Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a Waste!!!!

Well I did ask if one more thing would tip me over the edge, but I didn't expect it to actually happen!!!!

Today we took om to Hobart to see the paed surgeon. We were up at 3.45am to be ready and leave by 5am. It was dark and cool - so cool that the heater was required in the car!! We were treated to the most spectacular sunrise when passing through Deloraine and all the way past Longford - it was simply stunning!!!! At 8.30am we hit Bridgewater thinking we'd make the appointment in plenty of rime - only to find out we were in the middle of peak hour traffic LOL It took an hour to travel from Bridgewater to Hobart city - something that the reas estate assured us would take no more than 10 minutes when we were looking at moving to Hobart when Wil was a baby - hmm think that 10 mins was a slight exaggeration hehehe.

We made the appointment on time with a screaming Dom The plan was to arrive in Hobart with 30-45 min left to change Dom and feed him ready to see the Dr. We didn't have time for that so raced to the appt and made it on time, dressed and fed Dom in the waiting room - if anyone was offended then tough LOL He needed feeding!! Sorry a bit sensitive about those who's sensitivities are upset by the sight of a mother feeding their baby....

OK - the appointment - The paed hadn't real the referral letter - he had no idea why we were even there!!!! To top things off he tells us that he wont consider phimosis a reason for circ under the age of 2 years - he believes it can correct itself *sigh* At the appointment he told us that he believes Dom will be ok and not need the op and that his nappies are the reason for his infections - I kinda saw red LOL and advised that he has not had any nappy rash, swelling, redness etc since using cloth nappies, the only rash he's ever had was the allergic reaction to disposies. He backtracked to that and said there may be an internal issue causing the infections. Anyways we walked out of there kinda feeling weird - We were told that basically Dom shouldn't have been referred until he was 2 years old so we wasted our money and time to go to Hobart - the Dr's up here should have known that information - soooooo annoyed!! Oh and the steroid treatment was not necessary to put him through either apparently grrr... Will be having a word to the kids GP tomorrow when discussing their allergies to see if he believes we should maybe consider having him privately circed when we're in Melbourne in a few weeks time.

So we drive back home, I had to take over driving at Deloraine because Nathan was falling asleep at the wheel LOL. Get back to Devonport, pick the older brats up and get home around 10pm.

We turn the corner into our street and our little blue hatchback is missing I thought it was weird, but it was feasible that the council may have towed it as it was if they wanted to be nasty illegally parked (there's no parking areas for this house so we squeeze the cars as close to the curb as possible and away from the corner as possible - so far no issues) So I send Nathan into the house to check for notices to say it was towed whilst I get the sleeping kids from the car... He didn't come back to the car so I went to investigate to find him on the phone reporting the car as stolen. There were no notices from the council - nothing :(

The police were to come out straight away to take a statement so we start unpacking the car as we'd stayed at my parents the night before due to the early trip to Hobart. About 5 minutes later I get a call on the home phone - someone asking for me. It was the police. They asked if I knew where my vehicle was.. I said well well just reported it stolen - and asked did they know where it was. I was praying that it wasn't involved in an accident where someone was hurt etc. The coms guy confirmed he did and I asked was it in an accident etc He told me they found it down south. To which I said that we'd just been in hobart today!!! Then he tells me that I'm not going to like what he has to tell me - it was set alight in broadbeach. My little mazda is gone!!!

Anyways about 10 mins later a female officer came to take my statement. During this time she received notification from coms that the car was gutted and nothing was recoverable.

I'm just so numb - it hasn't sunk in yet. It probably will tomorrow when I go out and she isn't there. Now I have no form of alternate transport for Nathan to use with the kids etc - I'm back to one car and being restricted!!

What bugs me is that i can't remember what was in there!! I think my good CD player was - I know one of the boys remote control cars was - they are $400 a pop!!! As was their fishing rods... Aleks eMusicians uniform, umm Ive no idea what else!!! Possibly some of Dom's good MCN (nappies) which are around $35 each!!! I just can't remember what was in there!! Soooo frustrating!!!

So right now I'm sitting here typing this out - desperate to feel something but nothing comes. I want to cry and vent but I don't feel anything. It's probably normal to feel like this after a shock that I've just had, I don't know - there's surely some rationale for it... just wish that my life would go smoothly for a change....

BTW The older kids are all upset - they're sleeping together in Aleks bed, too scared to turn the light out. They asked if the police found our car and when I said yes when we would be getting it back. The poor things were so distressed when I told them we wouldn't that the bad people set it on fire that I felt so awful for telling them the truth - I hope I did the right thing.... What does one tell their children about something like this?!?!?

I really need to try and get some sleep, wonder if there's any chance of that now....

So what a waste of our time going to Hobart, our fuel going to Hobart, my beautiful car that was such a symbol of independence for me (when Nathan and I separated he took the car and I purchased this one myself - it was mine and showed me I could make it alone by myself and provide for my children etc) was wasted in flames, what a waste in general of when promised to be such a great day to start with - it's ended in such a wasteful way.....

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