Sunday, February 22, 2009

Augh Ants!!!!

I'm soo over them!! The damn creepy things don't usually bother me, but inside this house they're in plague numbers and I'm just over it!!

We've tried bombs, and sand, ant rid, ant traps, powder, bleaching, eucalyptus oil - everything possible except a professional fumigator (as we're not here for much longer and the house needs to be fumigated before we leave due to pets so why pay twice in 8 weeks) and they're still getting in!!!

I'm not exaggerating when i say they're climbing over each other to get in, they've cracked through paint in between the internal weatherboards to get in, they come in behind the aluminium splash-back in the kitchen, they come through the door, through cracks in window and under the carpet!!! The bombs, sand etc don't work as they come up from under the house!!! I just don't know what to do anymore.

They've only become a problem since the owner of the house did a core soil sample thingy right near the house - it's stirred up a nest :( The dashed things are meat eaters - any scrap of anything protein left around they're into it - especially if it happens to be a bone!!! I've never seen anything like it!!! They came after me, I would wake with ants on me trying to get to any leaking milk!!!

But the straw that broke this camels back, wasn't them crawling over me and being woken to have little black things crawling on my face, it was having to kill over a dozen that decided Dom was an easy target last night!!! My poor baby is now a target for them!!! They're in his bed, crawling over him etc - what makes it even worse is the bloody things are biters - I can kinda handle them at me - but when they start on my kids - especially my poor little baby that's another thing - especially since I have 2 kids with allergies, the last thing I need is for them to be bitten during the night an have a bad reaction!!!

So tomorrow I HAVE to ring the real estate - something needs to be done. We've found a great house close by that would be perfect for us but the owner of this house doesn't want me to end my lease 5 weeks early - so instead he will need to make this place habitable. The water pipes need fixing - at the moment they are rusting and the rust flakes are in the water - so bad that the water filter I'm renting needs to be changed weekly - instead of bi-monthly!!! The water pressure is crap - It takes an hour to run a bath, I can't run the washing machine and shower at the same time - I can't run the tap and the washing machine at the same time!!! The hot water cylinder keeps tripping the fuse and it's leaking a little into the water catching thingy underneath of it umm what else, there's something else but my brain is addled - just so over it all *sigh* This is a GORGEOUS house and the real estate are great, but I can't do this any more, especially with the owner not giving me any grace in looking for another property for my and the tribe... I don't want to be asking or this stuff to be done out of spite, it's just I can't look past the ants and water situation in particular any longer. Just to prove what they're like I've taken pics - because I know if I think back in a few years time I don't want to think that I'm exaggerating... They really ARE this bad!!!!

The above photo's were taken in the morning of Feb 14, 2009, this is the site we awoke to. The even before the sink and walls were all bleach cleaned. The ants were trying to get to the water splashes in the sink - the whole sink was black!!!

I'm paying top dollar in this area for this house and we can't even drink the water from the tap - this is meant to be a civilised society we live in and drinking water should be available if someone is renting out their property!!!

Okies, enough of a rant from me right now.. I need sleep, and to try and relax My back has been playing up today (probably not helping me with patience in the area of the ants etc) and I'm tired from not being able to get too comfortable last night... I did do some positive things though today, made some lactation cookies for Lee and took William and the crew to the cinema to see Bolt for his birthday treat - I've changed the usual "birthday tea" treat to a family treat where they can choose from birthday tea, trip to the movies or trip bowling.... Wil chose the movies :) I think he enjoyed himself - everyone loved the movie - even Dom sat up and watched it :)

Okies, sleep beckons....

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