Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve

It's a time for resolutions, for memories and family. Not sure if I'll crack all 3 but at least two we'll cover :)

Memories of a year that just passed in a blurr!!! This year has had its trials but many joys. Trials in the side effects from the medication I was on to give us Little Dom, the issues with our old Real Estate and knowing we had to move when I was 40 weeks pregnant but not able to do anything because they had my hands tied then the miserable effects of high blood pressure from stress of moving, house hunting and work combined.... Oh I'm sure there were other trials - even as I type I can think of more - like not being able to get Dom circumcised etc.... I'm so happy to see the year draw to an end and start a new year and hope to have a few less hardships within it....

The joy - well of course finding out I was pregnant after 7 years (12 months on drug treatment) then the ultimate joy of meeting our littlest man firstly via ultrasound when he was only 5.2 weeks gestation and nothing but a little smidge on the ulstrasound screen then with fortnightly scans just to make sure all was well and then a trip to Melbourne which we timed so we could have our wonderful 3D scan to finally meeting Domenik on Oct 3rd (official due date leap year not considered)!!! Then the other children - they can be a handful but throughout the year they've grown soooo much!!!

Aleks is a very mature 10 year old now, he does still have his hiccups with he aspergers and can wear me out emotionally with it but he's come oh so far!!! He's joined emusicians and started to socialise, he's been invited to play hokey with Burnie City Marions - wish is such a HUGE thing for us all!!! Wow it has been a great year for him thinking back!!!

Kahli has grown from a little girl to a real pre-teen young lady. She's really starting to mature physically as well as within herself - my little girl is growing up and doesn't want to be coddled much anymore *sob* I knew it was coming, but there's something so special about little girls - well for me there is.... Teenage girls scare me!! LOL Kahli had a great year with netball and school. A lot less issues with stealing etc and happier with a different teacher (funny that!! Her last year teacher was so negative towards her that she started to exhibit psychological symptoms :( ) And she's turned out to be a great little helper with Dom :)

William - where do I start?!?! His allergies seem to be getting better - although we have had a couple of anaphylaxis episodes this year... This boy is extremely bright and bores easily when he turns into a cheeky little devil - apparently he starts behaving just like his daddy used to - Lord help us!!! But in all honesty as much as he too can be exhausting he's the sweetest little kid out. He's curious and determined :) He acquired a pet rat this year that he's been caring for pretty well (read with prompting LOL) Wil has learnt responsibility his year, for both himself, his behaviour and for other smaller beings.. a pretty big lesson that a lot of adults need to learn so we're pretty proud of him :)

I guess that's pretty much it for 2008... what a BIG year we've had, lots of tears both of sadness and of happiness - and looking back as much as it was a hard year there were more tears of joy than anything so I guess that must mean 2008 was a success!!!!

We're off to have a family day and then enjoy New Years Eve on the Terrace (be back at 9.30 after kids fireworks so will probably be back here sometime over night) and tomorrow we'll spend the day at West Park at the New Year Day sports carnival (I won tickets - first thing I ever won!!)

Roll on 2009 - May you bring many joys and happiness for not just our little (well larger than average) family but for everyone!!!!!
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