Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where did Summer Spring From???

All of a sudden we have heat and sun!! a couple of days ago it was almost winter wooly weather - rain and freeing cold.. today I'm sweltering in a sot of sudden heatwave. It's standard temps for this time of year but we've had no run up and I'm suffering for it - total wuss I know :P It's currently 22*C in the bedroom according to Dom's monitor and I'm sweating up a storm and wishing I could turn the air con on - but it's too $$ to run overnight.... Need to invest in a fan methinks ;)

Anyways I'm sure I'll get used to it - it has been lovely to have sunshine streaming through the windows though :)

Today I joined the photography challenges on EB the main one I'll be doing is taking a photo a day and trying to re-develop the photography skills and touches I seem to have lost over the last 9 years since Kahli was born and I had to elave my photography course. It was sooo nice to open up photoshop again, but I'd forgotten what did what LOL Took me a good hour or hovering and playing with the tools to kind of get a grip of them again :) I'll attach some of the things I've been playing with Again it's flowers but I'll gradually branch out and find other things to snap - jsut trying to re-learn it all again!! I've already discovered how much cleaner shots are with manual focus!!!

We did our traditional trip to the cheese factory today to get cheeses for the Christmas platter. I don't know why I always volunteer to get the cheeses but this year I wont be taking them all that's for sure!! a few blocks of cheese and some chutneys to go with them cost me $75!!!! I still have a fruit platter to organise and a Mexican layerd dip - this is all to take to mums on Christmas day - not complaining about taking it - just forgot how much it all added up so quickly!!! at least it'll be healthy snack food that my kids will eat :) And to top it off Lactos ran out of gruyere :( my favourite cheese and they don't think any will have matured before Christmas - so dissappointed...

Well the heat is getting to me, need to go change and get ready for bed. Dom is snoring and seems to have well and truly settled for the night (had my doubts as he didn't handle the warmth today very well at all) I know there was moe I wanted to put here by my brain is fried and starting to dehydrate as well.....
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