Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yesterday hasn't passed yet...

has it???

Well this is yesterdays post because I've still not got to bed and the day isn't over for me yet...

The house is FINALLY doneded.. There is nothing left to pack (decided the removalists were tooooo frustrating so did it all ourselves ;)) All vacuumed and sweet smelling of bleach LOL I loaded everything up with bleach.. they think a slight musty smell is offensive?? I hope they love the smell of domestos in the early moring Mwahahah Ahhh I'm soo evil!!!! And don't apologise for that one ROFL

Anyhoos, Last day in Tasmania today (well yesterday) and twas mums birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!!) She spent the day with our kids having a "nanny day"

In less than 9 hours we'll be winging into Victoria... hope it's not raining or windy!!!!

Bed calling, will have at least 3 hours sleep - better than nothing!!!
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