Monday, December 22, 2008

Carols by Candlelight 2008

What a GORGEOUS night to have Carols on - the weather was supurb, not a breath of wind and all I can say is "wow!!!" It was a marvelous night!!! The kids behaved, Nathan didn't complain too much and I love carols hehehe

It seems that Summer had finally found us and about time too LOL It's actually starting to feel like Christmas is almost here (3 days to go but who's counting?!?!)

Anyways I only come on here to upload the pics from the Carols - Still loving the new camera - the colours are wonderful!!! No editing at all on these shots :)

Our view from the hill (if we stood up)



Kahli and Domenik

Aleks decorating Dom's pram

More to come - Dom's awake and wanting attention....
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