Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back - sore but not sorry :)

Relay was great - well except for me falling ill just past midnight grrrr. I had to step down from the early morning walks and get picked up early :( No idea what made me ill, if it was something I ate or not (hmmm could an iced coffee and iced chocolate really make someone violently ill???) but it was good while it lasted - we even made it to the paper!!!

Dommy too LOL

Well I've been sore, and a little sooky but over it now ;) Yesterday was my recuperation day and today back into getting things ready for the garage sale and BBQ. Plans may have to change slightly though as dad got his surgery date - he's in hospital this Thursday!!! 3 days notice ain't much but he's getting the op before we leave which is a HUGE relief for me!!!

Yesterday the guy from Wridgways came and assessed the house and our property to provide the Coles group a quote so we can get things rolling on firm dates etc for moving. I can't give notice to the real estate without a firm date **Sigh** It's going to be around $5000 to move us!!! Glad I'm not paying it LOL although it's apparently cheap according to our neighbour who paid over $7000 to move just himself!!!

Well housework and sorting is calling... be back later :)

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