Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!!!

I do hope Easter Bunny visited everyone last night ;) Our bratlettes did really well out of the little furry critter this year - even though they were initially disappointed with their humpty dumpty egg and mini solid eggs - oh and the large bunny.. They thoroughly were spoilt by each other with their gift giving (that mummy had secretly purchased and squirreled away just in time for Easter ;))

Anyhoos, today has been another busy busy one - Like anything else could be expected 4 days out of our BIG move... More packing. I have the kids bags ready for the plane done, it's what they're living out of the next few days... Also the kitchen is just about finished being packed. The breakables we are leaving to the professionals, everything else has been washed, sorted and boxed ;) Umm what else... Oh Nathan drove the kids to Burnie Airport (in wynyard) to check out the type of plane we'll be flying on. They said it was small but the propellers are huge - go figure LOL Kahli was stunned by the fact that they had a 'ladder' for passengers to disembark from - not the moving gangway they're used to seeing with larger planes... We went to mums for a BBQ tea. Dad is doing much much better and is actually resembling his former self much closely - a huge relief there!!! Oh and we went to Lisa's and exchanged eggs. Her boys aren't liking us moving any more than we are.. It's going to be a hard day to say goodbye to them that's for sure - more tissues to be stocked up on LOL

So where are we now?? The children are living at mums until we fly out. They said their goodbyes to the house etc this afternoon. I was suprised there was no tears - I really expected it, however William has been a bit of a difficult child of late, and that continued this evening **Sigh** I'm being forgiving knowing that it is a lot for a new 9 year old to take on board.. He will act out, and it's to be expected.. I can't wait to settle in Mt Gambier so he can settle himself and find some even ground and be comfortable with what is happening again. I have just a few clothes and things to sort through tomorrow and send to vinnies etc... Then the house will finally starting to be almost packed up - The floor is littered with bits and pieces and there are countless little jobs to be done, but that will be the end of the obvious things... the rest will be mostly cleaning and double checking - then hitting the garden to ensure that's tidy enough for the real estate **groan** oh I love gardening, but I have a feeling the RE aren't going to be that pleasant....

So there we are. All chocolated up, kids offloaded and a day full of wonderful work ahead tomorrow. Great Easter all around (joking LOL) It's been busy and dare I say - out of the ordinary, but it has been Easter and we've had chocolate and family time - I guess what more could one ask for!!!

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