Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is Organised!!!

Did I just use Organised and Christmas in the same sentence??? Well it's planned let's put it that way LOL. We are trying to start some Christmas Traditions now that the older kids are really starting to take note on those things (and to be honest thinking back around 8-10yrs is where my Christmas memories start so they're smack bang at that age group - good time to start). Sooo Christmas Eve we have OUR family Christmas. The children exchange pressies under the tree and I'll sweat and complain in the kitchen to produce as traditional a Christmas meal as I can muster. Then in the Evening we'll troupe over to Wynyard for their Christmas Parade. Hopefully by then the kids will be exhausted from food and playing that they'll not think about wandering onto the road to see what the next float is not thinking that they're walking in front of the one passing *sigh* well I live in hope at least ;) Then if all goes to plan we bring the kids home in one piece and set them to bed after they've left out the cookies they cooked for Santa in the week before Christmas and some carrots for Rudolph (oh and daddy insists that Santa also needs a cold beer LOL) Hopefully they're beyond exhaustion and are child like zombies who fall to sleep the minute their heads touch the pillow - I mean if I had that opportunity to sleep after a day like that I know I would!!!

Christmas Morning They have the joy of seeing if Santa has left anything (of course they all told Santa they were little angels - I wonder if the big man really knows my children mwahahaha) This year will be extra special as we have a house with REAL chimneys that Santa can slide down - kinda handy since Santa broke the key that we left out for him for the front door last year *sigh* even the great people of the world have accidents ;) Once they've marvelled over how generous (or stingy) Santa has been for yet another year we pack everything up and head to Devonport to spend the day with my parents and then once we're stuffed full of Chrissie BBQ food we again pack up and head to Sheffield to the in laws. This year we'll be staying the night there and coming home Boxing day. Sounds like two action packed days - think Boxing day night I wont have any problems sleeping ROFL

So it's planned!!! Pressies are organised and menu written... just have to do food shopping and see how my sanity holds out with kids cooking every day this week. Figured they can have one day each on a rotating basis o help me get some festive cookies etc done - they will present the finished cooked products to family.

I've just spent the last 3 hours scouring cookbooks and the internet to work out our Christmas Eve lunch menu... this is what we've come up with...

Sweet Mustard Glazed Ham
Roast Chicken with Pistachio and Cranberry Stuffing
Crispy Roast Potato
Caramelised Sweet Potato and Red Onion
Glazed Roast Pumpkin and Carrots
Peas with Mint and Garlic Butter
served with Chicken gravy and cranberry sauce.

Summer Berry Trifle
Christmas Pudding
Served with Brandy custard and Ice Cream

It looks like a lot of work, but a lot of i can be prepared days before hand thank goodness!!! The shopping list might be the scariest thing - I think we've most of the bits and pieces, but to be honest until I check in the cupboards I can't be 100% certain of it **fingers crossed** my memory hasn't failed me - it's always the Little thing that add up and make the shopping go from manageable to astronomical in price!!! If the recipes turn out OK I'll post them here so I don't forget ;)

So tomorrow is the first day of the Summer School holidays - am I looking forward o them?? Not sure if the butterflies are from looking forward or fear (thinking more of the latter LOL) I'm hoping that the older kids will be more of a help than a hindrance. They are soo tired and ready for school to break up and I'm praying that the bad attitudes and fights of late is simply from burn out from school and now they get a break I get my angels (cough cough) back. tomorrow is also Child Health Nurse check up day for Dom. We'll get a proper bare weight and length check on him. I know he's grown a lot this last 2 weeks - he's had another growth spurt. My baby boy has also changed in looks - he no longer resembles a newborn - he's an infant for sure who is inquisitive, independent and curious about the world we've brought him into... his innocence is starting to wane *sob* in fact today he started sitting up!! he tried to sit up himself LOL he can't obviously as he's still too little but he'll pull himself to sitting when holding my fingers the strong little one!!! He can sit for about 30 seconds in aided before he goes to fall - by unaided I mean not even holding my fingers!!! Next I know he'll be walking (oops shouldn't jinx myself!!!)

We also got the video camera working today - about time!! Nathan informed me he knew where the charger for it was for ages - made me quite annoyed as I wanted to capture Dom's first weeks on it - now we've missed the newborn stage *sob* we've got a few videos we took on our phones but it's not quite the same...

Anyways time to get ready for bed and grab some sleep. Our appointment is for 10.30am - I've got to shower, bath Dom get all 4 kids dressed and ready to walk out the door by 10.15am... think I'll be fighting a losing battle, but we'll try to get there on time!!!
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