Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full Steam Ahead....

Welcome to April!!! I'm going to attempt to for the challenge for posting in my blog every day of the month... I wonder how long I can last LOL

Today we had our flight itinerary, accommodation and vehicles booked for our big move!!! We're staying at the Anderson Street Apartments - 4.5 star!!! Woohoo... luxury for 3 weeks (depending on when we get a house) It'll be a bit different from what we're used to - but a good thing for the kids I guess, better than a hokey pokey little thing that we'd usually be able to afford ;) Somethign for them to look forward to ;)

We had an emotional day with the kids today when they were picked up from school (last day today), Aleksandir in particular. For him making friends with his aspergers is a real achievement, to be leaving them behind for a HUGE change is really unsettling for him... It's going to be a rough few weeks ahead but again, we'll get through it ;)

We will officially be in South Australia this time next week!!!! Wow, time sure has flown!!!! So much to do now, very little time - We will get there, there's no choice but to hey LOL
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