Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Continued.....

Well as indicated earlier Christmas Eve didn't go so much to plan - Christmas morning was just as hectic! Santa arrived around midnight and had bean bags filled with treats for the older 3 and brought a toy crate with lots of stuff for little Dom. Aleks and William were the first up - at 2am!!! Kahli was around 5am *yawn* Dom wasn't fussed either way - all he wanted was his feed at 6am LOL.

I felt a bit better by morning - still felt a bruised like sensation but it was easy to ignore ;)

I was meant to have made a pavlova for lunch Christmas Eve which was kinda put on the the backburner when I fell ill - and I ran out of time to do it Christmas morning - so we missed the big fruit pav for lunch (but means I still have everything in the pantry for one - might need to get it made mwahahaha) Instead of cooking I was rushing about trying to get the kids dressed, Dom fed and bathed, me showered and dressed - oh and everyone's gifts wrapped that I was unable to do Christmas Eve - all this and out the door by 9am :O

Needless to say we were late LOL - when are we ever on time?!?!?!

We eventually left home at 10am and made it to Devonport by 10.45am :)

Who was at Devonport mm everyone!! LOL as well as Uncle Paul who I only knew from slides dad has from when I was a little bubba. It's kinda funny knowing someone is dads full brother - my uncle but I wouldn't know him on the stret - I don't know him at all. Family to me shouldn't be strangers so was really unusual for me..... but we got over that ;)

BBQ for lunch - including some delish scallop and bacon skewers - Uncle Paul loves fishing and he collected the scallops himself - 100% fresh plump Tassie scallops *drool* Lots of food for all and lots of sun - Kahli turned into a lobster - no idea how I can drum 'sun safe' message into her Augh!! Even Nathan burnt!! Not our usual Chrissie weather that's for sure - but it was beautiful!!

After everyone was stuffed and presented we trundled up to Sheffield to do it all again with the in-laws.

Dom awake -will be back.....


Okies where was I??? Looks like dribbling away hehehe. Sheffield, latish dinner was had and then even later to bed - I honestly can't remember that much as I was sooo tired! I do know I ended up falling asleep on the couch when Nathan and his father were playing golf on the Wii LOL

We stayed the night there because I was too exhausted to drive home and be safe - something that's rather important when you have kids in the car LOL Came home yesterday and the relief to actually be home!!! Instant weight off my shoulders. No more pressure to be perfect for Christmas, no more having to be polite and sociable and home to my own bed!!! Bliss!!!

Sometimes I feel soo antisocial... I don't seem to mix well in social functions, I always find myself wanting and not that good a conversationalist - I just don't know what to talk about!! Sometimes when I am having an introverted moment I wonder if I have some version of the Aspergers Syndrome Aleks has - it could account for my social awkwardness and why I find it so hard to loo people in the face and be watched myself. But of course I wont take that any further - it would mean too many questions about me and my life - it hasn't been a picnic my life and to have it pulled apart by a psych is just too daunting - I'll live with my head in the sand a bit linger thankyou very muchly :)

Where did my ramble about Christmas become something about me?!??! Enough of that!! I'm of to try and find the house under all the wrapping paper and toy packaging - Wish me luck!!!
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