Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Last Shop...

before Christmas that is :) We're going to take the kids to buy their little gift they want to give to each other. Previous years we brought them something decent tow swap but this year we had a mutiny on our hands - they feel old enough to go shopping for each other independently - but on our dime LOL . They're growing so quickly!!1 Next year we'll have to hand over the reigns to them to buy their own pressies with no mum and dad input - it's cool though - half the joy of Christmas is the suprises and they're starting to understand that so if they keep their gifts secrets until after the paper is torn off them we may be able to keep that suprise viable for future gifts (previously they spilt the beans on each others gifts as soon as they were purchased - hence the parental control ;))

We also have the task of cooking mounds of Christmas Cookies. It was on the schedule for yesterday but I had an impromptu nephew sitting afternoon - so busy busy today!!! Tomorrow afternoon if I can get the kids away from their 'family' gifts they can decorate and ice the biscuits.

Okies need to go get ready - also have to go to the chemist and get me some eye treatment - somewhere along the way I've picked up a good dose of conjunctivitis :( hoping to get something without a Dr appointment because here's no way I'd get into one today!!!
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