Monday, February 2, 2009

Pinch and a Punch

For the first day of the month...

Yeah I'm one day behind but you get that :P

We had a great day out yesterday. We swapped Kahli for William at mums and had a BBQ. We brought some seasoned chicken, however it was more like chickened seasoning - I asked Nathan to SPRINKLE the chicken fillets with Moroccan spices, he poured half the container on them!! Talk about salty!!!! but it must have been somewhat edible as it disappeared quickly LOL.

Kahli had a tough couple of days at nanny's as Harry 9her cousin) was staying there for the weekend and as much as they seem to get on well when visiting, longer periods saw them at each others throats - kids!! You think you have them sorted and then they go and change the boundries on you!! She's happy to be home now, in fact I was just sent an email from her that said

"To katrina I love you so mush
love lots from kahli"

awwww She sure is a challenge our little girl but she can be soo sweet - right now she is in the playroom fast asleep, she was watching a movie. Poor thing is soooo tired from a week of being spoilt and let stay up late *sigh* back to routine now mwahahaha

Last night we had another BBQ with the Watts family at the Bluff in Devonport. It was meant to be a lovely day with possibility of showers, instead it was blowing a gale!!! Sooo windy!! the wind wasn't exactly cold, but it made you cold - hard to explain. It was warm wind but I think it was just the ferocity of it that made us feel chilly... It didn't stop the kids from getting in the water though!! brrrrr they were shivering when they got out LOL. I took the opportunity to take some more pics of our kids and theirs...Hopefully Lisa will like them :) Here's the ones I took of our older 3 brats - yesterday was a Dom free photo day - was hard, but I succeeded with only taking 1 piccie of him, and it wasn't the best LOL

Ok I couldn't resist adding the one of Dom LOL. It doesn't quite go with the pics of the kids... I think I need to find a more baby friendly situation to get a group of shots of them all that match.. one day...

Ok a bit of a 'me' moment. My friend who had her bubby early sounds as though she is starting to struggle emotionally with what has happened this past 12 or so weeks. I feel sooo helpless and isolated over here in Tas. Baby Sarah seems to be doing really well and continues to fight and prove the Dr's wrong, but her mum..... She has been sooo strong, but she's only human and I'm starting to worry about her and wish there was something we could do to help her out.. She has been at that hospital every day - the things that she has seen would be remarkable - it has to be wearing and heavy on her heart... I don't know how anyone can go through this kind of situation without it effecting them for a long time... It make me feel guilty for the things I complain about with my kids - at least they're home and with us - they have een given a future outlook, Baby Sarah as much as she is improving and fighting still has a question mark over hers and she will have that practically all her earthly life due to the rarity of her condition - how does a mother cope in that kind of situation - it must be so painfully excruciating emotionally for her!!! I wish there was something I could do..

Okies, I have to get over this slumpy mood now for my brats. I've been watching montages and video's of Sarah today and I know the kids have picked up on my sombre mood.

Think I need a session with my camera :) that should pick me up :)

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