Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Change of Seasons

Ahh it's here, not necessarily change of seasons as in Summer to Autumn, but it's the change of seasons from "healthy" season to "cold and flu" season!!!

I've got a scratchy throat, stuffy nose and heady-achy head that I've been fighting off for a while, but i can feel it slowly taking over grrrr... Strepsils have some out, lem-sip isn't that far away from the feels of things LOL I sit down to do photo's and fall asleep - well have actually been like that this last week since I've been fighting this darn cold, but it's getting worse hahaha ahh well... Hopefully if I fight it enough it'll go before it really hits (if that works at all ;))

Well that's all the energy I have to expel on typing tonight, off to find me some sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz
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