Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My day for this week towards my blog. I've had appointments so far that have driven me nuts - mostly because I feel like there's so much to do and so little time to sitting and waiting in a dr room etc is just a waste of my precious time where I could be doing something productive... In a way my blog has been on the backburner a couple of days too due to this phenomena... so basically my life outside of packing and appointments has been neglected **sigh**

right now I'm getting ready to take Dommy to our child health nurse for his 18 month check... also to get notes etc to take with us - then I have William's spare clothes to drop off at school (he's staying at a friends place overnight) then to collect Nathan from work, going to the real estate to sign a break lease form and THEN more packing and purging - actually mostly purging ;)

Will be back I promise.. for now it's purge, purge, purge - gee I love the sound of that word at the moment LOL

Purging away......

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just for Nathan

he's sulking because I've apparently not mentioned him in my blog - so this is just for you................

hmmm.. empty space, not sure what to say... guess this will have to do :P

Mwahahahahahha ahhh I can be such a biartch hey ;)

I hate waiting.....

At the moment I'm waiting for a lot of things - maybe I'm meant to be learning patience... Bah - that word makes me even more impatient at the moment LOL

Honestly I'm not usually that bad - I can be as patient as Job most of the time, but I think stress is getting to me a little. I feel very much on edge... as though the next thing to be thrown my way etc will tip me over....

Dad's op was meant to be a 2 hour thing, it ended up being closer to 4 hours! We wont know any more until the doctors do their rounds in the morning - the nurses couldn't (or wouldn't) tell mum anything :( so the wait is on for this initial answer... Then we'll have another 5 days or so to get the pathology results back on the cancer to see exactly what we are dealing with and cement in the best action plan to beat this cancer!!! Right now he's having a tough time of things. Even though he's high on morphine he's in an awful lot of pain with his bad back.... Not sure what will happen from here, but he' in ICU so will have the best of care.

We're still waiting on the Coles Group to approve our transfer - I mean it is approved and all done, but they need to approve the proposed travel itinerary and costings before tickets etc can be booked. At the moment it the proposition is for packing by the removalists on Tuesday 6th, uplift Wed 7th and we'll get the carpet cleaner in Wed afternoon and hand the keys to the real estate once the carpet cleaner is done. I'll keep the kids in Devonport at mums with me from Monday night onwards - we need to keep them out of the way as the removalists do their thing. I might come in and do some cleaning Tuesday - we'll see how dad is whether he can stand having all the kids there...

Sooo all going well and approval coming through ASAP we should be flying out Wed April 8th. We should be in Mt Gambier by 4.30pm the same day.... It still seems surreal that we're moving, I just can't get my head around it - but it has to be done!!! No turning back!!!!

Right now I'm sorting kids rooms. We're going to clean Kahli's room completely (Kahli and Aleks will be away all week for camp) clean her room completely and turn it into a box storage area. When she returns home from camp she can put her mattress on the floor of the boys room to sleep - camp out in the boys room!!!! Woohoo, well that's hoe we'll play it up ;)

Bed is calling so I must head off - can't deny it's sweet music... night all xxxx

Thinking of you Dad

Today dad has his surgery for prostrate cancer. He was meant to have had it before Christmas - in typical dad style he said "the dr didn't say which Christmas" LOL

He's been getting progressively worse but fighting through it. He's had a lot of health issues but this has to be the most 'acute' I guess is the word...

So this morning he had to be at the Launceston General Hospital at 7am and have bloods and then prepare for surgery - I've no idea what's happening at the moment, if he's in or not... I hope mum texts or calls - I don't know if she will though... I guess time will tell... I've tried calling a few times but I guess the phone off rule still exists for patients and visitors in hospitals (not the docs though) grrrr

What I do know is that after the surgery he'll be in ICU for a few days, then onto the general ward for around a week - we're hoping he'll be home for Easter. He'll come home with a catheter and bag which will be hard for him to cope with if I know my dad - he's fiercely independent and will have 6-8 weeks ahead of him not able to do much at all other than potter around the house and make a cup of coffee - I can't even fly him over to Mt Gambier until those initial 8 weeks are over apparently, I'll see what I can get organised though and see if we can't suprise him!!!

Thinking of you dad - keep fighting!!! It's going to be a long journey but I'm so glad we've been here for the biggest part so far xxxx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Not Panicking - honest......

AUGH!!!! Well maybe I am - just a little ;)

Tomorrow: Dad has his surgery, I've a Dr appointment, Kids athletic carnival

Friday: Garage Sale Preparation - Mum is coming over to help and Lisa is staying voernight to help too

Saturday: Garage Sale!!!

Sunday: Farewell BBQ (all day)

Monday: Aleks and Kahli off to school camp

Tuesday: 8.30 appointment with Domenik's Orthosist and followed by Paed Physio

Wednesday: Launceston to visit dad, Photo's at Latrobe later in the afternoon

Thursday: Aleks and Kahli come home from School Camp. Kids last day at Tasmanian school - lots of tears I'm certain....

Friday: Good Friday!!!!

Saturday: Devonport for Easter

Sunday: Easter - kids day at Burnie Park

Monday: Devonport again and Final personal Packing

Tuesday: Wridgways packing all our stuff CLEANING!!!

Wednesday: UPLIFT!!!!! more cleaning and possibly flying out.....

Thursday: One way or another we'll be either leaving Tassie or will be our first morning waking in Sa - tickets and bookings to be confirmed....

Friday: Organise keys to be returned to RE once carpets cleaned - could be interesting with us interstate!!!! Fumigator can come at his own leisure after that date....

And in between all this I need to organise and get booked in cleaner (I think - will probably get it all done ourselves... we'll see), gardener/lawns, carpet care and fumigators, Cats to eb collected and transported, family Dr appointment to organise transfer or collection of our medical histories, Child Health Nurse appointment for Dommy notes, collection of notes from Wil, Kahli and Dom's opthamologist, same with Aleks mine and Nathan's optometrists... Ooooh I know there's a few other things that I've forgotten too....

Time is getting away from us - I think once this weekend is over it'll start to be more real... and scary and definitely more closer and imminent!!!!

No, no reason to panic at all......

Right now we're off to grab some tape to put together the mountain of boxes the removalists gave us so we can start to get somewhat organised.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honest Scrap Award!!!

I've been given a blog award!!! My first ever :) Ahhh the little things that entertain me hahahaha I'm pretty blown away actually - I blog to get things off my chest etc, to think other people find me interesting is kinda odd... I've never thought of myself as interesting or the likes - just plain old morning me LOL

Okies so to E. at Whining at the World Thankyou so much!!! I love reading your comments on my posts and never thought my blog was worthy of an award - you've really made my blogging life so far :)

Honest Scrap Award Rules

1. You must brag about the award.

2. You must include the name of the blogger who gave you the award and link back to that blogger.

3. You must choose a selection of blogs that you find brilliant in honest content.

4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with this award.

5. List at least ten honest things about yourself.

.........then pass it on with the instructions!

Sooooo 10 honest things about me..... hmmmm......

1) I spent most of my teenage life in a children's home. My parents ran it, I was a big sister in it and as much as it was good, it helped me becoming the person I am today, it showed me the darker side of life and that things aren't peachy keen for everyone it was a very tough upbringing. I don't regret my upbringing, but sometimes I feel so jealous of those who had in comparison a calmer life - we had over 200 children come through the home in 3 years - and several of those are now life long friends and family members :)

2) I am a survivor of sexual abuse - from a relative (as opposed to someone being called "family"). This is hard for me to put into words as it's something that isn't readily acknowledged by my family. But it happened and it effected me and my depression is linked back to it. From as young as I can remember to around 15 years of age a cousin of mine abused me. He got away with it scott free which really stings as I now live with the nightmares and memories, but I know Karma will get him one day! As a result I'm now very very overprotective with my children which has been noted by some acquaintances - but I'd rather be overprotective than let something like this happen to them....

3) When I was 17 I was told I would never had any children. My gynaecologist had me booked in for a hysterectomy as I refused to go out and get pregnant to treat my chronic and severe endometriosis that was not responding to the treatment he prescribed. I went for a second opinion, started a new treatment, got married and now have 4 gorgeous children!! I am so thankful my gut instinct told me to go with the second opinion - otherwise my children would not be here!!!!

4) I always wanted 6 children. I don't know why - it seemed a nice rounded number. I don't think I could honestly cope with 6 kids right now... maybe later down the track - but then I'd probably be too old ROFL Nathan only ever wanted 2, we compromised at 4.... Now we have 4 he's decided he wants 6!!!

5) I'm secretly terrified of moving to Mt Gambier. I'm trying to put on a brave and happy face for my kids but I'm terrified!!! I've never lived outside of Tasmania and we'll have no social or even family networks to fall back on over there - I keep telling myself we're not the first to move to a place where we know no one.... it helps but I'm still nervous and scared. I feel like a silly little girl being this uncertain LOL I'm kinda excited at the same time - the change and chance to form true friendships with people who haven't heard form a friend of an aunt of a cousin that we knew back in primary school about us LOL. Thinking about climbing those steps up to the airplane has me almost in tears thinking of what I'm leaving behind... I know it's a good thing - I jsut hate leaving my parents when dad's going through his cancer, my friend whilst she's still trying to find her feet as a single mum, my work (even though it was questionable if I was returning) playgroup, and Tasmania in general - it's always been home... now we wil call South Australia home - that's going to take some getting used to!!!!

6) I don't make friends very easily. I never had. Even in high school I only had 3-4 friends - including my best friend!!! I find myself hanging back when in groups, I don't usually go out of my way to get people to notice me, usually they do cos I'm not all that tiny.... But I've low self esteem from years of teasing and abuse - I was one of the nerds that would spend lunchtime in the library either studying or as a library monitor - or in choir or school band.... I'm just not a very social person.

7) I didn't get my drivers license until I was 23 years old. I was on medication when in late teens for my endo etc that had warnings about driving so wasn't able to start learning... Then I had little Aleks and was busy being a mum. By the time I was pregnant with Kahli it was decided I must get my licence - getting Nathan to drive me and little A everywhere was getting ridiculous!! I got my L's first pop and my P's first pop :)

8) I love scrapbooking and have a HUGE box of photo's waiting to be scrapbooked. I'm sooo slack getting them into albums!!! When we move it's going to be one of my "things" to do... Find a scrapbooking group and/or photography group to join and work on my two hobbies. I actually have more piccies than I need as I shoot family pics with scrapbooking layouts in mind LOL I think I'll have a house full of scrapbook albums by the time I'm 40 the way I'm going with taking photo's LOL

9) I'm still up to date with my 365 - photo a day challenge!! I've nto been able to process all my personal pics and upload though - behind with that, but I'm still taking a photo a day!!! I've been too busy processing others photo's to get time on mine.. Another thing I'm looking forward to when moving - getting to do thing for myself again :)

10) I find it really hard to say "no" For some reason to be accepted seems to be really important for me. I take on more and more projects until I find myself working for others and not myself and not enjoying what I'm doing. I really really REALLY need to work hard on correcting this.... I need to learn to say "no" for me sometimes... Easier said than done I'm finding!!!!


There you go - 10 things about me :) Of another thing I should have said was I talk too much when I have the opportunity LOL I use a lot of words and elaborate where sometimes I probably shouldn't LOL You're probably regretting starting to read this - if you've made it this far well done!!!

So my awardees.....

Some honest blogs I really enjoy reading
I hope you all appreciate the award as I have :)

Bec at Home is Where the Heart Is

Nicole at The Life of Us! and

Wangster at Ramblings, Rants and Reverie


Back - sore but not sorry :)

Relay was great - well except for me falling ill just past midnight grrrr. I had to step down from the early morning walks and get picked up early :( No idea what made me ill, if it was something I ate or not (hmmm could an iced coffee and iced chocolate really make someone violently ill???) but it was good while it lasted - we even made it to the paper!!!

Dommy too LOL

Well I've been sore, and a little sooky but over it now ;) Yesterday was my recuperation day and today back into getting things ready for the garage sale and BBQ. Plans may have to change slightly though as dad got his surgery date - he's in hospital this Thursday!!! 3 days notice ain't much but he's getting the op before we leave which is a HUGE relief for me!!!

Yesterday the guy from Wridgways came and assessed the house and our property to provide the Coles group a quote so we can get things rolling on firm dates etc for moving. I can't give notice to the real estate without a firm date **Sigh** It's going to be around $5000 to move us!!! Glad I'm not paying it LOL although it's apparently cheap according to our neighbour who paid over $7000 to move just himself!!!

Well housework and sorting is calling... be back later :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Relay for Life-ing...

That's what I'm going to be doing tomorrow to Sunday.

I've had cancer touch my life from a young age.

My grandfather passed away from lung cancer when I as little - From what I recall (it's not talked of that much) he contracted it after spraying pesticides on the farms he managed. He was also a smoker so now looking back with adult eyes and more knowledge on what smoking can do I suspect the latter was a major influence in his disease as well. I remember sitting at his feet when I was super tiny watching him fill his pipe of an evening and smelling the woody aroma from it... at the time it was comforting - it felt like I was with my beloved poppy... Now I wonder what I would be thinking if I saw my father do that with one of my children at his feet - I think I would pop a valve getting them away from the toxic stuff!!! Nothing against those who are smokers - each to their own - I don't condemn you for your choice and right, but I will protect my children whilst I can from smoking ;) I remember my parents getting ready and going to his funeral - I didn't go... myself and my siblings were too young... It was probably a good thing - but even today I feel I didn't properly say goodbye to pop - the last I saw of him was him in the hospital in Launceston - he was sooo skinny!!! Wearing his blue flanny tartan dressing gown and shortie jammies, grandpa slip on slippers on his feet. He came and gave me and my sisters a big hug... he smelt of his pipe which he had come out to smoke... It was the last I remember of poppy...

When I was in high school a girl a grade above me was fighting leukemia. She was often in and out of hospital, she had radiation burns on her arms from the extreme efforts the medics were going through to try and save her life. I remember her sisters struggling at times with life in general whilst their family worked towards keeping Rachael alive. She lost her fight when I was in grade 10. She had returned to my school as a teachers aid - she went home from work one day early with a headache, went to bed and didn't wake up - very unexpected as she was apparently "well". Her funeral was very hard to attend.... but was something I felt I had to do - not just to honour Rachael, but to be there for her sisters.... They were and are a lovely family!!! I always associate Sarah McLaughlin "Angels" with her now - it was played at her funeral....

And right now my dad is fighting prostrate cancer. He was meant to undergo surgery before Christmas 2009 to remove it - he's still awaiting surgery!!! I was hoping he would have had t before we move, but it's not looking hopeful :( I don't know what I'll do when he gets the call to go to hospy - I don't know if we'll be financial enough for me to fly back to Tas - I'd like to but I just don;t know.... His chances of winning his battle are apparently really good - we're trying to be positive.... But delays right now are making me edgy... I know it's going to be tough on him and mum once he;'s home from surgery - I wish there was a way I was able to be there... I guess when he gets the call We'll be able to properly assess our situation to see if it's possible. We wont know for certain what we're dealing with until he's had the surgery.. so it's a waiting game....

So there are a few people I will be walking for tomorrow - not only these but for everyone else I know who has been touched by cancer - and those I might meet or who may be inflicted in the future - I walk for those as well. I've not done anything in regards to fundraising this year - it's kinda snuck upon me with the move etc... but next year watch out!!! I've linked up with Bright Star Kids for their online fundraising. You can go to the link and put in the code "FDR374" or choose "Bricknell Relay for Life" in the fundraising code section on their order page and 25% of the sale will go towards my relay for life fundraising.

CELEBRATE cancer survivors,

REMEMBER loved ones lost


FIGHT BACK against this disease

that takes so much!!!!

Every five minutes, another Australian
is diagnosed with cancer.
While survival rates are improving
every day, cancer remains a
leading cause of death.


I have a Secret....

I really big secret that I can't tell anyone!!! I will be able to reveal it in due time, but for now it's lips sealed, zippered up, buried under cement and all that jazz...

It's a good secret, a life changing secret and something I never expected to ever happen!!!

So for now this is all I can say - but it's all good - all will be revealed, for now happy dance is going on inside my head... happy happy happy :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Far-Reaching Woes of Junk Food....

I'm physically sooo exhausted!!! I wish I could say it was from packing and everything is done - but it's not LOL I don't know why but I have aches in my body as though I'm coming down with a flu - I pray it's not that!!!

To be honest I think having a sick baby boy at the moment has taken it's toll. Dom was a bit off colour yesterday and then last night he had fresh blood all through his nappy :( We suspect it's from an allergic reaction form all the junk food his paternal grandparents and daddy fed him over the weekend while I was away trying to relax...

GP assist told me to take him to the GP today but we can't get in until Thursday - augh - talk about frustrating!!!

Anyhoos, he's not noticeably unwell, very very clingy and a bit sooky... No temp, he has a few spots on him (one on his wrist has blistered) I can't be certain it is just allergies but will be seeing the doc on Thursday to be on the safe side...

In the meantime I need to rest when he's resting and take my queue's from Domenik so I don't wear myself out too much!!!

BTW - no junk food in this house for a loooong time!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life's Lessons...

You should know by now that one of my "motto's" is that things don't always happen to you for you to learn something by or get answers for - sometimes the lesson or answer is for someone else... Well I'm pretty certain that the happenings of this last week are not lessons for me.

Sure it's been heartbreaking to think someone could hate me so much to deliberately go out of their way to try and get me imprisoned (his ultimate wish apparently) but if there's some good to come of it then I can cope with it all a little better.

The good I can hear you ask - is that my best friend is now certain she is right in her decision to end her marriage and become a single mum to 4 children and leave her scumbag, abusive, lying, despicable and low life husband in her wake - and not feel bad about it. It's something she has been working towards but she's always had something holding her back - until now. The fact that he can be so evil to do what he has done to myself has been the knife that severed that last little bit of cord tying her to him. It also helps me know that she is resolute and wont waver in her decisions regarding him without me here - not that I did much other than listen to her and try to be objective, but anyone who is from a background where there is manipulation would know how easy it is to sway when the objective voice disappears for a little bit.

It has totally cemented my mind that moving now is the right thing. It's going to be tough to leave all friends (haha all my friends... hmm not that many if I really think about it but even having acquantances wave and say hi in the street - I'll miss that!!) and family - I still don't know how I'm going to find the strength to walk away from them all and up the stairs to board the plane - but I have to do it - it's time to start a new chapter in my life....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stress Does Funny Things....

... for me it gives me migraines. Not necessarily blood pressure related, but stress related... My BP is apparently totally fine but he head is a thumpin and a spining like crazy!!!

I'm trying not to let things get on top of me. There's so much happening at the moment that it's hard not to though. I'm looking for little positives with everything I do to try and stop me slipping back into depression.

Things like today Domenik learned to frown. He's such a delightful little boy <3 He came trundling into my room this morning with a frown on his face - he looked so serious it was comical. I couldn't help laughing out loud - he joined in lol. He's been practicing most of the day - but not enough for me to get a pic - yet LOL.

Dom has also learned to WALK in his boots and bar!!!! Not just crawl but he can walk in them!! I didn't ever think it was possible!!! I've got some film of him crawling in it, walking hopefully tomorrow :) I figure if I keep myself active I can keep my mind off things until I get the final word from centrelink on their final decision etc....

Okies, enough for now, The jackhammers are working overtime right now and I need to get off my computer and force them to take a break.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a day....

OMG what a day!! I feel like I've been through the wringer. My best friends ex husband has been making up rumors and spreading them in order to make my life even harder!!! He's so vindictive over my friendship with Lisa it's seriously ridiculous!! I would seriously love to name and shame but if he'd ever find my blog I know he would try to sue me for defamation - I can't afford the risk of that....

He admitted today to writing a letter to centrelink stating that I didn't seperate from Nathan and that we had been de-frauding the government. He turned around and stated that he has also been making phone calls and did it to be rid of me!!! I wonder what he meant by that - did he mean he wanted me gone as in behind bars... Did he really think I was so stupid to defraud the government when I work for the ATO?!?!?!

I feel so sick!! I've been scrambling to get a list of people who can attest to the fact we've been separated... I will not be bullied - although sometimes I wonder why fight...

This is a guy who stooped so low to accuse me of having a lesbian relationship with his ex wife!!! OMG he just can't seem to keep his stories straight... never before in my life have I felt such hatred from one person....


Just had to get that off my chest...

Soooo looking forward to moving, it's a definite - I need to get myself and my children out of this state and get a fresh start - Sometimes living in a small place has it's drawbacks - vindictive little men seem to be the one I've had against me this week!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Secret Phobia....

Is the dreaded dentist!!! It's been years since I've been to one - mostly as I have been waiting on the public list which increases in length every time you make an enquiry I'm sure - the inquiry usually is to see how much longer I can put a visit off ROFL.

Honestly, my teeth are dreadful :( I have my dad's teeth.. they crumble easily, very little enamel on them - no matter what I do they just disintegrate - and because they cause me no pain I just have to wait my turn in line...

I have private health insurance that will cover me now... But I'm too chicken to actually make that call...

I'm scared about a few different things. Firstly being my dad had false teeth at a relatively young age - I don't want false teeth!!! I know they're headed that way and logic tells me the more I put it off the closer to getting falsies I come... But I just can't make that call still!!!!

Secondly - I know it will be painful - they don;t hurt that much at the moment LOL Pitiful eh ;)

Thirdly... hmm I'm not really sure, but I'm sure there's more than two little fears that are holding me back!!!

And well, now, I can't possibly begin treatment now we're moving right?!?!? :P I know, I know - P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C!!!!

So tonight I have another abscess starting on my quarter molar on the bottom left side, I know I'm going to need to make a call... The last time an abscess erupted I was pregnant with Domenik and they wouldn't do anything other than give me antibiotics... now I'm not pregnant I guess they might do something a bit more active....

Maybe I'll make that call tomorrow...

...but then tomorrow never come's...

image courtesy of Purplemattfish via flickr. CC license.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So much to do, so little time....

And no idea where to start!!!

The biggest problem I'm having at the moment is that we have no exact date on which we're leaving, no idea on what the process is going to be etc etc. I'm impatient and need to know what's happening so I can process it in my feeble brain and work out what and where we are oging and doing!

We should know more on Tuesday - it's not that far away but seems so distant at the moment. I know jsut like these next 4 weeks it will come very very quickly. Wow, 4 weeks is no time at all to move interstate!!! Augh!!! List time i think!!!

Today we compiled a list of questions to ask kmart honcho's... now it's a case of waiting for the long weekend to be over and wait for answers... Sometimes I feel like I'm patient, but then pther times it seems to be a virtue I lack in...

Anyhoos, I'm exhausted - I need sleep!!! I'm slowly getting over the emotional shock of what's happening and can feel the panic set in that there's so much to do, and so little time....

Friday, March 5, 2010

On the Move...

Have you ever wanted something but not wanted it at the same time?? That's how I feel right now. I'm so happy that Nathan got the job transfer - happy for him and excited about a change for us, but then I'm not wanting to move for the fact it's something totally new and unexpected! Well kinda expected but when you apply for a job you always have an element of doubt about it coming through LOL

So in approximately 3-4 weeks we'll be winging our way to Mt Gambier. Into a state I';ve never visited before. Off to a town I've only read about or heard about.. to a state where we have no relatives or current support network and into a different state hospital and medical system - scary if I look at it in the negative, but I have to look at it as an adventure!!!

My kids are kind of happy, I don't think they realise the whole "adventure" before us. It's going to be a HUGE social learning curve for us all.

Well I have to process this all, it's all new and exciting and I feel myself on the verge of tears and hysteria thinking about everything I have to do in the next 3 weeks... I mean it's not out of the blue, but I still had that element of doubt about it all coming through...

I am happy - very happy, but the finality and having a date etc is scaring me a little at the moment...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it the Eve of big Changes???

Tomorrow Nathan finds out about the manager in training position he applied for. This one is based in Mount Gambier - a whole two states away from Tassie!!! He's said he wont take it unless I'm happy enough to move over there with the kids.. It'll be a BIG change but I think we're ready for it.

I've always said I'm a Tassie girl through and through, but something in me is telling me now is the time to make a move or we'll never do it - I want to kids to experience something different, have an adventure that they wouldn't ordinarily have. I know moving interstate is probably a bit extreme though LOL

I've done a lot of research and know that it suits our medical needs as well as educational. Also it seems to be a pretty friendly place and climate not that different to Tassie so I'm hoping if things do work out this way that we can acclimatise and settle pretty easily **fingers crossed**

But for now, we still don't know what's happening. There was another 11 applicants so there's competition - how stiff that competition is is anyone's guess. His workplace seem to be building him up for a move, but that isn't the official word either , they have no more idea than him or me about if he'll be successful....

So today could be the eve of something big for us - or it could just be another day..... tomorrow will tell ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Change of Seasons

Ahh it's here, not necessarily change of seasons as in Summer to Autumn, but it's the change of seasons from "healthy" season to "cold and flu" season!!!

I've got a scratchy throat, stuffy nose and heady-achy head that I've been fighting off for a while, but i can feel it slowly taking over grrrr... Strepsils have some out, lem-sip isn't that far away from the feels of things LOL I sit down to do photo's and fall asleep - well have actually been like that this last week since I've been fighting this darn cold, but it's getting worse hahaha ahh well... Hopefully if I fight it enough it'll go before it really hits (if that works at all ;))

Well that's all the energy I have to expel on typing tonight, off to find me some sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 1, 2010

60 days in...

to the new year that is ;) Happy first day of Autumn, and the trees and weather are starting to get into the season already!! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some of our deciduous trees were starting to have a few leaves change colour, I thought I was going nuts, but nope, they're turning more yellow and red with every day. As for the weather, after weeks of scorching summer heat the last two days have really shown a HUGE shift in weather pattern - it's already feeling like autumn with cooler nights and mornings - so much so I considered turning the heater on today!! A jumper did the job instead ;)

Today Dom and I attended our first club foot clinic. He's grown a bit since he was fitted with the ponseti brace a week and a bit ago - so much so he not only needed new boots but also a new bar!!! So he went to bed with shiny new leather white shoes :) I wonder how long they'll stay white LOL I asked about the apparent clubbing of his feet and if he had straight out metatarsus adductus. Apparently the jury is still out due to the fact his stance and gait indicates clubbing of the feet, however there is movement now in the back of his heel and in the tendons. At the very least he had a very severe case of metatarsus adductus - there was no way on earth that it was going to right itself Grr to the docs that said it would!!!

Domenik is on monthly clinic checks at the moment to see how he's progressing. If he continues to roll onto the side of his heels he may need to move into AFO's for more support - that's something to deal with in the future I guess.. same goes with possibly surgery if he continues to pull his foot around back into the boomerang shape again.

Well tomorrow is playgroup and a Loraine Lee linen party at Jess's place in the evening, Wednesday I've got 2 photo shoots in Devonport, Thursday I'll be processing all day and Friday we've an appointment to get Dommy's orthotics fitted and then off to find him some new shoes!!!! Big week ahead!!! Hopefully a nice quiet weekend though - well outside of housework.. time will tell though ;)

Ooooh have to add Domenik cut his first molar on Friday, second Saturday and bottom two molars today!!! He's almost fully fanged!!!! Hopefully the dribble express will pass us by now and leave his tops dry hahaha

Anyhoos - off to bed for this little black duck - I'm feeling totally exhausted, I'm hoping a goodnight sleep (if Dom sleeps through with no croup **fingers crossed**) will help :)