kids fireworks so will probably be back here sometime over night) and tomorrow we'll spend the day at West Park at the New Year Day sports carnival (I won tickets - first thing I ever won!!)

Roll on 2009 - May you bring many joys and happiness for not just our little (well larger than average) family but for everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Self Pity Alert

Don't say there was no warning but right now I'm feeling sorry for myself. Not long got back from the Dr's. Thank goodness for evening clinic!! there was no way I could get in there with all 4 kids (due to holidays and their father working) My conjunctivitis is still there and I need to start stronger treatment to clear it and on top of that I have a good old fashioned throat infection. BUT I can;t take anything for it unless it doesn't clear itself... basically because I'm still feeding Dom the new guidelines are no antibiotics unless reset etc doesn't work. I have to go back on Thursday or Friday of it hasn't clears - so much for planning a fun new years for the kids!!! If I'm still this yucky going out wont exactly be on the cards *sob*

Sooo sore throat, stiff neck - mostly down the back into my shoulders, weepy/crusty eye, blurred vision and headache is my lot for the moment - got to love it!!!

I've been ordered to rest so rest I shall and be back tomorrow probably to moan some more :P

BTW I think Dom's picked up that mummy isn't well as he's had an unsettled day on top of it.....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Night fall...

Well it's almost bed time and Ive come down with a really sore throat and tight neck :( think I'll sleep in as long as possible in the morning.. well that's the plan :) In a positive I'm finally getting over the conjunctivitis that has haunted me since Christmas Eve eve!! One illness to another hehehe that's me!!!

Evening was ok - kids playing guitar hero on the PlayStation (Santa pressie) Nathan on Wow an I was settling Dom for the night. Hopefully he'll sleep through as he has been the last few weeks. I still can't believe that he's 3 months old!!! He's no longer a newborn *sob* we now have an infant who is almost sitting, playing with toys and communicating. I love how he's growing and becoming interactive but it's sad that the newborn stage is over already....

Okies yawns have set in - off to nap before midnight expressing :)

What day is this??

Seems to be what I keep asking myself today. With Christmas and subsequent public holidays it's really thrown my body clock way out!! Anyways I really do know it's Sunday - but it just feels so weird....

Right now I'm sitting on a messy MESSY bed watching Dom hoping that he'll settle himself to sleep. The last few days he's been really good in self settling - so much so I'm considering putting his cot up and transferring him - he ain't a little boy any more and he seems to want room and to watch and talk to his toys in bed a little more.

Oooh his eyes are drooping :)

I'm not doing much this arvo. We had friends come over for a BBQ lunch which quickly changed to pizza when it started raining. Lee is almost ready to pop and I can't wait to see if she has a little blue or pink bundle!!! It will be good having another new baby to grow up with Dom and another mum to share things with - I've never had that before. Mind you it kinda hurt when friends 'warned' her about me as I've had practice raising kids before - was put another way... but It kinda makes me frustrated when people assume that because I've had 3 other kids that I'm confident and know what I'm doing - because I'm not I have had to re-learn everything all over again, yes It probably wasn't the HUGE learning curve it was when the others were born with Dom because I knew what I was in for but each baby is different and each time the new mum has to adjust and learn.... I wish things were as simple and easy as it apparently looks - another thing I just seem to 'fake it till I make it' and try not to let people see the real struggle within - wonder what these same people would say if they knew the battle with depression etc I've had throughout the older kids infanthood..... nup, not easy at all. but we made it through and I try to smile as much as possible and try to make my life happy... I do love being a mum :) But no, it's no picnic either...

He's nearly asleep... breathing has slowed :)

Anyways I should go get some housework happening. I'm still fighting the ant infestation that this house seems to have. I've been bleaching all the kitchen surfaces today in an attempt to dissuade them from entering - still no good. Might have to try a DIY extermination kit next.. they really are driving me nuts. I feel sooo dirty (our house is in no ways a show home, but it is usually tidy - especially the kitchen surfaces) with them crawling in and around everything ewwwww...

Eyes are closed - Wahoo!!!!!!

Okies, off now :) Baby Gazing duties are done - for now :)

Oh, Oh, Oh have to add soooooo excited for my friend Karina who had a little girl at 33 weeks who has been very ill and tiny - she's cracked the 1kg weight mark and we're sooooooo excited for her (she was 735g at birth) Happydance and huge smiles for Baby Sarah :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Let's see if this actually works...

Woot - posting from email is easy hehehe

Christmas Continued.....

Well as indicated earlier Christmas Eve didn't go so much to plan - Christmas morning was just as hectic! Santa arrived around midnight and had bean bags filled with treats for the older 3 and brought a toy crate with lots of stuff for little Dom. Aleks and William were the first up - at 2am!!! Kahli was around 5am *yawn* Dom wasn't fussed either way - all he wanted was his feed at 6am LOL.

I felt a bit better by morning - still felt a bruised like sensation but it was easy to ignore ;)

I was meant to have made a pavlova for lunch Christmas Eve which was kinda put on the the backburner when I fell ill - and I ran out of time to do it Christmas morning - so we missed the big fruit pav for lunch (but means I still have everything in the pantry for one - might need to get it made mwahahaha) Instead of cooking I was rushing about trying to get the kids dressed, Dom fed and bathed, me showered and dressed - oh and everyone's gifts wrapped that I was unable to do Christmas Eve - all this and out the door by 9am :O

Needless to say we were late LOL - when are we ever on time?!?!?!

We eventually left home at 10am and made it to Devonport by 10.45am :)

Who was at Devonport mm everyone!! LOL as well as Uncle Paul who I only knew from slides dad has from when I was a little bubba. It's kinda funny knowing someone is dads full brother - my uncle but I wouldn't know him on the stret - I don't know him at all. Family to me shouldn't be strangers so was really unusual for me..... but we got over that ;)

BBQ for lunch - including some delish scallop and bacon skewers - Uncle Paul loves fishing and he collected the scallops himself - 100% fresh plump Tassie scallops *drool* Lots of food for all and lots of sun - Kahli turned into a lobster - no idea how I can drum 'sun safe' message into her Augh!! Even Nathan burnt!! Not our usual Chrissie weather that's for sure - but it was beautiful!!

After everyone was stuffed and presented we trundled up to Sheffield to do it all again with the in-laws.

Dom awake -will be back.....


Okies where was I??? Looks like dribbling away hehehe. Sheffield, latish dinner was had and then even later to bed - I honestly can't remember that much as I was sooo tired! I do know I ended up falling asleep on the couch when Nathan and his father were playing golf on the Wii LOL

We stayed the night there because I was too exhausted to drive home and be safe - something that's rather important when you have kids in the car LOL Came home yesterday and the relief to actually be home!!! Instant weight off my shoulders. No more pressure to be perfect for Christmas, no more having to be polite and sociable and home to my own bed!!! Bliss!!!

Sometimes I feel soo antisocial... I don't seem to mix well in social functions, I always find myself wanting and not that good a conversationalist - I just don't know what to talk about!! Sometimes when I am having an introverted moment I wonder if I have some version of the Aspergers Syndrome Aleks has - it could account for my social awkwardness and why I find it so hard to loo people in the face and be watched myself. But of course I wont take that any further - it would mean too many questions about me and my life - it hasn't been a picnic my life and to have it pulled apart by a psych is just too daunting - I'll live with my head in the sand a bit linger thankyou very muchly :)

Where did my ramble about Christmas become something about me?!??! Enough of that!! I'm of to try and find the house under all the wrapping paper and toy packaging - Wish me luck!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Random Upload of Photos....

Photos from the last few days. No idea if they're in any particular order - to be honest too tired to care at the moment LOL. Will fix tomorrow when I'm a little more lucid and alert :P

If that was Christmas...

It's wrapped up for yet another year. And I'm exhausted!!! The last 48 hours have been ridiculously hectic - and I'm yet to come off the adrenaline rush, but not feeling excited from it - just done.. as one of the 'unnamed' TV court judges says 'stick a fork in me I'm done' - well that's me right now!! To be honest I feel really unsettled and jittery from the rush - trying to sit still and relax is showing me just how on edge I've been these last few days!!!

Anyways..... hmm I've no idea even where to start ROFL. Guess Christmas Eve - Lunch didn't quite turn out the masterpiece I planned - but it was still lovely :) We has the pistachio and craison stuffed chicken (soo yummy - will post the recipe next ;)) glazed ham and garlic and mint peas, I just didn't get around the glazing the roast pumpkin and carrots and the sweet potato is still sitting in the veggie bin in the pantry. I had to rush dinner as Nathan was scheduled to work from 1pm meaning he had to have eaten and be getting ready at midday (nothing like pressure!!) anyways just as I was finishing off the veggies to roast (they were pre-steamed etc and was literally closing the oven) his work rang and apparently it was busy but not busy enough to warrant everyone in and as he's the most expensive to pay (due to his advanced age LOL) he was culled from the day's roster.. will kinda hurt the hip pocket but meant he could have a relaxed lunch with the kids and me. sooo the accelerator was meant to have been released a little but the pressure was still there for some reason.

As I said lunch was yummy even without the glazed pumpkin and carrots an sweet potato. the kids had already swapped their pressies and were busy playing in the afternoon. Aleks and William were stoked with their remote control cars and they unfortunately spent most of the day waiting for the batteries to charge (they were too well packed in the boxes to have them out and charging before they were gifted to them (grrr) they did get Aleks charged enough for a quick run that afternoon :) Kahli spent the whole day playing with her pixel chix - I still don't understand that toy but it sure did keep her entertained! Dom was as placid as always but still wanting his feeds and plays so I did spend a lot of time with him that as much as I hate to admit it I felt I shouldn;t have spent with him. I feel bad saying that as I love spending time with him and the other kids and I know I shouldn't pressure myself to get things other than being a mum done at the moment but I did - I put the pressure on myself to try and make Christmas perfect which kinda spoilt it for myself - I always do that to myself - one day I hiope that I'll learn not to do this!!!

What was the pressure for?? Well the older kids really wanted to make some cookies to give to the relatives for Christmas... we didn;t end up getting them done simply due to time constraints and pure exhaustion from me and caring for Dom (still taking about 45 mins for a feed by the time he fills up and has a nappy change and a few mins of nappy free kicking) Also we were going to Wynyard to watch the Christmas Parade which started at 7pm - we had to leave home by 6.15 at the latest to be able to park and get a decent waching spot. And I know I shouldn't beat myself up about it because it didn't happen but I do - you see my plans didn't come to fruition as stupid as that sounds!!!

OK enough of me feeling bad about Christmas Eve not going to plan - I've got lots of piccies that I'll cull down and ad here :)

Christmas Eve Evening was horrible for me. No idea why but I had the worst wind and indigestion pain ever!!! If it were a lower abdo pain I'd almost say it was like a constant labour contraction that wouldn't ease - no wonder babies scream when they have wind/colic!!!

Damn need to finish this post tomorrow, Dom needs attention and don't think I'd be able to stay awake long enough to continue once he's sleeping....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

another test...

The Last Shop...

before Christmas that is :) We're going to take the kids to buy their little gift they want to give to each other. Previous years we brought them something decent tow swap but this year we had a mutiny on our hands - they feel old enough to go shopping for each other independently - but on our dime LOL . They're growing so quickly!!1 Next year we'll have to hand over the reigns to them to buy their own pressies with no mum and dad input - it's cool though - half the joy of Christmas is the suprises and they're starting to understand that so if they keep their gifts secrets until after the paper is torn off them we may be able to keep that suprise viable for future gifts (previously they spilt the beans on each others gifts as soon as they were purchased - hence the parental control ;))

We also have the task of cooking mounds of Christmas Cookies. It was on the schedule for yesterday but I had an impromptu nephew sitting afternoon - so busy busy today!!! Tomorrow afternoon if I can get the kids away from their 'family' gifts they can decorate and ice the biscuits.

Okies need to go get ready - also have to go to the chemist and get me some eye treatment - somewhere along the way I've picked up a good dose of conjunctivitis :( hoping to get something without a Dr appointment because here's no way I'd get into one today!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Carols by Candlelight take 2

Not going to say much here, just uploading some more pics from last night :)

Whoops!! I just realised that I haven't taken a piccie today - wonder how I'll be going with the photo a month challenge I'm starting next month hehehe Not a good precedent at the moment - thank goodness it's not yet started ;)

Kahli enjoying the show.

Domenik fast asleep in his newly decorated pram (thankyou Aleks!!!)

Dom thinks it's hard work being a Baby Santa

Dom had a great time at his first Carols by Candlelight :)

And yes there's more pics of Kahli and Domenik - simply because the boys enjoyed the freedom of a playground being close by with lots of other kids - it was great to see Aleks in particular socialise a lot easier than I've ever seen him do!!! He has Aspergers Syndrome so it's been a loooong path to get him this comfortable to be able to play with other kids he doesn't know!!!

Carols by Candlelight 2008

What a GORGEOUS night to have Carols on - the weather was supurb, not a breath of wind and all I can say is "wow!!!" It was a marvelous night!!! The kids behaved, Nathan didn't complain too much and I love carols hehehe

It seems that Summer had finally found us and about time too LOL It's actually starting to feel like Christmas is almost here (3 days to go but who's counting?!?!)

Anyways I only come on here to upload the pics from the Carols - Still loving the new camera - the colours are wonderful!!! No editing at all on these shots :)

Our view from the hill (if we stood up)



Kahli and Domenik

Aleks decorating Dom's pram

More to come - Dom's awake and wanting attention....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where did Summer Spring From???

All of a sudden we have heat and sun!! a couple of days ago it was almost winter wooly weather - rain and freeing cold.. today I'm sweltering in a sot of sudden heatwave. It's standard temps for this time of year but we've had no run up and I'm suffering for it - total wuss I know :P It's currently 22*C in the bedroom according to Dom's monitor and I'm sweating up a storm and wishing I could turn the air con on - but it's too $$ to run overnight.... Need to invest in a fan methinks ;)

Anyways I'm sure I'll get used to it - it has been lovely to have sunshine streaming through the windows though :)

Today I joined the photography challenges on EB the main one I'll be doing is taking a photo a day and trying to re-develop the photography skills and touches I seem to have lost over the last 9 years since Kahli was born and I had to elave my photography course. It was sooo nice to open up photoshop again, but I'd forgotten what did what LOL Took me a good hour or hovering and playing with the tools to kind of get a grip of them again :) I'll attach some of the things I've been playing with Again it's flowers but I'll gradually branch out and find other things to snap - jsut trying to re-learn it all again!! I've already discovered how much cleaner shots are with manual focus!!!

We did our traditional trip to the cheese factory today to get cheeses for the Christmas platter. I don't know why I always volunteer to get the cheeses but this year I wont be taking them all that's for sure!! a few blocks of cheese and some chutneys to go with them cost me $75!!!! I still have a fruit platter to organise and a Mexican layerd dip - this is all to take to mums on Christmas day - not complaining about taking it - just forgot how much it all added up so quickly!!! at least it'll be healthy snack food that my kids will eat :) And to top it off Lactos ran out of gruyere :( my favourite cheese and they don't think any will have matured before Christmas - so dissappointed...

Well the heat is getting to me, need to go change and get ready for bed. Dom is snoring and seems to have well and truly settled for the night (had my doubts as he didn't handle the warmth today very well at all) I know there was moe I wanted to put here by my brain is fried and starting to dehydrate as well.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Survived!!!

Yep made it through the whole first day of school holidays - relatively unscathed too :P We started the day walking to Dom's CHN appointment. I was able to use the threat of not letting them get a library card today for good behaviour - not sure if that bribe would work on teenagers - will have to remind them when they're older how much a visit to he library meant to them hehehe.

Dom is officially 6.18kg (13.5lb!!) 60 cm long (he was a bit crumpled when being measured think we missed a CM or two) and a head circumference of 41.5cm - basically he's a bit bigger than the average 11 week old boy but doing beautifully - and such an adorable tot he was today dressed in his little red Christmas Tshirt with white shag nappy and Santa socks :) Burnie ha a reading program for babies and Dom received his library bag and brown bear book today - also a fire kit that came with a tshirt for him so he scored really well from the nurse... So that's his last scheduled medical check for 2009!!! this year has just flown by!!!!

We trundled off to the library - each child now sports their own library card much to their delight!! I'm hoping to make every Friday library day - something for everyone to look forward to - it's amazing how calming the library atmosphere seemed o be on the kids - they loved it!!! William wanted to borrow some Christmas cooking books o get some more recipes - he was so excite to have found it!! We also signed all three up to the summer of reading program. They each set themselves a challenge to read a certain number of minutes a day for 5 days per week for the rest of summer. If they meet their challenge they get little surprise lucky dip prizes from the library :) they're so excited - I wonder how long it will last hehehe.

Shopping was MADNESS today - people everywhere!! and talk about rude!!! cutting between me and the kids, pushing, shoving - OMG this is either the worst year for it thanks to big Kev's spending spree bringing so many more out or I'm becoming very sensitive to crowds - thinking it has to be the extra $$ in peoples pockets I'm sure.... We managed and coped with no major meltdowns from Aleks which was a great relief. I do get very tense in crowds with the kids because I know what can happen but he's really getting a lot better in crowds and with strangers *yaay*

I'm about to start work on some 'sand art brownies' to see if the jar at Chickenfeed is the right size - here's hoping!!! I'm also thinking I should bake some just to make sure they're suitable - that's logical isn't it mwahahaha.. such a sweet tooth at the moment it's baaaad!!!

Well tis getting darker and I should be shutting curtains an turning on some lights so i can see what I'm doing... better get moving (and baking :))

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is Organised!!!

Did I just use Organised and Christmas in the same sentence??? Well it's planned let's put it that way LOL. We are trying to start some Christmas Traditions now that the older kids are really starting to take note on those things (and to be honest thinking back around 8-10yrs is where my Christmas memories start so they're smack bang at that age group - good time to start). Sooo Christmas Eve we have OUR family Christmas. The children exchange pressies under the tree and I'll sweat and complain in the kitchen to produce as traditional a Christmas meal as I can muster. Then in the Evening we'll troupe over to Wynyard for their Christmas Parade. Hopefully by then the kids will be exhausted from food and playing that they'll not think about wandering onto the road to see what the next float is not thinking that they're walking in front of the one passing *sigh* well I live in hope at least ;) Then if all goes to plan we bring the kids home in one piece and set them to bed after they've left out the cookies they cooked for Santa in the week before Christmas and some carrots for Rudolph (oh and daddy insists that Santa also needs a cold beer LOL) Hopefully they're beyond exhaustion and are child like zombies who fall to sleep the minute their heads touch the pillow - I mean if I had that opportunity to sleep after a day like that I know I would!!!

Christmas Morning They have the joy of seeing if Santa has left anything (of course they all told Santa they were little angels - I wonder if the big man really knows my children mwahahaha) This year will be extra special as we have a house with REAL chimneys that Santa can slide down - kinda handy since Santa broke the key that we left out for him for the front door last year *sigh* even the great people of the world have accidents ;) Once they've marvelled over how generous (or stingy) Santa has been for yet another year we pack everything up and head to Devonport to spend the day with my parents and then once we're stuffed full of Chrissie BBQ food we again pack up and head to Sheffield to the in laws. This year we'll be staying the night there and coming home Boxing day. Sounds like two action packed days - think Boxing day night I wont have any problems sleeping ROFL

So it's planned!!! Pressies are organised and menu written... just have to do food shopping and see how my sanity holds out with kids cooking every day this week. Figured they can have one day each on a rotating basis o help me get some festive cookies etc done - they will present the finished cooked products to family.

I've just spent the last 3 hours scouring cookbooks and the internet to work out our Christmas Eve lunch menu... this is what we've come up with...

Sweet Mustard Glazed Ham
Roast Chicken with Pistachio and Cranberry Stuffing
Crispy Roast Potato
Caramelised Sweet Potato and Red Onion
Glazed Roast Pumpkin and Carrots
Peas with Mint and Garlic Butter
served with Chicken gravy and cranberry sauce.

Summer Berry Trifle
Christmas Pudding
Served with Brandy custard and Ice Cream

It looks like a lot of work, but a lot of i can be prepared days before hand thank goodness!!! The shopping list might be the scariest thing - I think we've most of the bits and pieces, but to be honest until I check in the cupboards I can't be 100% certain of it **fingers crossed** my memory hasn't failed me - it's always the Little thing that add up and make the shopping go from manageable to astronomical in price!!! If the recipes turn out OK I'll post them here so I don't forget ;)

So tomorrow is the first day of the Summer School holidays - am I looking forward o them?? Not sure if the butterflies are from looking forward or fear (thinking more of the latter LOL) I'm hoping that the older kids will be more of a help than a hindrance. They are soo tired and ready for school to break up and I'm praying that the bad attitudes and fights of late is simply from burn out from school and now they get a break I get my angels (cough cough) back. tomorrow is also Child Health Nurse check up day for Dom. We'll get a proper bare weight and length check on him. I know he's grown a lot this last 2 weeks - he's had another growth spurt. My baby boy has also changed in looks - he no longer resembles a newborn - he's an infant for sure who is inquisitive, independent and curious about the world we've brought him into... his innocence is starting to wane *sob* in fact today he started sitting up!! he tried to sit up himself LOL he can't obviously as he's still too little but he'll pull himself to sitting when holding my fingers the strong little one!!! He can sit for about 30 seconds in aided before he goes to fall - by unaided I mean not even holding my fingers!!! Next I know he'll be walking (oops shouldn't jinx myself!!!)

We also got the video camera working today - about time!! Nathan informed me he knew where the charger for it was for ages - made me quite annoyed as I wanted to capture Dom's first weeks on it - now we've missed the newborn stage *sob* we've got a few videos we took on our phones but it's not quite the same...

Anyways time to get ready for bed and grab some sleep. Our appointment is for 10.30am - I've got to shower, bath Dom get all 4 kids dressed and ready to walk out the door by 10.15am... think I'll be fighting a losing battle, but we'll try to get there on time!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Super Quick Update

I'm sooo tired but want to add this before I forget to log in (as per my usual style)

Dom's paed appointment went well. At the moment all is as well as to be expected if not a bit better than expected. The elecon may have done a bit of a job - but not enough to avoid surgery from the looks of things - so we're to turn up at the Royal in Feb, Dom definitely has something funky happening with his eyes. They are not working together all the time and needs to be looked into - it may not require surgery (yay!) ummmmm... what else..... The rattly sound is the immature trachea - not reflux! The paed re-confirmed that the minute he develops a cough or croup type illness he's to be on the GP's doorstep to commence steroids to stop any airway obstructions (she did use a more technical term but for the life of me i can't remember it) and one last thing was that reflux is OK for now on the higher dose of zantac but to not be afraid to make another appointment if needing to have dose re-calculated... she said not to worry about making an appointment if we want to discuss anything at all :) otherwise we will be back in March.. that reminds me I need to re-schedule the appointment - at the moment we're meant to be seeing her whilst we're also in WA. could be a bit difficult :P

Okies sleep is winning over- I might have the energy to run spell check first.....

Is it Wednesday already?!?!?!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!! This Friday Domenik will be 11 weeks old - he's almost 3 months which means he is technically no longer a newborn *sob* I know he's no longer a newborn in reality but *sigh* I can't believe that fleeting stage is over... I guess all the giggles and grins we've been getting should have given me a heads up hey ;)

Today Dom has a follow up paed appointment to see if the elecon/steroid treatment has worked for his phimosis (I think I did say earlier that I was going to explain all that - somehow that post didn't eventuate - I must get to is LOL) and check up on his immature trachea - this results in a strider as soon as he gets upset or ill. We're hoping or some good news as he seems to be improving (especially with the stridor) but trying not to get too hopeful If the steroid treatment has worked we should be able to avoid surgery (circumcision) yaayy!! Trying not to hold my breath though as both Aleks and William required surgery... guess it's not too long now until we find out.....

Today is also the last official day at school for Aleks Kahli an William. Tomorrow is the last day of term and they will be spending the day at the school picnic at the Burnie Olympic Pool - can see the sunburn already LOL (not the best track record with avoiding it - especially with Kahli. something to do with the redhead complexion LOL) We're not sure if they'll be returning o Acton Primary next year. I can't say we've much confidence in the school at the moment but besides that we're no longer 'zoned' for that school - they should really be attending Montello Primary. The fact we know we'll be moving in April makes me hesitate moving them.... At least they know Acton school and the teachers etc - but regardless they'll more than likely be changing schools in April... I just wish we had a crystal ball so we knew where we'd find a house for us all at that time so I could work out if to move them or not!!! Something I can put off for the moment until next year ;)

Anyways 8 sleeps until Christmas morning!!! I think we're all ready - the tree i still not fully decorated.. too much has been happening!!! We've had a house full of sickies with colds hitting us all hard, think the road to recovery is about to reach it's end so the energy and excitment levels should increase and those fun jubs get ttended to ;)

So much for some quiet time - Dom has woken sneezing and snuffing again (yes even he got a cold :() of to do mummy duty :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Camera fun :)

Odds and Ends...

World of Warcraft MouseMat (bottom right hand corner is my mouse) 55mm f5.6

The Austar Remote, agin 55ml lens and f5.6

Bunch of Birthday Flowers....

And More Flower Fun......

Camera Fun...

Close up of some lilliums in the bunch of flowers Nathan brought me for my birthday. Taken with 55mm not certain what aperture.

Spoilt Little Old Me :)

Well again it seems to have been some time between posting here - there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to stop and take tock of things, let alone get the opportunity to blog it all!!!
I feel sooo old!! but enough of that, I had a good friend lecture me (in a good way) that I need to take more time out for myself and learn to spoil myself. Twas a hard thing to lsiten to but for once something sunk in LOL Soooooo After much deliberation (and pushing myself due to Nahan buying himself an IPhone and leaving me out in the cold :P) I decided that she was right - I needed to spoil myself!!!

Soooooooooooo........ what to spoil myself with.. that was the next thing. I thought back and tried to think about waht made me happy and feel at one with the world - It dawned on me that what I really loved is photography. I've half completed my diploma of photography (Kahli's arrival kinda interrupted its completion) but my camera equiptment is severely out of date (10 year old Pentax MZ50 and point and shoot Kodak digi camera). So my choice of things is money wa no option was to buy a new digital SLR camera. Basically I LOVE the control a SLR provides and the instant reward of being digital is beyond belief (plus I don't have access to a darkrom anymore to develop my own film or prints). unfortunately like most things and times in my life money just has to come into the pictue. One of these great cameras in a decent brand (canon or nikon) with a decent set up is heading towards the $1000 mark.... now not sure about anyone else but $1000 is not just sitting in my bank account twiddling it's thumbs... Yes we have savings but they were to upgrade our little mazda hachback to a 7 seater vehicle (kinda important with a family of 6!!!)

to cut a looong story short (I am prone to waffle when I get the opportunity) Our loverly Prime Minister Mr Rudd made provision to inject some capitol stimulus into the economy in the form of bonus payments to Aussie carers, parents, pensioners etc etc... We qualified for said payment which has since found it's way into (and now back out of ) my bank account. This payment has allowed us to purchase a vehicle that will get us out of our immediate transport bind (brought a white mitsubishi nimbus - it's not exactly what we had planned to buy but will get us from a-b and is cheap to run and has enough room for us all to at least sit - if not so much for luggage/stuff) and I had enough left over after settling Christmas to splurge a little on myself....

Hence the reason for this long peice of drivel which is really just written to remind myself that I didn't come to the decision to spend $1100 on a digital SLR camera too quickly (trying to fend off mummy guilt) Yes I brought my new baby!! It's a Nikon D60 with a twin lens kit that has vibration reduction (great asset!!) So far I've been lazy and just whipped through the quick set up guide to get snappin - but it's beautiful to work with!! the images are jsut soooo crisp!! I'm in love LOL The 200mm lens will be great if we have dolphons come to visit again :) and I can't wait to get started on some more still life and portraiture.

I'm actually starting to think it would be great to finish my diploma and take up photography as a career - foret any notion in my head that I have the concentration to complete a medical degree (mummy brain has a lot to answer for LOL) and do something that I absolutely adore... They do say the best careers for people is doing something that they love... I just ahve to wonder though exactly how feasible it is to become a photographer in this restricted community that we live in - I mean we could move ... but....

Guess it's something I'll have to nut out over the next few months whilst I'm on maternity leave and weigh everything up.... Leaving work will be soooo hard... wonder if they allow you to complete an art diploma part time as I'll be returning to work part time.... decisions decisions.....

Testing Testing....

Just testing image uploads.. this is Dom at 48 hours old :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

18 sleeps.....

Until the big man in the red suits touches down on everyone's roofs for another year :) ooh I love Christmas!!!! This year our tree was completed a little late though *blush* I had it all assembled on the traditional day of Dec 1st, however it's currently in the process of being decorated today - I've had a rough few days with Dom and just hadn't had the energy or inclination to make myself dizzy circling a tree made out of plastic to make it flash and winkle - Had a 'bah humbug' kinda week :P

Our biggest concern of the week was Domenik. He had his immunisations on Wed - Dr screwed up the appointment *roll eyes* Dom had his 6-8 week check (apparently it was late considering he was 8 weeks.. hmmm why is it called a 6-8 week check is 8 weeks old is too old to have it?!?!) and when I asked the Dr about his jabs he said that they had not been booked in correctly and he needed to have another appointment for them!!! As it was we already had a double appoinment booked as I told the receptionist that he needed both the jabs and his check.. Anyways he didn't do them so I went to speak to the receptionist to book yet another double appointment - she said that he should have done them and immunisation appointments are booked exactly like any oher apointment *sigh* She booked him in to another Dr so we spent the day in town , our older kids into after school care and trundled off for theshots at 2.15pm (first appointment was for 10am!!)

Dom was great for his shots :) He was starting to nod off to sleep when we were called into the Dr, he prepared the doses (they're so different now than 7 years ago!!!) Oral dose first - I expected them to be spat back in the Dr's face - but nope.. apparently it must taste ok ;) That one was for rotovirus (gastro) then came theouchies, one in each thigh Dom did really well though.. he cried for all of 10 seconds in total then went straight back to sleep :)

The real fun came later that arvo when he started spiking temps and getting sweats.. I kept him dosed opn panadol to help ease the effects and temps. He was restless until sleep finally came around 10.30pm Luckily he slept his full 6-8 hours and woke reasonably happy. I noticed if I missed a panadol dose he became very upset and hot - so kept it up.. later during the day (this is Thursday) I noticed he started coughing - not too bad, but every now and then he's start..... I just thought it was all side effects from the shots. Apparently not I found out the next morning at our CHN visit. He still had the funny cough andour nurse showed concern over it - especially as he was still spiking temps. His strido had also got a bit worse. Anyways she said if he got any worse tor if it was still there the next morning to get him to the Dr.

Later Friday evening he became really unsettled so I took him of to the GP. His stridor was evident most of the time, his chest was rattling and he was sounding really snuffy - but not in his nose, almost like a constant fluid at the back of his throat/dose area. The GP seemed really concerned She was looking at admitting Dom to hospital overnight for monitoring due to the deterioration of his airways and the diagnosis when he visited the paed of an immature trachea. She rang and got hold of the senior paed on the phone who said that monitoring at home would be sufficient. He also said that no babies aren't given panadol unless their temps are over 38.5*C!! totally diferent to what I've always been told!!! Apparently panadol is only there to stop seizures, not make the baby more comfortable etc.. not something I'm that happy with TBH - my opinion which is totally not medically endorsed now is that if we as adults would take panadol if we had a temp above 37* and were feeling miserable etc why should we expect our little babies go through a similar thing with no panadol to ease the effects... Such a hard thing for me to swallow that we aren't to make our bubbas as comfortable as possible.....

So at this stage we have no idea why Dom has these symtoms - oh the other thing was that he had an all over body rash that appeared Thrusday - Dr unable to pinpoint what it was. Anyways no diagnosis, just to watch him and if he worsens to take him to the hospital or GP if they were open. So far *touch wood* all is still the same-ish. Dom's cough is becoming more frequent, however his temp seems to have stabalised to low 37*C and the rattle and snuffies have settled somewhat. He is still snoring and seems to struggle a bit when he sleeps but there's no sign of cyanosis which is great - and as per usual he's on the apnoea monitor when he's sleeping which is a great source of comfort.

Anyways speaking of the devil he's awoken and will be demanding a feed no doubt. So much more to update here. Will do so hopefully if I get a free minute tonight :) OOh have worked out how to post photo's too - will start adding some ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Never Said I'd be Consistant....

And proving it to date LOL. I keep meaning to come here but something seems to come up all the time - Must learn to set time for ME!!!!

Right now the kids are getting ready for school which means the morning arguments have begun. How Domenik is sleeping through it I've no idea!!! Kahli is watching the clock counting down how many minutes they have until 8.30am - the time we say they should be out the door.. Aleks just got caught watching TV when he should be packing his bag and William has plain dissappeared - I suspect he's playing with his pet rats ;) Me, I'm sitting in bed in my purple 'monkeying around' jammies typing on the laptop waiting for Domenik to wake for a feed.

Dom has been sleeping oh so well of late - almost too well!! The night before last he slept 12 hours straight!!!! So far today/last night he's slept 9 hours straight!!!! Doesn't feel all tha comfy for me though considering I'm feeding him - ouchies at the moment, trying to ignore though - hence being here ;)

Well it's officially summer - December 1 was a pathetic first day of summer and it looks as though the first week of summer will be the same. One minute we had blazing sunshine that would raise a sweat if siting by the window, but within minutes the sunshine would be replaced with black clouds and freezing rain. Stupid weather LOL. I know we need rain for the farmers - but jsut one day of sunshine would be nice - don't the weather gods know I've a laundry full of washing?!?!?!

December 1 is also the oficial date for putting up the Christmas Tree. Ours is still looking a bit sad, basically it's half assembled - I'm slack I know *blush* problem was that in our move we misplaced the tree lights!!! I can't let the kids at the decorations until I've put the lights on.. sooooo in my infinate wisdom I thought I'd go downtown and get some new lights - but by the time I got down there it was almost time to pick the kids up from school!!! I did grab some lights - haven't unpacked them yet though LOL. Anyways went to grab the brats from school and Aleks hadn't got back from Emucisians (combined school band) so we waited, and waited and waited (well so it seemed). At 3.45pm they arrived at school *yawn* was so bored from sitting at the school front office - felt like I was in trouble and waiting for the principal hehehe Got home by 4pm, started trying to assemble the tree and then Dom awoke for a feed - take off another hour off the clock and it was dinner time. Anyways what I'm trying to explain is that we ran out of time putting the tree up!!!! today's the day - hey we started it on the first - isn't that good enough?!?!?!

Beter run now, Dom has awoken and is demanding a feed :D