Thursday, March 25, 2010

I hate waiting.....

At the moment I'm waiting for a lot of things - maybe I'm meant to be learning patience... Bah - that word makes me even more impatient at the moment LOL

Honestly I'm not usually that bad - I can be as patient as Job most of the time, but I think stress is getting to me a little. I feel very much on edge... as though the next thing to be thrown my way etc will tip me over....

Dad's op was meant to be a 2 hour thing, it ended up being closer to 4 hours! We wont know any more until the doctors do their rounds in the morning - the nurses couldn't (or wouldn't) tell mum anything :( so the wait is on for this initial answer... Then we'll have another 5 days or so to get the pathology results back on the cancer to see exactly what we are dealing with and cement in the best action plan to beat this cancer!!! Right now he's having a tough time of things. Even though he's high on morphine he's in an awful lot of pain with his bad back.... Not sure what will happen from here, but he' in ICU so will have the best of care.

We're still waiting on the Coles Group to approve our transfer - I mean it is approved and all done, but they need to approve the proposed travel itinerary and costings before tickets etc can be booked. At the moment it the proposition is for packing by the removalists on Tuesday 6th, uplift Wed 7th and we'll get the carpet cleaner in Wed afternoon and hand the keys to the real estate once the carpet cleaner is done. I'll keep the kids in Devonport at mums with me from Monday night onwards - we need to keep them out of the way as the removalists do their thing. I might come in and do some cleaning Tuesday - we'll see how dad is whether he can stand having all the kids there...

Sooo all going well and approval coming through ASAP we should be flying out Wed April 8th. We should be in Mt Gambier by 4.30pm the same day.... It still seems surreal that we're moving, I just can't get my head around it - but it has to be done!!! No turning back!!!!

Right now I'm sorting kids rooms. We're going to clean Kahli's room completely (Kahli and Aleks will be away all week for camp) clean her room completely and turn it into a box storage area. When she returns home from camp she can put her mattress on the floor of the boys room to sleep - camp out in the boys room!!!! Woohoo, well that's hoe we'll play it up ;)

Bed is calling so I must head off - can't deny it's sweet music... night all xxxx
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