Friday, April 23, 2010

Lots of Firsts...

First for me to say I've been a slacker??? Oooh I think not LOL. I keep coming in here, opening a new post then drawing a blank - guess it's what they call writers block... I have so many things rushing around my head that I think that I will post when I get a chance to sit down, but then when I do get the chance it disappears!!!

Well lots of first have happened...

The kids started their new school yesterday. We've had a few minor meltdowns with Aleks in the run up to school, then we get him happy and excited about meeting his new classmates (anyone who has anything to do with aspie children knows what kind of work this took) then we rock up to his class yesterday and there was a relief teacher!!! OMG - my poor boy just couldn't handle that... We had waterworks but calmed him down enough to get him into class and have a reasonably happy face on. He came home saying he hated the school though LOL. Hopefully in time he'll make a few good friends - I know it wont happen overnight... I just hope it does happen - he left some friends at home I think he's feeling the difference right now. today he's got a home day.. he's been unwell overnight with a migraine and milking it for all it's worth now to score the day off school - I'm such a softie... he's up and running around now we've say he can have the day in bed!!! LOL

Kahli already has a few friends at school - oh but her first was HOMEWORK!!! Mwahahhaa. I knew she would score some as this school has a homework policy - I don;t think the kids believed me LOL Ahhh well... time will tell that they will ALL have homework mwahahaha But in the process she really shocked me - her school reports from Tas all say that she's doing well with all sectors of school, but my little girl has no idea on her times tables!!! I nearly fell out of bed when she brought her homework into me this morning and she had no idea what times 7 made 42?!?!?! I ran her through her tables and she knew a couple, but no idea on the most of the 7 times table (which happens to be my favourite times table LOL) I think some extra maths work could be in order... I've seen some maths at home book kind of things at the local post office, I might have to pick me up some!!!

Hmm Williams first... not many, he's so gregarious that I don;t think there could be a first for him of late LOL I guess just his first day at school! His teacher has a buddy in the class picked out for him. He moved over to the Mount from WA at the beginning of this term and has nut allergies as well! So they have a lot in common. This school has great allergy awareness and policies already in place so I don;t have to do the initial "nut allergy/awareness" fight with them (yaayy!!) William's already been invited to join the soccer/football team (could be a lot of cold early saturdays morning's ahead **groan**) and apparently quite popular!!!

Firsts for me hmm well again I guess there's lots. It's the first time I've been in a town and not known ANYONE!!! It's rather funny. I go shopping and still keep my eyes open in case I see someone I know... Just like back in Tas... I guess it's human nature to want to see people who are familiar - kind of like the whole living in a pack thing... So far I've not seen any familiar faces, I guess in time there will be familiarity - no idea when but it will come (I guess)

We've had more issues with the removalist company that we've been trying to deal with. We ended up finalising the cat and cars our self (they were useless!!) When we rang for the car we had been provided no consignment details or anything that proved the car was even ours! Luckily everything worked out with lots of info being provided over the phone and we now have the nimbus in our little hands :) I tell you though it was funny going from an automatic new off the floor vehicle to our old manual nimbus LOL As much as it was nice to have a new car it was even nicer to have our car back!! It's something familiar... even though we stand out like dogs proverbials with our Tassie number plates hahaha. Next is to get all our possessions to the new house (Yes we got the house!!! Yaayyy!!!) next Thursday :) I can't wait to sleep in my own bed in my own sheets with my own pillows!!!!!

Soo lots of firsts.. I guess there are a few more to come as well... Taking it all in our stride at the moment and looking forward to next week and starting a new month off in our house, somewhere to call home... and getting into a new routine and on with our life on the mainland :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Topsy Turvey

One of those days again... I spent 5 hours of it for all intents and purposes having a tiny bit of my heart ripped off and mangled - long story I can't go into here and the last half happy that we got the house we applied for yesterday *yay* Then to be told that maybe some costs incurred by the move wont be re-imbursed by the Coles group as we'd been told (things can't be this difficult all the time right?!?!)

Anyhoos, the best thing was that we got the house!!! The kids all will have their own rooms, they have a HUGE undercover access shed that will be transformed into a rumpus/play room, it's quite central to the city (20 meters from the main highway that runs between Adelaide and Melbourne ;)) It has a HUGE kitchen and a pantry *wahoo* 2 loo's and bathrooms (a HUGE benefit with 4 kids ;)) and a study/office, lovely laundry room, established friuit trees, rainwater tank, automatic watering system for the lawns and gardens, HUGE decking that goes between the house and the shed and all undercover, BBQ area on mains gas, beautiful old cottage frontage to the house oooh I can gush and gush and sigh - needless to say we're pretty happy :) Now I can't wait to move on the 29th!!!

The next job is to get the kids enrolled into school for next week's start to term 2.... Could be interesting with no lease as yet as most schools seem to want leases to prove your address - fun eh ;)

Ooops, call back to reality - Dirty nappy to change... Yummy :P LOL

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back Online!!

Wahoo!!! We've been in SA for 3 days now, and finally have the internet back working at our little (well it's huge actually!!) apartment ;)

I'll be back with an update.... right now we're off to look through some more houses and see if any suit :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yesterday hasn't passed yet...

has it???

Well this is yesterdays post because I've still not got to bed and the day isn't over for me yet...

The house is FINALLY doneded.. There is nothing left to pack (decided the removalists were tooooo frustrating so did it all ourselves ;)) All vacuumed and sweet smelling of bleach LOL I loaded everything up with bleach.. they think a slight musty smell is offensive?? I hope they love the smell of domestos in the early moring Mwahahah Ahhh I'm soo evil!!!! And don't apologise for that one ROFL

Anyhoos, Last day in Tasmania today (well yesterday) and twas mums birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!!) She spent the day with our kids having a "nanny day"

In less than 9 hours we'll be winging into Victoria... hope it's not raining or windy!!!!

Bed calling, will have at least 3 hours sleep - better than nothing!!!

Hello Jason...

I'm so glad you find my blog soooo interesting... Is there anything you'd like to copy and try to report to get me into further trouble or has that phase in your immaturity passed???

As for trying to twist things to make my best friend upset with me - forget it, we have no secrets - and you will never break apart our friendship and bond - just grow up and learn to be a man, not a child who is riddled with insecurities and jealousies...

Ahh that being said, you continue to prove over and over again that your nothing but a manipulative scumbag and despite yourself are continually abusive, constantly lying, dare I add despicable and *shock* nothing but a low life!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Horrible Day...

All plans are up in the air... Not sure who is flying out where or when at the moment, let alone when our house will be emptied....
Basically the removalists totally stuffed us up!! They wanted everything perfect, all boxes packed and lined up agains the wall, floors vacumed, all rubbish in the house to be removed, everything spotless, house to be aired and fresh for their sensitive little noses (sorry, sarcasm is my flavour today grrr) I'm just over it!! Because we weren't told how precise things were meant to be adn we had boxes all through the house, the house is all packed up and old so apparently had a "slight musty odour" and I was still packing the master bedroom the removalists deemed it a "health and safety risk" I mean What the!?!?!?! They took off and didn't tell us what was happening until I got a call from their manager saying that the house wa unfit for his precious little workers AUGH!!!
Frustrated much!?!?!?!
Not once did they tell us that the boxes had to be in a set pattern for their ease of access. Not once did they tell us that the house had to have no sign of life or children and just be a sterile box storage centre, and not once did they tell us that my dishes that had been in storage and as a result a little dusty had to be re-washed so they didn't soil the precious sensitive skin of their workers.... Not only that but to then say the property is a health and safety hazard - OMG I'm so insulted and feel so patronised!!
The superviso and managers wont speak to me now, I told them off for their patronising comments.. LOL Apparently a woman who can stand up for herself is also too much of a threat to them... ONe of the managers that came down to the house physically turned away from me when I was speaking - I wasn't being overly pleasant, I made my anger and frustration known, not once did I swear, abuse or raise my voice, I was in firm 'manager' role myself.. he obviously didn't like it - to the poitn I was ignored by him - very rude, sexist and unprofessional in our books!!
Now they are wanting me to fly out with all the kids on Thursday, and Nathan follow on Saturday so he can supervise their packing and uplift on teh new days of Thursday and Friday - Oh and get this, He can't leave the house for more than 10-20 minutes... They have told him he CAN NOT come and see me and the kids of at the plane!! He has to stay with them at the house!!
Mad much!?!?
Well that's an understatment - Ropeable is more like it!!! There's going to be a few earnest calls made in the morning to get this sorted out, How dare a removalist company tell a grown man that he can not leave to say goodbye to his wife and children, what are they - an imprisonment firm as well!?!?!?!? Bloody hell, so over them - I will never ever EVER recommend this company again!!! And hope for the life of me when we move back we can choose another company that have some ethics and morals!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Last Day....

Of packing....

With our kitties....

Of having all my pot plants....

With our HUGE BBQ area....

Of this house....

Of having a loo that doesn't flush properly :o ....

Of having a Tasmanian address....

Of having our current telephone number....

Of gorgeous Tassie sunsets on the warm sandstone fence out front....

Of having a (03) telephone prefix....

Of hearing the rain on the tin roof of our tiny house....

Of boxes - well for now ;)

Day of lasts... Tomorrow is a new day - new adventures to be had and only a new future to look forward to!!!!

yes, I'm trying to be positive :P

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!!!

I do hope Easter Bunny visited everyone last night ;) Our bratlettes did really well out of the little furry critter this year - even though they were initially disappointed with their humpty dumpty egg and mini solid eggs - oh and the large bunny.. They thoroughly were spoilt by each other with their gift giving (that mummy had secretly purchased and squirreled away just in time for Easter ;))

Anyhoos, today has been another busy busy one - Like anything else could be expected 4 days out of our BIG move... More packing. I have the kids bags ready for the plane done, it's what they're living out of the next few days... Also the kitchen is just about finished being packed. The breakables we are leaving to the professionals, everything else has been washed, sorted and boxed ;) Umm what else... Oh Nathan drove the kids to Burnie Airport (in wynyard) to check out the type of plane we'll be flying on. They said it was small but the propellers are huge - go figure LOL Kahli was stunned by the fact that they had a 'ladder' for passengers to disembark from - not the moving gangway they're used to seeing with larger planes... We went to mums for a BBQ tea. Dad is doing much much better and is actually resembling his former self much closely - a huge relief there!!! Oh and we went to Lisa's and exchanged eggs. Her boys aren't liking us moving any more than we are.. It's going to be a hard day to say goodbye to them that's for sure - more tissues to be stocked up on LOL

So where are we now?? The children are living at mums until we fly out. They said their goodbyes to the house etc this afternoon. I was suprised there was no tears - I really expected it, however William has been a bit of a difficult child of late, and that continued this evening **Sigh** I'm being forgiving knowing that it is a lot for a new 9 year old to take on board.. He will act out, and it's to be expected.. I can't wait to settle in Mt Gambier so he can settle himself and find some even ground and be comfortable with what is happening again. I have just a few clothes and things to sort through tomorrow and send to vinnies etc... Then the house will finally starting to be almost packed up - The floor is littered with bits and pieces and there are countless little jobs to be done, but that will be the end of the obvious things... the rest will be mostly cleaning and double checking - then hitting the garden to ensure that's tidy enough for the real estate **groan** oh I love gardening, but I have a feeling the RE aren't going to be that pleasant....

So there we are. All chocolated up, kids offloaded and a day full of wonderful work ahead tomorrow. Great Easter all around (joking LOL) It's been busy and dare I say - out of the ordinary, but it has been Easter and we've had chocolate and family time - I guess what more could one ask for!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Easter....

'Twas the night before Easter, at the Bricknell house

all the creatures were stirring, yes even the mouse;

The boxes were all stacked near the door with little care,

Knowing that soon the removalists would be there;

The children were grumbling tucked in sleeping bags on their beds,

telling scary stories to get in each others heads;

And mamma, though exhausted still found more things to pack

Whist daddy snuck down to the bedroom for a nap,

When out on the street there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

The moon shone quite brightly being all shiny and new

It's rays did sparkle on the settling evening dew,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Was a white little bunny with long floppy ears,

He held in his arms a basket that was laden with gifts,

and he looked right at me and his eyebrow he did lift.

His whiskers they trembled with obvious delight,

As he danced right before me on this illuminated night.

"Now, I know that you are moving and very very soon!"

Said the cheeky little bunny saluting the moon.

He danced to the porch, and waltzed to the wall!

He would have tangoed to the door, if not tripping over a ball!

As dry leaves danced with him, in his path they did fly,

he pirouetted right in front of me,

his little paws circling the moon in the sky,

He looked at me with delight and asked "Would you like to dance too?"

And then, in a twinkling, he spun and he turned,

He twisted and jumped, in his eyes mischief did burn.

For this bunny had a secret, and to only me did he tell,

that he knew that happy we would be in our new town where we will dwell.

Bunny had a talent, A serious knack

Of knowing about people and the courage they lacked.

He could see right inside me and took the fear I had inside,

And turned it into excitement, a delight I couldn't hide.

My eyes shone like his and I had a quiver in my belly,

As I stepped out to dance with him I could hear the news on the telly

It was warning of things that could happen on a night just like this,

How magic can take over and fill your heart full of bliss.

As I examined my new friend with the gleaming white teeth

And his rosy red cheeks, and his definite air of mischief.

He had a broad face and a little round belly,

That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

There was no way on earth that he could move with any stealth,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He hid bright coloured eggs in all sorts of spots;

Then all of a sudden he bounded to a stop.

And giving a nod, and a whip of his ear;

He turned up up the street and from there disappeared.

His tail bouncing in the moonlight was the last I did see

Of this visitor I had who filled my heart with expectant glee.

But did I hear him exclaim, from the shadows of the night,

"Happy Easter to all, and to all a good-night."

Friday, April 2, 2010

International Autism Awareness Day!!

My eldest son has aspergers syndrome. It is a high functioning autism. He is an absolute delight and we love him to pieces!

That being said he can be a challenge and we are going to have a tough road the next few weeks as we move as he hates changes to his routines and being in unfamiliar situations. He started showing symptoms of his aspergers when he was around 2-3 years old. He scared me half to death some mornings at around 1-2am when I would hear noises and find him sitting under the kitchen table rocking back and forward - staring vacantly into thin air.... Other time he showed very anti-social behaviours... It has taken a lot of home training to get him to look people in the face and eye... something we still practice on... Also getting him to socialise with others his age has always been a struggle. He usually wants to be with older people - I think mostly because they are generally more patient....

Little quirks - omg, he has a tonne!!! The most noticeable is he loves facts. No matter what the subject he will come out with a fact about it (even toileting behaviours - be warned!!) Sometimes I wonder if his "facts" are entirely correct, but he loves explaining them all - right down to the very detail... you ask a question you get the whole encyclopedia with our big boy.

So on this International Autism Awareness Day I celebrate my eldest son, Aleksandir. He has confounded, baffled, frustrated, confused, scared and terrified us, but most of all in the puzzle that is our Aleks he has loved us... and despite all our mistakes with him he has forgiven us and continues to love us.

Zander Boy, mummy loves you so very very much.... No matter where life takes you you are one very very special young man and I am so proud of how hard you have worked to become who you are today xxxxx

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full Steam Ahead....

Welcome to April!!! I'm going to attempt to for the challenge for posting in my blog every day of the month... I wonder how long I can last LOL

Today we had our flight itinerary, accommodation and vehicles booked for our big move!!! We're staying at the Anderson Street Apartments - 4.5 star!!! Woohoo... luxury for 3 weeks (depending on when we get a house) It'll be a bit different from what we're used to - but a good thing for the kids I guess, better than a hokey pokey little thing that we'd usually be able to afford ;) Somethign for them to look forward to ;)

We had an emotional day with the kids today when they were picked up from school (last day today), Aleksandir in particular. For him making friends with his aspergers is a real achievement, to be leaving them behind for a HUGE change is really unsettling for him... It's going to be a rough few weeks ahead but again, we'll get through it ;)

We will officially be in South Australia this time next week!!!! Wow, time sure has flown!!!! So much to do now, very little time - We will get there, there's no choice but to hey LOL