Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Never Said I'd be Consistant....

And proving it to date LOL. I keep meaning to come here but something seems to come up all the time - Must learn to set time for ME!!!!

Right now the kids are getting ready for school which means the morning arguments have begun. How Domenik is sleeping through it I've no idea!!! Kahli is watching the clock counting down how many minutes they have until 8.30am - the time we say they should be out the door.. Aleks just got caught watching TV when he should be packing his bag and William has plain dissappeared - I suspect he's playing with his pet rats ;) Me, I'm sitting in bed in my purple 'monkeying around' jammies typing on the laptop waiting for Domenik to wake for a feed.

Dom has been sleeping oh so well of late - almost too well!! The night before last he slept 12 hours straight!!!! So far today/last night he's slept 9 hours straight!!!! Doesn't feel all tha comfy for me though considering I'm feeding him - ouchies at the moment, trying to ignore though - hence being here ;)

Well it's officially summer - December 1 was a pathetic first day of summer and it looks as though the first week of summer will be the same. One minute we had blazing sunshine that would raise a sweat if siting by the window, but within minutes the sunshine would be replaced with black clouds and freezing rain. Stupid weather LOL. I know we need rain for the farmers - but jsut one day of sunshine would be nice - don't the weather gods know I've a laundry full of washing?!?!?!

December 1 is also the oficial date for putting up the Christmas Tree. Ours is still looking a bit sad, basically it's half assembled - I'm slack I know *blush* problem was that in our move we misplaced the tree lights!!! I can't let the kids at the decorations until I've put the lights on.. sooooo in my infinate wisdom I thought I'd go downtown and get some new lights - but by the time I got down there it was almost time to pick the kids up from school!!! I did grab some lights - haven't unpacked them yet though LOL. Anyways went to grab the brats from school and Aleks hadn't got back from Emucisians (combined school band) so we waited, and waited and waited (well so it seemed). At 3.45pm they arrived at school *yawn* was so bored from sitting at the school front office - felt like I was in trouble and waiting for the principal hehehe Got home by 4pm, started trying to assemble the tree and then Dom awoke for a feed - take off another hour off the clock and it was dinner time. Anyways what I'm trying to explain is that we ran out of time putting the tree up!!!! today's the day - hey we started it on the first - isn't that good enough?!?!?!

Beter run now, Dom has awoken and is demanding a feed :D
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