Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My First Post!!

Pretty original title hey LOL. Anyways, thought it was about time we caught up with he blogging craze, I mean we're pretty up there with hype type things so why not add another to the list??!?!

About us, Well... not much to say really. I'm Katrina (thirty something and in desperate need to find a life somewhere) and am currently married to Nathan (currently married... we'll see how well he behaves as to if it stays that way :P) We're considered a large family with 4 children, Aleksandir is 10, Kahli 9, William 7 and last but not least Little Domenik is 7 weeks old. We live in Burnie Tasmania, in a HUGE white house on the hill (great vantage point for watching the world go by) but will have to move in April 09 for the owner of the property to knock this beauty down to put up modern apartments (from what we've been told) bleurgh to that LOL. Umm what else??? We have a cute but terribly spoilt maltese cross shih tzu dog called Toby (who is currently in desperate need of a bath and haircut/shave) and a blackish cat with the clearest green eyes ever called Portia (she has currently snuck out the back door and is terrorising the local native fauna I'm sure...)

Right now I'm sitting on the bed typing away on the laptop, avoiding housework and listening to Dom make cute little baby grunting noises in his sleep. I can hear his apnoea monitor tick over as he breathes and the TV in the background desperately trying to keep me company. I should be packing Dom's pram up to walk down to pathology to drop his urine sample off, oh and drop in to centrelink now that my work maternity leave has officially finished (no more paydays for a while *sob*) should also be organising our dinner menu's for he week too - how slack is it that dinner menu planning confuses the heck out of me!!! Have failed miserably in working out what groceries we need the last 2 fortnights so finding it a bit harder than it is meant to be I'm sure...

oh have you noticed too that I'm good at procrastinating about things... LOL I plan things out in my head, work out great routines and get things happening in my head, in real life - well that's another thing altogether!!!

Just ticking things off now, Nappy bag is packed, 4 nappies in there (MCN nappies, using all in ones at the moment to go out with - have 1 bubblebub and 3 minky magicalls in there at the moment - all colour co-ordinated with Dom's outfits for the day ;)) ummm 2 spew nappies (just old white cotton flannelette flats) what else, change of clothes singlet and socks, spare dummy and mobile phone. I also have a pack of extra (keeps the bad breathe away) orange tic tacs (craved them in late pregnancy) and my wallet (totally devoid of any money at the moment bar two 5 cent pieces rolling around in there somewhere) The pram is ready to go, except I've got to check the car to see if the rain cover is in there (overcast day, really cold and windy - feels like rain even though it's not forecast - but when were forecasts correct anyway??) I've really nothing to be waiting for - oh yes there is, need to check the washing machine and get Dom's nappies on the line and wash my jammies from where he soaked them this morning with a power spew - another bleaurgh moment!!!

Ok I'm about to get myself dressed - presentably dressed that is, Was tossing on the first things I could reach at 6am this morning when Dom decided I needed a spew shower... Will get the nappies on the line, another load in the machine and pack Dom up for a walk down town.... then have to be home by 2.30pm to go pick the older brats up from school, and whilst they're in the middle of their regular afternoon torment, argue and scream session I might get back here and update with what has been happening the last few weeks and exactly why we need to walk down to pathology with a little jar of wee from domenik - ahh the joys of parenthood!!!!