Friday, April 2, 2010

International Autism Awareness Day!!

My eldest son has aspergers syndrome. It is a high functioning autism. He is an absolute delight and we love him to pieces!

That being said he can be a challenge and we are going to have a tough road the next few weeks as we move as he hates changes to his routines and being in unfamiliar situations. He started showing symptoms of his aspergers when he was around 2-3 years old. He scared me half to death some mornings at around 1-2am when I would hear noises and find him sitting under the kitchen table rocking back and forward - staring vacantly into thin air.... Other time he showed very anti-social behaviours... It has taken a lot of home training to get him to look people in the face and eye... something we still practice on... Also getting him to socialise with others his age has always been a struggle. He usually wants to be with older people - I think mostly because they are generally more patient....

Little quirks - omg, he has a tonne!!! The most noticeable is he loves facts. No matter what the subject he will come out with a fact about it (even toileting behaviours - be warned!!) Sometimes I wonder if his "facts" are entirely correct, but he loves explaining them all - right down to the very detail... you ask a question you get the whole encyclopedia with our big boy.

So on this International Autism Awareness Day I celebrate my eldest son, Aleksandir. He has confounded, baffled, frustrated, confused, scared and terrified us, but most of all in the puzzle that is our Aleks he has loved us... and despite all our mistakes with him he has forgiven us and continues to love us.

Zander Boy, mummy loves you so very very much.... No matter where life takes you you are one very very special young man and I am so proud of how hard you have worked to become who you are today xxxxx
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