Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thinking of you Dad

Today dad has his surgery for prostrate cancer. He was meant to have had it before Christmas - in typical dad style he said "the dr didn't say which Christmas" LOL

He's been getting progressively worse but fighting through it. He's had a lot of health issues but this has to be the most 'acute' I guess is the word...

So this morning he had to be at the Launceston General Hospital at 7am and have bloods and then prepare for surgery - I've no idea what's happening at the moment, if he's in or not... I hope mum texts or calls - I don't know if she will though... I guess time will tell... I've tried calling a few times but I guess the phone off rule still exists for patients and visitors in hospitals (not the docs though) grrrr

What I do know is that after the surgery he'll be in ICU for a few days, then onto the general ward for around a week - we're hoping he'll be home for Easter. He'll come home with a catheter and bag which will be hard for him to cope with if I know my dad - he's fiercely independent and will have 6-8 weeks ahead of him not able to do much at all other than potter around the house and make a cup of coffee - I can't even fly him over to Mt Gambier until those initial 8 weeks are over apparently, I'll see what I can get organised though and see if we can't suprise him!!!

Thinking of you dad - keep fighting!!! It's going to be a long journey but I'm so glad we've been here for the biggest part so far xxxx

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