Friday, April 23, 2010

Lots of Firsts...

First for me to say I've been a slacker??? Oooh I think not LOL. I keep coming in here, opening a new post then drawing a blank - guess it's what they call writers block... I have so many things rushing around my head that I think that I will post when I get a chance to sit down, but then when I do get the chance it disappears!!!

Well lots of first have happened...

The kids started their new school yesterday. We've had a few minor meltdowns with Aleks in the run up to school, then we get him happy and excited about meeting his new classmates (anyone who has anything to do with aspie children knows what kind of work this took) then we rock up to his class yesterday and there was a relief teacher!!! OMG - my poor boy just couldn't handle that... We had waterworks but calmed him down enough to get him into class and have a reasonably happy face on. He came home saying he hated the school though LOL. Hopefully in time he'll make a few good friends - I know it wont happen overnight... I just hope it does happen - he left some friends at home I think he's feeling the difference right now. today he's got a home day.. he's been unwell overnight with a migraine and milking it for all it's worth now to score the day off school - I'm such a softie... he's up and running around now we've say he can have the day in bed!!! LOL

Kahli already has a few friends at school - oh but her first was HOMEWORK!!! Mwahahhaa. I knew she would score some as this school has a homework policy - I don;t think the kids believed me LOL Ahhh well... time will tell that they will ALL have homework mwahahaha But in the process she really shocked me - her school reports from Tas all say that she's doing well with all sectors of school, but my little girl has no idea on her times tables!!! I nearly fell out of bed when she brought her homework into me this morning and she had no idea what times 7 made 42?!?!?! I ran her through her tables and she knew a couple, but no idea on the most of the 7 times table (which happens to be my favourite times table LOL) I think some extra maths work could be in order... I've seen some maths at home book kind of things at the local post office, I might have to pick me up some!!!

Hmm Williams first... not many, he's so gregarious that I don;t think there could be a first for him of late LOL I guess just his first day at school! His teacher has a buddy in the class picked out for him. He moved over to the Mount from WA at the beginning of this term and has nut allergies as well! So they have a lot in common. This school has great allergy awareness and policies already in place so I don;t have to do the initial "nut allergy/awareness" fight with them (yaayy!!) William's already been invited to join the soccer/football team (could be a lot of cold early saturdays morning's ahead **groan**) and apparently quite popular!!!

Firsts for me hmm well again I guess there's lots. It's the first time I've been in a town and not known ANYONE!!! It's rather funny. I go shopping and still keep my eyes open in case I see someone I know... Just like back in Tas... I guess it's human nature to want to see people who are familiar - kind of like the whole living in a pack thing... So far I've not seen any familiar faces, I guess in time there will be familiarity - no idea when but it will come (I guess)

We've had more issues with the removalist company that we've been trying to deal with. We ended up finalising the cat and cars our self (they were useless!!) When we rang for the car we had been provided no consignment details or anything that proved the car was even ours! Luckily everything worked out with lots of info being provided over the phone and we now have the nimbus in our little hands :) I tell you though it was funny going from an automatic new off the floor vehicle to our old manual nimbus LOL As much as it was nice to have a new car it was even nicer to have our car back!! It's something familiar... even though we stand out like dogs proverbials with our Tassie number plates hahaha. Next is to get all our possessions to the new house (Yes we got the house!!! Yaayyy!!!) next Thursday :) I can't wait to sleep in my own bed in my own sheets with my own pillows!!!!!

Soo lots of firsts.. I guess there are a few more to come as well... Taking it all in our stride at the moment and looking forward to next week and starting a new month off in our house, somewhere to call home... and getting into a new routine and on with our life on the mainland :)
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