Monday, December 29, 2008

Self Pity Alert

Don't say there was no warning but right now I'm feeling sorry for myself. Not long got back from the Dr's. Thank goodness for evening clinic!! there was no way I could get in there with all 4 kids (due to holidays and their father working) My conjunctivitis is still there and I need to start stronger treatment to clear it and on top of that I have a good old fashioned throat infection. BUT I can;t take anything for it unless it doesn't clear itself... basically because I'm still feeding Dom the new guidelines are no antibiotics unless reset etc doesn't work. I have to go back on Thursday or Friday of it hasn't clears - so much for planning a fun new years for the kids!!! If I'm still this yucky going out wont exactly be on the cards *sob*

Sooo sore throat, stiff neck - mostly down the back into my shoulders, weepy/crusty eye, blurred vision and headache is my lot for the moment - got to love it!!!

I've been ordered to rest so rest I shall and be back tomorrow probably to moan some more :P

BTW I think Dom's picked up that mummy isn't well as he's had an unsettled day on top of it.....
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