Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Days and still counting....

I'm still dazed by the tragedy that is still unfolding in Victoria. This morning the death tally is at 173 with it expected to go even higher!! Some of the stories coming out of there - simply heartbreaking. It's so hard sitting here seeing it happen and reading about it, let alone for those who are actually experiencing it!!! I can't even bring myself to type some of the things that have been reported - I don't know how I could cope, how I would go on in this situation, so many parents have lost children, children have lost parents, friends and families have been torn apart or taken together - the terror must be... well it's indescribable!! As they say Hell on Earth - the aftermath is sure showing that to be the way. I am every EVER so thankful that none of my family or friends have experienced this first hand, to date I believe we have come through unscathed - most of us live in Tassie after all.... Again I just can't get over how lucky we are.. soooo lucky and blessed!!!

Well besides the bushfire's life has been moving on down here for us. The children are now enrolled to attend Montello Primary School. We went with Aleks and Kahli in Friday to meet the principal . Unfortunately they were really busy so we haven't found out their new teachers or classrooms yet. They go back on Thursday as the teachers have moderation or something today and tomorrow. It gives me a bit longer to get their things together hehehe, we're almost organised but this weekend threw me for a sixer.

Oh yes the list from the other day - car problems. We were driving to Ulverstone to take some candid shots of Jess and her boys when changing gear in front of the Ulverstone football ground we heard a loud "pop". Our dashed clutch cable snapped!!! And of course it was at 7pm so no auto shops were open Augh!!! We've got her fixed now, but OMG what a pain in the butt - especially as we had the kids with us!! Luckily it happened not far from where we were going (dinosaur park) so I could walk there with the brats whilst Nathan wait with the car for dad to come see what could be done.

can't finish this now, Dom's wanting a sleep and only mum will do ;)
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