Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life goes on....

The numbness is slowly ebbing away I think - only think.... I haven't got angry at what has happened as yet - waiting or it but it either isn't coming or not here yet. A times I feel like I need to sit and cry everything out but it wont come...

The contents insurance will cover items that we lost in the car, however nothing that was fixed such as CD player, car seat etc... I've lost some of Dom's favourite nappies - his CGR's are my biggest loss, at $45 a set it's also an expensive loss *sob* I'm also down some itti bitti D'lish and Bubblebubs. Hoping that the insurance will cover them, I don't think a claim for nappies is something they would normal see LOL. We lost both our boys remote control cars that they got for Christmas - the shop we purchased them from will allow up to re-purchase at the same price when the insurance comes through which is great - considering there has been a price rise!! There were some other things in there that all add up to around $5.5k - the list doesn't look that big, but things sure do add up - just sunglasses alone are around the $600 mark!!! It makes me wonder if we need to re-look at the contents insurance and up it a little for the house... The insurance assessor is coming our Monday to discuss everything with me and let me know what is covered, what isn't, what needs proof of purchase etc - hopefully it wont be too drawn out a process as we'll be in WA in 3 weeks time, I'd like it to be concluded by then!!!!

We had another scare with Dom this morning. Nathan was here waiting for the assessor to ring and he made some toast but didn't wash his hands after spreading it - it seems the utter on his hands caused an allergic reaction in Dom :( He first came up in just a couple of welts, I thought yeah it's nothing major, but in the space of a few minutes he was COVERED!!! He even had tiny welts on his little toes!!! Dom didn't seem to mind too much, he became grisly and a bit rattly in his chest but it was almost all gone within an hour and a half by the time the emergency room doctor got the chance to cal out his name. (what a long wait in an empty ER!!!) He now has a residual eczema type rash on his back, tummy and legs. I'm hoping he doesn't itch and scratch too much. Because of his age there isn't much we can do except if it happens again take him back to the ER. We can't give anything like claratyne until he is at least 6 months old which is really restrictive - with Williams reactions like this a dose of claratyne cleared it before it got too bad - hence the race to the ER if it ever happens again.

Due to the reaction I've gone around the Dr referral system which seems to be taking ages to get appointments for him (no one has apparently heard of children of this age having such acute reactions *sigh* old stomping ground again) and gone straight to Dr Smith (was Taylor) at Rose Cottage Medical in Launceston and have an appointment for testing on April 2nd. We're also on a stand by list if there's a cancellation - hoping there's a cancellation before we head to WA **fingers crossed**

Guess that's got me pretty much up to date so far. Things are muddling along, life continues and things happen. roll with the punches and hope that nothing too scary jumps out at us again I guess...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a Waste!!!!

Well I did ask if one more thing would tip me over the edge, but I didn't expect it to actually happen!!!!

Today we took om to Hobart to see the paed surgeon. We were up at 3.45am to be ready and leave by 5am. It was dark and cool - so cool that the heater was required in the car!! We were treated to the most spectacular sunrise when passing through Deloraine and all the way past Longford - it was simply stunning!!!! At 8.30am we hit Bridgewater thinking we'd make the appointment in plenty of rime - only to find out we were in the middle of peak hour traffic LOL It took an hour to travel from Bridgewater to Hobart city - something that the reas estate assured us would take no more than 10 minutes when we were looking at moving to Hobart when Wil was a baby - hmm think that 10 mins was a slight exaggeration hehehe.

We made the appointment on time with a screaming Dom The plan was to arrive in Hobart with 30-45 min left to change Dom and feed him ready to see the Dr. We didn't have time for that so raced to the appt and made it on time, dressed and fed Dom in the waiting room - if anyone was offended then tough LOL He needed feeding!! Sorry a bit sensitive about those who's sensitivities are upset by the sight of a mother feeding their baby....

OK - the appointment - The paed hadn't real the referral letter - he had no idea why we were even there!!!! To top things off he tells us that he wont consider phimosis a reason for circ under the age of 2 years - he believes it can correct itself *sigh* At the appointment he told us that he believes Dom will be ok and not need the op and that his nappies are the reason for his infections - I kinda saw red LOL and advised that he has not had any nappy rash, swelling, redness etc since using cloth nappies, the only rash he's ever had was the allergic reaction to disposies. He backtracked to that and said there may be an internal issue causing the infections. Anyways we walked out of there kinda feeling weird - We were told that basically Dom shouldn't have been referred until he was 2 years old so we wasted our money and time to go to Hobart - the Dr's up here should have known that information - soooooo annoyed!! Oh and the steroid treatment was not necessary to put him through either apparently grrr... Will be having a word to the kids GP tomorrow when discussing their allergies to see if he believes we should maybe consider having him privately circed when we're in Melbourne in a few weeks time.

So we drive back home, I had to take over driving at Deloraine because Nathan was falling asleep at the wheel LOL. Get back to Devonport, pick the older brats up and get home around 10pm.

We turn the corner into our street and our little blue hatchback is missing I thought it was weird, but it was feasible that the council may have towed it as it was if they wanted to be nasty illegally parked (there's no parking areas for this house so we squeeze the cars as close to the curb as possible and away from the corner as possible - so far no issues) So I send Nathan into the house to check for notices to say it was towed whilst I get the sleeping kids from the car... He didn't come back to the car so I went to investigate to find him on the phone reporting the car as stolen. There were no notices from the council - nothing :(

The police were to come out straight away to take a statement so we start unpacking the car as we'd stayed at my parents the night before due to the early trip to Hobart. About 5 minutes later I get a call on the home phone - someone asking for me. It was the police. They asked if I knew where my vehicle was.. I said well well just reported it stolen - and asked did they know where it was. I was praying that it wasn't involved in an accident where someone was hurt etc. The coms guy confirmed he did and I asked was it in an accident etc He told me they found it down south. To which I said that we'd just been in hobart today!!! Then he tells me that I'm not going to like what he has to tell me - it was set alight in broadbeach. My little mazda is gone!!!

Anyways about 10 mins later a female officer came to take my statement. During this time she received notification from coms that the car was gutted and nothing was recoverable.

I'm just so numb - it hasn't sunk in yet. It probably will tomorrow when I go out and she isn't there. Now I have no form of alternate transport for Nathan to use with the kids etc - I'm back to one car and being restricted!!

What bugs me is that i can't remember what was in there!! I think my good CD player was - I know one of the boys remote control cars was - they are $400 a pop!!! As was their fishing rods... Aleks eMusicians uniform, umm Ive no idea what else!!! Possibly some of Dom's good MCN (nappies) which are around $35 each!!! I just can't remember what was in there!! Soooo frustrating!!!

So right now I'm sitting here typing this out - desperate to feel something but nothing comes. I want to cry and vent but I don't feel anything. It's probably normal to feel like this after a shock that I've just had, I don't know - there's surely some rationale for it... just wish that my life would go smoothly for a change....

BTW The older kids are all upset - they're sleeping together in Aleks bed, too scared to turn the light out. They asked if the police found our car and when I said yes when we would be getting it back. The poor things were so distressed when I told them we wouldn't that the bad people set it on fire that I felt so awful for telling them the truth - I hope I did the right thing.... What does one tell their children about something like this?!?!?

I really need to try and get some sleep, wonder if there's any chance of that now....

So what a waste of our time going to Hobart, our fuel going to Hobart, my beautiful car that was such a symbol of independence for me (when Nathan and I separated he took the car and I purchased this one myself - it was mine and showed me I could make it alone by myself and provide for my children etc) was wasted in flames, what a waste in general of when promised to be such a great day to start with - it's ended in such a wasteful way.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just another day....

And I'm packing for Dom's big trip tomorrow to see the paediatric surgeon. Hopefully he'll agree to circumcise for his phimosis and we can stop worrying about UTI's!!! Our appointment is at 9.30am so we'll be staying at mums over night and leaving at 5am *yawn* I just pray it's going to be worth the trip - I've started to doubt myself a little again with crappy doctors etc - It's strange, I know in my head what is going on, what should be done etc etc etc - but the minute we come against any for of resistance such as a dodgy doctor who is patronising my resolve crumbles. At times it's as though I have no backbone - which I know is incorrect.

It makes me wonder, and I tired do I really have such little self confidence that someone's not thought out comments are enough to erode my own beliefs?? And for that matter am I depressed again but just putting on a good front - so good that I've been fooling myself again??

To be honest some things at the moment I could just sit and cry over - but I wont let myself cry - it's a sign of weakness - stiff upper lip and all that.... I just feel so close to the edge at the moment, edgy, jumpy, nervous, almost teary... if one more thing goes wrong I feel it could tip me over - but does that mean that there is something wrong or am I normal??? I'm certainly not ready to return to work and deal with other peoples problems at the moment!!

Anyways I'd better get back to packing and working out what we need to take before I get too introspective and blue ;)

BTW Discovered I am responsible for 'pest control' at this place so need to get the house fumigated myself *sob* quotes so far around the $200 - $250 mark!!!! Then I have to fumigate again when I move in 7 or so weeks!! Not sure if I can afford that so might have to put up With the bloody ants :(

Something to smile at ...

~ Domenik 22-02-09 ~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Augh Ants!!!!

I'm soo over them!! The damn creepy things don't usually bother me, but inside this house they're in plague numbers and I'm just over it!!

We've tried bombs, and sand, ant rid, ant traps, powder, bleaching, eucalyptus oil - everything possible except a professional fumigator (as we're not here for much longer and the house needs to be fumigated before we leave due to pets so why pay twice in 8 weeks) and they're still getting in!!!

I'm not exaggerating when i say they're climbing over each other to get in, they've cracked through paint in between the internal weatherboards to get in, they come in behind the aluminium splash-back in the kitchen, they come through the door, through cracks in window and under the carpet!!! The bombs, sand etc don't work as they come up from under the house!!! I just don't know what to do anymore.

They've only become a problem since the owner of the house did a core soil sample thingy right near the house - it's stirred up a nest :( The dashed things are meat eaters - any scrap of anything protein left around they're into it - especially if it happens to be a bone!!! I've never seen anything like it!!! They came after me, I would wake with ants on me trying to get to any leaking milk!!!

But the straw that broke this camels back, wasn't them crawling over me and being woken to have little black things crawling on my face, it was having to kill over a dozen that decided Dom was an easy target last night!!! My poor baby is now a target for them!!! They're in his bed, crawling over him etc - what makes it even worse is the bloody things are biters - I can kinda handle them at me - but when they start on my kids - especially my poor little baby that's another thing - especially since I have 2 kids with allergies, the last thing I need is for them to be bitten during the night an have a bad reaction!!!

So tomorrow I HAVE to ring the real estate - something needs to be done. We've found a great house close by that would be perfect for us but the owner of this house doesn't want me to end my lease 5 weeks early - so instead he will need to make this place habitable. The water pipes need fixing - at the moment they are rusting and the rust flakes are in the water - so bad that the water filter I'm renting needs to be changed weekly - instead of bi-monthly!!! The water pressure is crap - It takes an hour to run a bath, I can't run the washing machine and shower at the same time - I can't run the tap and the washing machine at the same time!!! The hot water cylinder keeps tripping the fuse and it's leaking a little into the water catching thingy underneath of it umm what else, there's something else but my brain is addled - just so over it all *sigh* This is a GORGEOUS house and the real estate are great, but I can't do this any more, especially with the owner not giving me any grace in looking for another property for my and the tribe... I don't want to be asking or this stuff to be done out of spite, it's just I can't look past the ants and water situation in particular any longer. Just to prove what they're like I've taken pics - because I know if I think back in a few years time I don't want to think that I'm exaggerating... They really ARE this bad!!!!

The above photo's were taken in the morning of Feb 14, 2009, this is the site we awoke to. The even before the sink and walls were all bleach cleaned. The ants were trying to get to the water splashes in the sink - the whole sink was black!!!

I'm paying top dollar in this area for this house and we can't even drink the water from the tap - this is meant to be a civilised society we live in and drinking water should be available if someone is renting out their property!!!

Okies, enough of a rant from me right now.. I need sleep, and to try and relax My back has been playing up today (probably not helping me with patience in the area of the ants etc) and I'm tired from not being able to get too comfortable last night... I did do some positive things though today, made some lactation cookies for Lee and took William and the crew to the cinema to see Bolt for his birthday treat - I've changed the usual "birthday tea" treat to a family treat where they can choose from birthday tea, trip to the movies or trip bowling.... Wil chose the movies :) I think he enjoyed himself - everyone loved the movie - even Dom sat up and watched it :)

Okies, sleep beckons....


Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Scared...

OK, I admit it, I'm scared, no make that terrified to start Dom on solids. He's starting to show signs he's ready and wanting, but he's recently had a borderline anaphylactic reaction (facial swelling, welts, diarrhoea and minor closing of airways - enough to cause cough) to peanuts via breastmilk and I'm terrified of starting the allergy journey again.

I've done the whole elimination thingy to death and was just breathing a sigh of relief after William started being able to eat more "normally" and it terrifies me that Dom is going to be as bad as his brother (who had multiple food protein intolerances as well as multiple allergies and anaphylaxis)

Dom is no where near as bad as his brother with intolerances etc, but *sigh* I'm just so scared of what is ahead... I'm waiting to have allergy testing done for Dom. waiting, waiting, waiting...... But then I'm afraid of the results on that too - I sound like a huge whimp!! LOL

Just beating myself up after going 4 months with no sign of an allergy, not even a rash then one drumstick with a couple of peanut granules on top and he ended up in hospital with his poor face all swollen :( Wil never reacted that quickly - I guess that is where my fear comes from....

I know I've done this weaning thing before, but with Dom it just seems different, we knew we had issues with Wil from day one with his constant rashes etc, but the severity of his reaction via breastmilk was a fraction of Dom's - I guess it's the severity of his reaction that has scared me....

I know what foods to start, to hold off and get a close to 6 months as possible I know all that in my head, but my heart is screaming that it's not fair and that my baby shouldn't have to go through this. Knowing what we went through before and how hard the struggle was..

It really sucks that our kids have such a wonderful world to live in but their lives will be restricted for such a long time whist their allergies are being investigated and discovered... We couldn't leave the house it seemed with William due to his airborne anaphylaxis - I hope and pray things don't get that bad with Dom - life cant be that cruel can it?!??!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oficially totally slack!!!

And still no time for a decent post, Had a horror day with Dom, he wouldn't settle and screamed and screamed this morning, only slept for 15 min intervals again - poor guy I couldn't settle or calm him :( I made a Dr appointment for him which was a waste of time - apparently children who are 4 months and over need to be supplemented with formula (wtf!!!) and I'm not experienced enough a mum with 4 kids, I was questioned about whether he is getting enough food (well he not dehydrated, is growing and has wet and dirty nappies - one even at the drs!!) whether I was burping him after feeding, was I doing this doing that - oh and how did I think of doing a urine sample (read his notes dr!!! Grrrrrr) oh so patronising!! Augh I could just scream!!! He had some nurofen about 3 hours before the Dr visit and his temp was still 37.5*C!!! apparently it's not considered a temp with this Dr until it hits 38*C!!!

Anyways he's sleeping soundly now, took a few times to get him settled, he'd fall asleep then wake as though in pain. His urine sample was clear at the moment however as the Dr did say (one bit of intelligence I guess) something could be brewing and not yet showing... so he's under monitoring, temps 3 times a day and symptoms monitored *sigh* what fun!!! Thank goodness he's seeing the surgeon this Tuesday, then we can rule out UTI's for the future!!!

Wil had a run in with Dr's today too - he fell from the flying fox in the playground and we thought he had broken his arm just above the elbow!! X-Rays show it's a sprain, but he's in considerable pain the poor mite... Nurofen and cold packs for him!!

Anyways better run, I need sleep - have been feeling quite tired of late, think everything has been building up and I need to slow it down and start taking things a bit easier - bit more realistic with the kids back at school *yay*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not totally slack...

Well, maybe just a little.

had a few days with no computer, then Dom's been rather demanding, kids started back to school, rental inspection, william's 8th birthday and now covering school books - all that added together equals a very busy me!!!

will try to get some time tomorrow to put a decent post in - however word of warning will be visiting Lee and looking at a possible new rental tomorrow so time could be at a premium then too... we'll see what happens ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well the power went off halfway through tying this, back on now so can publish :D

Hmm now Dom's settled I should finish my previous entry....

Just have to remember what I was going to write LOL

Oh photo shoot - I had Jess bring her boys over and took some piccies - they turned out really good if I do say so myself!! They were very photogenic boys which helped ;) I rushed to spotlight to get some black fleecy material for a backdrop - would you believe the only black fleece they had was a burnt out polar fleece with spiderwebs burnt into the fabric!!! I made it work by doubling it over but not impressed with them grrr Will need to get some more at a later date. I also need to get some white at some stage as well - preferably some stage soon ;)

~ Jackson ~

~ Charlie ~

Some piccies from the shoot ;)

Photo opportunities - Well I put a comment on my facebook page saying I need to find me some new models etc, and I had people contacting me to photograph them and their kids!! I'm blown away!! I've even got the opportunity to photograph a wedding!!!! Augh it's all happening that's for sure!! Just hope I can do a good job and hopefully start getting the confidence in myself to maybe ask for sitting fees etc... At the moment that's just a pipe dream - one day soon though it will be nice :)

Well dinner tonight is just savs in bread I think - I had the suspected skin cancer thingy cut out of my hand yesterday and cooking is left up to Nathan as I can't do much at all with my right hand (of all the hands to have minor surgery on!!) so trying to get things that are relatively cheep, cheerful and fuss free so he can cope. My hand isn't too sore usually, however it has given me grief from time to time, especially when feeding Dom, he wants to push against my hand which really does hurt :( I've ended up with a couple of stitches and several steri-strips and more than likely a decent scar, nothing I didn't really expect so all's good :) I have to get it dressed by the nurses every second day and stitches out in 10 days.

Well today I've been re-arranging things in the bedroom here. I've moved Dom's change table and preparing to re-assemble his cot. He's gradually growing out of his cradle :( It's only going to be for a few weeks as our lease is about 6-8 weeks away from expiring. We have to be out by April 12 at the very latest. I'll be asking the real estate this Friday when they come for the regulatory inspection what will the process be - the main reason I'm asking is that there are a couple of houses for rent on their website that would suit us down to the ground and I would dearly love to move ASAP to get the kids settled into school and the new house in one fell swoop - I also need to know if I need to save for another lot of bond or if they will transfer it from one property to the next - hoping the latter!!

Anyways must get the brats some dinner, they've meant to have been cleaning their bedrooms all day, needless to say not all that much has been done *sigh* my kids and work just don;t seem to mix!!!

3 Days and still counting....

I'm still dazed by the tragedy that is still unfolding in Victoria. This morning the death tally is at 173 with it expected to go even higher!! Some of the stories coming out of there - simply heartbreaking. It's so hard sitting here seeing it happen and reading about it, let alone for those who are actually experiencing it!!! I can't even bring myself to type some of the things that have been reported - I don't know how I could cope, how I would go on in this situation, so many parents have lost children, children have lost parents, friends and families have been torn apart or taken together - the terror must be... well it's indescribable!! As they say Hell on Earth - the aftermath is sure showing that to be the way. I am every EVER so thankful that none of my family or friends have experienced this first hand, to date I believe we have come through unscathed - most of us live in Tassie after all.... Again I just can't get over how lucky we are.. soooo lucky and blessed!!!

Well besides the bushfire's life has been moving on down here for us. The children are now enrolled to attend Montello Primary School. We went with Aleks and Kahli in Friday to meet the principal . Unfortunately they were really busy so we haven't found out their new teachers or classrooms yet. They go back on Thursday as the teachers have moderation or something today and tomorrow. It gives me a bit longer to get their things together hehehe, we're almost organised but this weekend threw me for a sixer.

Oh yes the list from the other day - car problems. We were driving to Ulverstone to take some candid shots of Jess and her boys when changing gear in front of the Ulverstone football ground we heard a loud "pop". Our dashed clutch cable snapped!!! And of course it was at 7pm so no auto shops were open Augh!!! We've got her fixed now, but OMG what a pain in the butt - especially as we had the kids with us!! Luckily it happened not far from where we were going (dinosaur park) so I could walk there with the brats whilst Nathan wait with the car for dad to come see what could be done.

can't finish this now, Dom's wanting a sleep and only mum will do ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Country of Great Diversity

I haven't forgotten the list I made to add to this blog but need to get this out because It';s been playing on my mind over the last 24 hours....

This great country I live in is astounding. It is so beautiful, tranquil, cruel, hard, cold, hot , dry and wet all at once!! Is there any other place on this little planet with such diversity?!?!

Right at this moment we have raging bushfires in Victoria which has so far claimed at least 65 lives - including those of innocent children. Then in Queensland there are devastating floods!! towns such as Innesfail have have some reprieve from the flooding for one day and the levels lowered only to have more rain and the floods are back. There have been deaths up there as well, the latest suspected is a 5 year old child who went missing and a crocodile was spotted in close proximity - how devastating can this country be!!?!

Here I sit in my nicely air conditioned home, up on a hill overlooking a stunning ocean view, sipping my cool filtered water and so many people are suffering. I am so blessed to be living in Tasmania at this point in time. I'd hate to be having to make some of the decisions so many hundreds of families are being forced to make at this very moment.... and yes, I feel kind of guilty about sitting here not being able to do anything, not that i could do anything to change what is happening, but *sigh* I am soooo lucky and blessed that I have learn not to take it for granted!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is effected b y the current natural disasters this country is experiencing at the moment.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Not a real post

I'm soo tired am about to hit the sack - and it's not even midnight!!!

anyways this isn't a real post, just a note to remind myself to post about car troubles, photo shoots and proposed photography work - it's all happening!!!

sleep first.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Is what I feel like I'm riding at the moment. Not sure if I can still blame hormones etc - but I can try eh LOL

Little Baby Sarah is coming along sooo well - she's such a miracle!! She had her first breastfeed today and gained weight and is sooo much closer to coming home, to think a few short weeks ago the doctors had all but given up any hope of her coming this far!!! words just can't describe how thrilled I am for her mum :) She's not my daughter but the pride and emotions are just overflowing at the moment - I can't wait to meet her and give her mum a huge hug in March!!!

Another positive - I have some (obviously loopy) people wanting me to take their and their kids portraits!!! Even have someone willing to let me loose at their wedding - OMG so scared about that one!!! I'll be fine on the day, started doing some research etc on wedding photography but ooooh scared that I'll stuff up, do something stupid (as only I seem to be able to do) etc etc.. Some pressure is released on that shoot though as she ha paid another friend to be the official photographer, so if I screw up big time I wont feel as bad - but it will be great experience to have my first wedding shoot with reduced pressure ;)

What else has happened to create this roller coaster feeling hmmmmmmm

Dom had a great night sleep the night before last, however the heat increased overnight and he was restless again *yawn* He's also due a growth spurt so probably just co-incidence with the weather being hot etc, but it's a convenient excuse and allows me to ignore my baby boy is growing too quickly LOL - speaking of which he's commando crawling up a storm, he'll see something and set off *sigh* no more innocence there, he's one determined little boy!!!

Ohhh yes I've made a decision I think...... unless something drastic happens between now and August I think I'm going to ask work for another 12 months unpaid maternity leave - based on Dom's allergies and reluctance for daycare centres to care for them, if it's approved all well and good, if declined I can;t see myself going back there I know it's a great job and in this time of job shortness and recession it may be a foolhardy decision if I look back in a few years, but right now I feel it's not right to leave Dom with others whilst we're discovering his journey with allergies, especially knowing that we'll be coping with at least one that is anaphylactic. My little boys life and safety can not be replaced by a few extra $$ in the pocket - if something happened I'd never EVER forgive myself for choosing work over him. In the meantime I will study a Bach of fine arts via open university. It's not the photography bach I want, but it's in the art area and will give me a basis to (in a few years) complete photography modules and have a solid basis for art choices, understanding, criticism etc. It can also springboard me into teaching art if I wish to at a later stage. Also I love just about anything arty so being able to devote 6 months at a time to different mediums and streams can only be a fun challenge and open me up to new paths and things to explore and discover :)

OK big decisions made (for the moment LOL) Oooh another one made too, I'm keeping Dom's cradle. It'll be a great prop for baby shots :) why sell it for a few $$ when I can use it to make some $$ :) (all going well) So far for kiddy props I have the cradle, a old packing box and old suitcase - it's building!! Now I'm about to put an add on freecycle for some garment stands to turn into backdrop stands.

Hmm what else happened this last few days - Augh so much!! But I don't have time to write it all - shoot that is selfish eh LOL Umm well I guess the big change in the next week will be the kids returning to school. They are going to Montello Primary - we've made another decision LOL they're changing schools and I feel so much happier for that one being made. They are even looking forward to going back!! To see their face light up when we told them that they weren't going back to Acton was remarkable! I didn't realise how much that school had been bringing them down, It was with a very heavy heart that I was thinking to send them back there, but their reactions show me we've done the right thing by them. We got all the paperwork yesterday for the switch - and OMG it sounds like a wonderful school!! the most unhealthy thing on the canteen menu for lunch is a hamburger with salad!! and the canteen is only open 2 days a week!!! Soooo different from Acton and it means the kids will have less pressure to buy buy buy just because mum and dad work (hated that we were expected to be swimming in money just because we worked Grrrrr) Today we brought their uniforms, the only thing we need to get now are shoes and we're set!! So roll on Next Tuesday we've 3 brats ready to hit the school books with a vengeance - I can;t wait to see their hunger for study and school return - Acton drowned that fire in all three of them ever so slowly until we thought we were just dreaming that it was ever there - but it's coming back, the spark has re-ignited and I hope will burn brightly at this new school :)

Okies, enough rambling, I've got a whole load of nappies to hang out before bed and a photo of the day to take - camera hasn't been out of the bag yet today - have to rectify that ;)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pinch and a Punch

For the first day of the month...

Yeah I'm one day behind but you get that :P

We had a great day out yesterday. We swapped Kahli for William at mums and had a BBQ. We brought some seasoned chicken, however it was more like chickened seasoning - I asked Nathan to SPRINKLE the chicken fillets with Moroccan spices, he poured half the container on them!! Talk about salty!!!! but it must have been somewhat edible as it disappeared quickly LOL.

Kahli had a tough couple of days at nanny's as Harry 9her cousin) was staying there for the weekend and as much as they seem to get on well when visiting, longer periods saw them at each others throats - kids!! You think you have them sorted and then they go and change the boundries on you!! She's happy to be home now, in fact I was just sent an email from her that said

"To katrina I love you so mush
love lots from kahli"

awwww She sure is a challenge our little girl but she can be soo sweet - right now she is in the playroom fast asleep, she was watching a movie. Poor thing is soooo tired from a week of being spoilt and let stay up late *sigh* back to routine now mwahahaha

Last night we had another BBQ with the Watts family at the Bluff in Devonport. It was meant to be a lovely day with possibility of showers, instead it was blowing a gale!!! Sooo windy!! the wind wasn't exactly cold, but it made you cold - hard to explain. It was warm wind but I think it was just the ferocity of it that made us feel chilly... It didn't stop the kids from getting in the water though!! brrrrr they were shivering when they got out LOL. I took the opportunity to take some more pics of our kids and theirs...Hopefully Lisa will like them :) Here's the ones I took of our older 3 brats - yesterday was a Dom free photo day - was hard, but I succeeded with only taking 1 piccie of him, and it wasn't the best LOL

Ok I couldn't resist adding the one of Dom LOL. It doesn't quite go with the pics of the kids... I think I need to find a more baby friendly situation to get a group of shots of them all that match.. one day...

Ok a bit of a 'me' moment. My friend who had her bubby early sounds as though she is starting to struggle emotionally with what has happened this past 12 or so weeks. I feel sooo helpless and isolated over here in Tas. Baby Sarah seems to be doing really well and continues to fight and prove the Dr's wrong, but her mum..... She has been sooo strong, but she's only human and I'm starting to worry about her and wish there was something we could do to help her out.. She has been at that hospital every day - the things that she has seen would be remarkable - it has to be wearing and heavy on her heart... I don't know how anyone can go through this kind of situation without it effecting them for a long time... It make me feel guilty for the things I complain about with my kids - at least they're home and with us - they have een given a future outlook, Baby Sarah as much as she is improving and fighting still has a question mark over hers and she will have that practically all her earthly life due to the rarity of her condition - how does a mother cope in that kind of situation - it must be so painfully excruciating emotionally for her!!! I wish there was something I could do..

Okies, I have to get over this slumpy mood now for my brats. I've been watching montages and video's of Sarah today and I know the kids have picked up on my sombre mood.

Think I need a session with my camera :) that should pick me up :)