Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is it Wednesday already?!?!?!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!! This Friday Domenik will be 11 weeks old - he's almost 3 months which means he is technically no longer a newborn *sob* I know he's no longer a newborn in reality but *sigh* I can't believe that fleeting stage is over... I guess all the giggles and grins we've been getting should have given me a heads up hey ;)

Today Dom has a follow up paed appointment to see if the elecon/steroid treatment has worked for his phimosis (I think I did say earlier that I was going to explain all that - somehow that post didn't eventuate - I must get to is LOL) and check up on his immature trachea - this results in a strider as soon as he gets upset or ill. We're hoping or some good news as he seems to be improving (especially with the stridor) but trying not to get too hopeful If the steroid treatment has worked we should be able to avoid surgery (circumcision) yaayy!! Trying not to hold my breath though as both Aleks and William required surgery... guess it's not too long now until we find out.....

Today is also the last official day at school for Aleks Kahli an William. Tomorrow is the last day of term and they will be spending the day at the school picnic at the Burnie Olympic Pool - can see the sunburn already LOL (not the best track record with avoiding it - especially with Kahli. something to do with the redhead complexion LOL) We're not sure if they'll be returning o Acton Primary next year. I can't say we've much confidence in the school at the moment but besides that we're no longer 'zoned' for that school - they should really be attending Montello Primary. The fact we know we'll be moving in April makes me hesitate moving them.... At least they know Acton school and the teachers etc - but regardless they'll more than likely be changing schools in April... I just wish we had a crystal ball so we knew where we'd find a house for us all at that time so I could work out if to move them or not!!! Something I can put off for the moment until next year ;)

Anyways 8 sleeps until Christmas morning!!! I think we're all ready - the tree i still not fully decorated.. too much has been happening!!! We've had a house full of sickies with colds hitting us all hard, think the road to recovery is about to reach it's end so the energy and excitment levels should increase and those fun jubs get ttended to ;)

So much for some quiet time - Dom has woken sneezing and snuffing again (yes even he got a cold :() of to do mummy duty :)
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