Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Horrible Day...

All plans are up in the air... Not sure who is flying out where or when at the moment, let alone when our house will be emptied....
Basically the removalists totally stuffed us up!! They wanted everything perfect, all boxes packed and lined up agains the wall, floors vacumed, all rubbish in the house to be removed, everything spotless, house to be aired and fresh for their sensitive little noses (sorry, sarcasm is my flavour today grrr) I'm just over it!! Because we weren't told how precise things were meant to be adn we had boxes all through the house, the house is all packed up and old so apparently had a "slight musty odour" and I was still packing the master bedroom the removalists deemed it a "health and safety risk" I mean What the!?!?!?! They took off and didn't tell us what was happening until I got a call from their manager saying that the house wa unfit for his precious little workers AUGH!!!
Frustrated much!?!?!?!
Not once did they tell us that the boxes had to be in a set pattern for their ease of access. Not once did they tell us that the house had to have no sign of life or children and just be a sterile box storage centre, and not once did they tell us that my dishes that had been in storage and as a result a little dusty had to be re-washed so they didn't soil the precious sensitive skin of their workers.... Not only that but to then say the property is a health and safety hazard - OMG I'm so insulted and feel so patronised!!
The superviso and managers wont speak to me now, I told them off for their patronising comments.. LOL Apparently a woman who can stand up for herself is also too much of a threat to them... ONe of the managers that came down to the house physically turned away from me when I was speaking - I wasn't being overly pleasant, I made my anger and frustration known, not once did I swear, abuse or raise my voice, I was in firm 'manager' role myself.. he obviously didn't like it - to the poitn I was ignored by him - very rude, sexist and unprofessional in our books!!
Now they are wanting me to fly out with all the kids on Thursday, and Nathan follow on Saturday so he can supervise their packing and uplift on teh new days of Thursday and Friday - Oh and get this, He can't leave the house for more than 10-20 minutes... They have told him he CAN NOT come and see me and the kids of at the plane!! He has to stay with them at the house!!
Mad much!?!?
Well that's an understatment - Ropeable is more like it!!! There's going to be a few earnest calls made in the morning to get this sorted out, How dare a removalist company tell a grown man that he can not leave to say goodbye to his wife and children, what are they - an imprisonment firm as well!?!?!?!? Bloody hell, so over them - I will never ever EVER recommend this company again!!! And hope for the life of me when we move back we can choose another company that have some ethics and morals!!!
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