Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stress Does Funny Things....

... for me it gives me migraines. Not necessarily blood pressure related, but stress related... My BP is apparently totally fine but he head is a thumpin and a spining like crazy!!!

I'm trying not to let things get on top of me. There's so much happening at the moment that it's hard not to though. I'm looking for little positives with everything I do to try and stop me slipping back into depression.

Things like today Domenik learned to frown. He's such a delightful little boy <3 He came trundling into my room this morning with a frown on his face - he looked so serious it was comical. I couldn't help laughing out loud - he joined in lol. He's been practicing most of the day - but not enough for me to get a pic - yet LOL.

Dom has also learned to WALK in his boots and bar!!!! Not just crawl but he can walk in them!! I didn't ever think it was possible!!! I've got some film of him crawling in it, walking hopefully tomorrow :) I figure if I keep myself active I can keep my mind off things until I get the final word from centrelink on their final decision etc....

Okies, enough for now, The jackhammers are working overtime right now and I need to get off my computer and force them to take a break.

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