Friday, December 26, 2008

If that was Christmas...

It's wrapped up for yet another year. And I'm exhausted!!! The last 48 hours have been ridiculously hectic - and I'm yet to come off the adrenaline rush, but not feeling excited from it - just done.. as one of the 'unnamed' TV court judges says 'stick a fork in me I'm done' - well that's me right now!! To be honest I feel really unsettled and jittery from the rush - trying to sit still and relax is showing me just how on edge I've been these last few days!!!

Anyways..... hmm I've no idea even where to start ROFL. Guess Christmas Eve - Lunch didn't quite turn out the masterpiece I planned - but it was still lovely :) We has the pistachio and craison stuffed chicken (soo yummy - will post the recipe next ;)) glazed ham and garlic and mint peas, I just didn't get around the glazing the roast pumpkin and carrots and the sweet potato is still sitting in the veggie bin in the pantry. I had to rush dinner as Nathan was scheduled to work from 1pm meaning he had to have eaten and be getting ready at midday (nothing like pressure!!) anyways just as I was finishing off the veggies to roast (they were pre-steamed etc and was literally closing the oven) his work rang and apparently it was busy but not busy enough to warrant everyone in and as he's the most expensive to pay (due to his advanced age LOL) he was culled from the day's roster.. will kinda hurt the hip pocket but meant he could have a relaxed lunch with the kids and me. sooo the accelerator was meant to have been released a little but the pressure was still there for some reason.

As I said lunch was yummy even without the glazed pumpkin and carrots an sweet potato. the kids had already swapped their pressies and were busy playing in the afternoon. Aleks and William were stoked with their remote control cars and they unfortunately spent most of the day waiting for the batteries to charge (they were too well packed in the boxes to have them out and charging before they were gifted to them (grrr) they did get Aleks charged enough for a quick run that afternoon :) Kahli spent the whole day playing with her pixel chix - I still don't understand that toy but it sure did keep her entertained! Dom was as placid as always but still wanting his feeds and plays so I did spend a lot of time with him that as much as I hate to admit it I felt I shouldn;t have spent with him. I feel bad saying that as I love spending time with him and the other kids and I know I shouldn't pressure myself to get things other than being a mum done at the moment but I did - I put the pressure on myself to try and make Christmas perfect which kinda spoilt it for myself - I always do that to myself - one day I hiope that I'll learn not to do this!!!

What was the pressure for?? Well the older kids really wanted to make some cookies to give to the relatives for Christmas... we didn;t end up getting them done simply due to time constraints and pure exhaustion from me and caring for Dom (still taking about 45 mins for a feed by the time he fills up and has a nappy change and a few mins of nappy free kicking) Also we were going to Wynyard to watch the Christmas Parade which started at 7pm - we had to leave home by 6.15 at the latest to be able to park and get a decent waching spot. And I know I shouldn't beat myself up about it because it didn't happen but I do - you see my plans didn't come to fruition as stupid as that sounds!!!

OK enough of me feeling bad about Christmas Eve not going to plan - I've got lots of piccies that I'll cull down and ad here :)

Christmas Eve Evening was horrible for me. No idea why but I had the worst wind and indigestion pain ever!!! If it were a lower abdo pain I'd almost say it was like a constant labour contraction that wouldn't ease - no wonder babies scream when they have wind/colic!!!

Damn need to finish this post tomorrow, Dom needs attention and don't think I'd be able to stay awake long enough to continue once he's sleeping....
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